Kinky Pike’s Peak

I LOVE My Kinky life!!

Hello Mr. Little cock 1 800 601 7259Gordon was driving down Pike’s peak which by the way, I highly recommend when it is not too snowy.   It’s a very high elevation up there.  The fun thing however was coming back down.  A ranger stopped us to check our tires and make sure we were doing OK, so we decided to stop at the gift shop and walk around.   I spoke to the lonely man and asked him how was he not cold.  He appeared only to be wearing a thick long sleeve brown shirt.    He smiled at Me like an obedient little pet wanting to be stroked.  You know how much I love stroking a man

“I am wearing clothing underneath,” He beamed.

I was a bit surprised to then watch him unbutton his shirt.   (I am not joking, this is a true story.)   He had, just like he said, a thick t shirt underneath.  Then, he placed his hands next to his cock on his leg and stroked his thighs.  “I have long johns on underneath.” he said   I felt My pussy get quite wet from his doing this.  I am not used to people undressing for Me, outside of those that know Me.    I suddenly wanted to have sex with him in the snow.   I know, it really does sound like the start of a good porno doesn’t it?  I guess I just attract awesome kinky men to Me.

We left with Me feeling wet and frustrated!

I know, that’s a FIRST!   Both Gordon and Anthony chimed in on this one.   Here’s this guy that sees a hot chick with TWO men.   He has to be thinking that I’m incredible in bed for this.  After all, I have not just one, but two guys that seem happy to be with Me.   Every guy wants good sex right?    Little does he know that I get guys off for a living….

OR maybe he DID recognize Me!!  I am thinking he would have a nice big cock for Me.  I am also thinking he would be a fan of  body worship from head to toe.   (Oh, let’s not forget body worship includes licking My ass...)

Do you want to be My Ranger?

You know I am still wet for this event.  Let’s play it out together.

I’m just your Kinky Little Demon Mistress.




Kinky Colorado Vacation

 On Vacation December 7 – December 12th

Kiss IT!!!

Kiss IT!!!

It’s the end of the year, which means My two guys need to take their vacation.  This year we are headed out to Colorado.    It will be a lovely 50 degrees during the day and get down to around 30 at night.   I can’t wait to see the Rocky Mountains and take in the beautiful crisp air.  I look forward to looking out my hotel window naked and basking in its beauty.

Most of you know I married My Italian bull.

Gordon and myself will have one bed, and little anthony the other.    I plan on packing my dildo so I can give anthony some good anal training while looking at the pretty mountains.    I recently found out about a lubricant that I plan on testing out while on vacation.  It’s called “Spunk”.  From what I understand it both looks and feels like male semen   Yes folks, it’s white and creamy, just like cum!   This is extremely exciting for me.   The possibilities of using spunk in My sexual play is almost endless.

Spunk on My strap on cock to ride anthony!

Oh yes, nothing like taking some spunk and rubbing it all over My strap on.   Oh, the sensation of riding his little butt while Gordon watches and laughs at My sissy.   I can just hear him now begging not to be plowed too hard.    I have a great dildo that part of the strap on cock goes inside of Me (the biggest part) while the tiny part goes inside of him.   I know it’s meant to be the other way around but I am and will always be a cock hungry bitch.    :)

Speaking of which, I’ll keep you updated while on vacation.  Maybe if you are good boys, I’ll read it to you, too!!

Love you boys!

Your evil little Demon



Humiliation Gay for Pay pt 6

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

I LOVE gay role plays!

Hear Me Read this Blog!

A slender girl walks in while I stand in the corner of the room supervising.  She takes John’s tiny cock in her hands and massages it with oil.  I watch him getting hard while Jock gets his cock fluffed by his girlfriend.   Seeing the flaccid cock grow in her mouth was amazing.   I always loved watching his big black cock being sucked.

  Soon, I would have John addicted to sucking a cock for a living.

I smiled, thinking of My own vindictiveness.  It always felt better getting a guy that was completely broke and straight to do My bidding.   John looked like he was just about to squirt when she stopped.   The girl was an absolute Pro when it came to knowing when to stop the stroking for optimal effect.   Sometimes, when she was not available I did the cock stroking.  I didn’t mind as long as I stopped the actor from cumming.

Jock pushed John on the bed with his butt in the air.

The camera was always running in this room.  Only right next to the entrance, where I stood, was there a safe place to be away from the camera.   John squealed out in shock at being pushed roughly on the bed.   I watched Jock take out a magnum XL condom and place it on his massive black dick.  It was always fun watching a new man getting his first dick.

Jock pushed the head of his cock inside of John

John screamed out in pain for a bit.    Jock rubbed his cock and balls from behind and got him good and hard.  He rubbed and stroked John while he slowly pushed himself inside of Johns tight little hole.

“You’re not a virgin anymore,” Jock growled.

“You’re a porn star now just like the rest of us here!”

Poor John was changed at that moment and he knew it.  He was not just gay for pay.  He was enjoying the cock inside of him and it scared him immensely.  The money was really good, but he was harder then he had ever been with any woman.  It hurt a bit, but the feeling was extremely intense, with the huge cock stimulating his prostate.  “Everything is changing!” he thought and he began to cry.

He was having the most intense orgasm of his life.

He was crying because the most intense orgasm of his life was with a man.   He was ruined now.  He would not be able to go back to the way things were before.   “Oh My God,” He thought.  “I’m Gay!”

I hope you enjoyed My little story.   Obviously, this is a scene that can continue in a role play for a while.   I would  LOVE for you to play “John” while I play both myself and talk about or even roleplay Jock.


Your Kinky little Demon Mistress



Humiliation Gay for Pay part 5

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

I love gay role plays!

Hear Me Read this Blog!

I walk into the room looking at a limp penis in a very hairy bush.   Jock, a large muscular black man, was smiling at the new meat, much like a well satisfied predator staring at lunch.  “Are you having fun Jock?” I ask while punching his large arm teasingly.

“Oh yes, I love the new toy you brought Me.  I could not be happier.   You see, I love breaking in a fresh straight virgin and turning him into a little cock guzzling cum whore.”

“I know you do, sweetheart, and I do aim to find those cocksuckers  for you. ”

“Don’t worry, sweet cakes,” I say reassuringly to John, while I pet his back, “we want you to stay with us a long time so he will be gentle with you.   He just likes to scare you a bit first.”

John’s voice cracked. “I’m not a Virgin ma’am.  I have been with lots of women.”

My response is to laugh.   “Of course you have, but you’ve never been with a man.   You don’t have to be gay to be with a man.   We are, after all, paying you, and paying you quite a bit, I might add.  I’ll tell you what.  Since it’s your first time, I’m going to put a gimp mask over your face.   This way, you won’t even notice the pain. . . so much.    Go ahead and bend over on the bed.   I’ll go ahead and get one of the girls to come in and get your ass lubed up for the scene.  If it makes you feel better,” I added, still petting his back,  “I’ll ask her to stroke your cock for you to get you relaxed.”

To Be continued…


Your Sexy Demon Mistress



Humiliation Gay for Pay part 4

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

I love Gay Role plays!

Hear Me Read this Blog!

John is now quivering even though it’s not cold in the room.   His naked small penis is now fully retracted into his hairy bush.    He stands in a room with cold tile and a king size bed.   There is a small cushioned bath rug next to the bed and another one next to the office window.   The blinds are drawn so no one can see in.   He walks over to the window and peeks out to see the bustle of downtown.   The people below have no idea the kinkiness of what is happening above them.

John jumps as a large black hand grabs his balls.

“I’m glad Rocky hired you.  I knew I would have a lot of fun with you when I saw you.”

” I like shy guys.  Are you straight?””

John nods trying to stay perfectly still as Jock continues to speak.   “Yeah, that’s cool. No worries dude.  I’ve got My girl that fluffs Me before set.  They have cocksuckers here and all, but I like to bring My girl to do the actual “get Me ready” blow jobs.   You, on the other hand are going to do the other type.   You are going to have to go down the clinic downstairs and get checked before you suck My cock.    So, today won’t be about that.  That will most likely be tomorrow.”  John swallows hard afraid of what he is implying.

“Yep, today, I’m just going to strap on a rubber and take My chances with your ass.”

You hear the phrase “Cut” from the other room and realize that they had been recording the entire time.

To Be Continued….


Your Sexy little Demon Mistress