Darkness calls you to suck cock

Are you a good cock sucking slave?

Are you a good cock sucking slave?

Blame sucking cock on the evil of the night

You don’t want to suck a cock.  You know in your heart that it’s bad.  You hate the stereotypes affiliated with it.  You are NOT gay.  You are absolutely not gay in any way shape or form.  Yet, you are absolutely consumed by the concept of it.  When the sun goes down, much like a vampire, so does your inhibitions.   Suddenly, it grabs you, this sudden urge to suck a cock.  You do other things to try to get the concept out of your mind.

The more you run away, the stronger the need.

The obsessive need to have a cock in your mouth consumes you.   It always happens when the sun goes down.   Your inner demon wakes and suddenly you want to be another person.  You want to put away your work clothes, throw on some clubbing clothes and go find a gay club.  These insane thoughts go through your head constantly.   The only thing that seems to make the urge stop is when you pull out your cock and jerk off thinking about it.

Turn on some club music and suck it.

You turn on your stereo and you are there in the club.  There are tons of hot sweaty guys dancing and gyrating to the newest hits.  You see a few behind bars on the stage.  You stand underneath these hot, muscular guys moving and twisting to the rhythm.  You want suddenly to either be them, or be their sex toy.  You want to be the one that they go to when they need to bust a quick nut.   You want to be their one night stand, given only for the point of pure, unadulterated, no strings attached sex.

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I’m just your kinky little Demon.




Same sex is a turn on

This is My Tumblr!!

Don't be afraid to LIVE!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

My tumblr is going to be all about My newest audios.  It’s is all about the hottest teases for your cock.   Quite a few Mistresses at LDW are making the switch to tumblr.  I have to admit that it is a bit more fun.   Tumblr is all about the porn.    I’m a big fan of porn myself.  I love watching a woman touching another woman, myself.   Though I live with two guys, there seems to be something quite gratifying about playing with a real woman.  I love the way a soft girl feels below My body while I am using My strap on between her pretty legs.

Have YOU ever had a same sex experience?

I know quite a few of you out there fantasize about it.   Of course, there is nothing wrong with fantasy.   I wonder however how many of you guys out there have kissed a guy in real life?  I wonder how many of you have felt the intensity of a live cock behind you?    If you have ever watched True Blood on HBO, now is the time to watch.   There is a truly hot gay scene in episode 5, Season 7.  Even if you’ve never seen the show, you can watch it just for the hot ass kiss at the end of the episode.   Actually, there are a couple of hot ass gay kisses in this season.   It’s the last season of the entire show.

I highly recommend True Blood for some hot gay action!

This, and some hot audios, is what you can expect from my new tumblr page.  I look forward to being followed by all of you.   Once again, thank you for playing with Me and allowing Me to play with you!   Whether I’m bitchy, sweet, bubbly or your happy little Demon.   It’s all Me!

Love you boys!


Your Kinky Little Demon



I LOVE being Bitchy and strict

Yes, I can be sweet and loving, but we all have a preference.

See something you like?

See something you like?

My preference is to laugh at your tiny little cock.   I prefer to be mean to you.   I think in My heart of hearts that men are beneath Me.  Perhaps, that is why I own two in real life.   It’s not so much that I cheat on them like your stereo typical cuckold.   They both know I am far too bold for that endeavor.  I just merely tell them when and if I am going out on a date with another man.

Why would a married man want this?

Who knows, but it is who and what I am.   I am a strong independent woman that is not afraid of her sexuality.  I’m not afraid of cumming.  I am definitely not afraid to hold on to a man’s hair and push him deep into My wet pussy.   I think we have so many silly stereotypes and such that put women down.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  If I was a man, it would be considered normal for me to have multiply lovers.  No one would even think of this concept as strange.  As a women, it is considered controversial.

Do you find it ironic that My callers actually made me the way I am?

It’s true.  What I deemed as normal in 2008 is not the same things I think of as normal in 2014.    It’s amusing to me that the more I talk about something, the more it becomes normal to me.   So, Law of attraction, I have drawn to Me what I talk about.  I have become that thing in real life that I speak about on the phone.     Not surprising it seems since, we tend to move the direction in our lives that we think about.  Our thoughts pretty much make us.

So, when I tell you to pull out your tiny little insignificant excuse for a cock and stroke it, you can know that I am not treating you any different then one of My husbands.   You will know that I am being loving in the bitchy and strict manner that I normally am around the house.   Don’t get Me wrong, I love being a housewife.  I also love getting My way in all things.  This of course includes your tiny cock.

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Your Kinky Little Demon


Tickle the submissive

Being Mean is fun!

Being Mean is fun!

Have you ever been tickled while having an orgasm?

It can be quite intense to say the least.   I enjoy pushing a man’s buttons and getting him to new and greater places.   There is no doubt about the fact that tickling is definitely torture.   Only a beautiful strict Mistress such as Myself would do something that mean to a poor willing subject.    Imagine, if you will, being tied up nice and tight.  I’m enjoying Myself on your cock.  After all, pleasing your Mistress should always be important.

My needs always come first.

I personally don’t believe in denial of Myself.  I am multi orgasmic and planning on using your mouth, and your cock to fulfill all My needs.   As for you, well that’s another story completely.  You don’t have the right to cum until I allow that release.  I love the concept of you cumming but only when I say it’s time.  Speaking of time, where were we?  Oh, yes, I had you tied up and I was using your cock to please Me.   Let’s say after I enjoy myself thoroughly, I  begin to tickle you.

I Know all the places where you are Most ticklish.

I’ve studied you much like My beautiful prey that you are.  I know all the places on your body to tickle and what effect each place will cause.  So, just when you are about to pop, I tickle you till I hear you screaming.

Now, that is what I deem to be fun!

Let’s tickle the submissive!




Desiring to suck cock

Do you sometimes wish you had a cock in your mouth?

You are standing in line at the grocery store and you notice a body builder.  Of course, you are straight.  You have a girlfriend or wife and have only been with women.   Though, you see this muscular guy in line buying protein powder and you can’t help but think about what it would be like to be him.  He probably has sex a lot.   You can only imagine that he can have any female he desires.   You walk behind him and see he drives a navy BMW.  It’s clean and looks new.   You can’t help but wonder about his life.   He has all the toys and he has the body.

He clearly can have any woman he wants.

For some reason, your submissive side kicks in and you think how great it would be to just serve.   What would it be like to bow down to a man that is able to control his body and his money?  How would it feel to hold a powerful man like that in your mouth?  What would his cum taste like?   You clear your mind for a moment as if under a spell watching him drive away.  For a brief moment, he notices you and your heart sinks.  He nods at you and you feel a twitch in your pants.

“Oh My God, I want to suck his cock.” You think.

You unlock your paid off, reliable Honda putting the groceries in the trunk.  You are such a normal guy but to be having these fantasies is so unusual for you.  You eat at the same restaurants and follow the same schedule.   What would it be like to do something off the beaten path?   What would it be like to wrap your mouth around the cock of a powerful man?  You drive home with one thing on your mind.

What would it be like to suck a cock?

Confess your fantasies to Me!

I’m just your kinky little Demon!