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Goddess Simone Body Worship

 Goddess Simone body worship cums in many forms.

Body Worship Goddess Simone!

Goddess Simone Body Worship

I love leg worship.  It is quite delightful to have a man start with my toes while I am wearing a cute little skirt and lick and caress them softly.  I adore running my soft toes over your face while you kiss each little toe.   Next, don’t go too fast as you caress and touch my sweet ankle.  It needs a LOT of attention too.   There are so many places to touch me that do not involve my pussy.

The pussy, of course, is sacred and MUST be begged for in order to have!

You would not think that I would give my sweet treasure to just anyone, would you?    Oh No!   You have to properly beg on your knees to achieve that sweet bliss.   Also, before you can expect to savor the pleasure that would be my pussy, know that you will have to kiss and lick EVERYTHING else.   I do, by the way, mean everything.

Even the backs of my pretty knees need some oral love.

You would be surprised how many places on a female’s body need to be licked and played with in order for her to be satisfied.   Little kisses up and down my arms feel absolutely exquisite and most men don’t have this knowledge.  Now, you know how to adore a Goddess with body worship.  Ignoring the pussy is the best thing you can do to excite it.  I want to be so incredibly turned on by you that by the time you get to the pussy, I am ready to pounce you.

I bet you would love being pounced by a Goddess such as myself….

Do  you need a Goddess to love and body worship?

I’ll talk to you soon!


Mistress Simone

Queening Masturbation May

Queening you during Masturbation May is FUN!

Can you see where My fingers are...?

Your Face = My Chair! 

May, as you know by now, is the best time to masturbate.  I think everyone knows that I love to masturbate.  There is nothing better than touching myself during a call.  I love running my sweet fingers over my nipples and pinching them, while hearing your voice.

But did you know that I also imagine sitting on your face during calls?

OH YES!  I often sit on my Hitachi vibrator on low while speaking to you.    I imagine while you are speaking that my naughty pussy is rubbing all over your little face.   Queening you is so much fun while you are speaking.   I try to imagine whether your lips are thin or plump.   I picture whether you have a large or tiny nose to rub my clitoris against.   I like to think of the nose, while I am queening you, as a clit rubbing machine.

A big nose comes in handy when queening a man!

So, if I am speaking to a man in person and I look like I am not really listening.  It could very well be that I am sizing up his face for later.    I mean, yes, the cock is no doubt extremely vital to a good sex life.  But, a good submissive should have a face that looks more like a chair.  🙂    Well, at least in my kinky mind, his face should look like a chair marked Simone.

Do you need to be queened by a wet eager pussy?

***Sexy Ms. Meredith  and is the next blog to follow during the masturbation month of May.***

Happy Reading, and Happier stroking boys!!


Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil….)

Masturbation May bondage cock tease

Masturbation May Bondage cock tease Role play.

I can masturbate but you CAN'T!I love cock tease role plays.   I also love bondage.  So, why not add the two together and make it a great kinky party?    There is nothing better than putting your lover in bondage.  I highly recommend the under the bed restraints.  You lover can pull and pout all day long, and he will never be able to get out of them, unless he has one hand free.   There are many on Amazon that work perfectly, and I have a set under both my bed, and that of My live in sissy.

I pull out the restraints, then I seductively run my breasts over his naked body.

Oh, wait, before I take off my lingerie, I have to tease that cock some more.   Men love a great cock teasing strip tease.  It will drive him crazy, watching me undress while he pulls on the restraints.    It always makes me giggle to hear a man beg for me to let him out of the restraints.   It makes me laugh harder when a guy says he only wants one hand free to feel my body.   I never believe that lie.  Once a guy has one hand free, he can easily free himself.

I never allow a man to be free till I am finished teasing his cock.

I love to run my body over a mans mouth in order to pleasure myself.   By then, his cock is most likely ready to pop.   This is the perfect time, of course, to have a nice cold ice cube ready.   I absolutely LOVE sucking on an ice cube.  Guys usually love watching me suck on it as well.

However, when I take that ice cube and run it down the shaft of the cock, men typically scream in agony.

I would call it just another fun night ending in Y.   I love to cock tease, and torture both big and small cocks.    I find it to be both fascinating and FUN!

I will be gone this week, but back Saturday morning 14th

Follow the breadcrumbs to the next Masturbation May Blog!

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Cuckold BBC dark fantasy

One of my favorite cuckold BBC dark fantasy stories. Enjoy.

Simone (11)

I love Cuckold BBC

I love going to the nightclub with the girls. This private hip-hop nightclub, however, was a bit different. Only the rich and the famous could get into this very special, men’s only, black club. There was even a special entrance that only the private members knew of. The cuckolded husbands were allowed in the club as well, but they were required to wear dresses.


It was cuckold humiliation for the husbands to be required to wear a dress.

This was both so every man there could know who the cuckolds were. Some of the club members enjoyed having sex with the cuckolds. Some enjoyed putting the cuckolds on their knees. There were special knee pads with the club name that the cuckold husbands could wear upon entering the club.

The specialty of the club, though, were the wives.

Men, there could have their choice of either the men walking around in dresses OR the women. It was their choice, and it was a secret club. No member could put another member down for whatever choice he decided to make. This meant if a man wanted to have sex with another man, it was okay. Every member was sworn to secrecy, and cell phones were strictly prohibited. You had to drop off your phone at the door to protect all the members there.

The cuckold club was a win-win for everyone evolved.

I absolutely LOVE playing out this roleplay. I love bringing the guy there to wear the dress and be turned into a sex toy. I also love being the wife there passed around the way we pass around your penis. Either way, it makes me extremely wet and I would LOVE to do this roleplay with you tonight!

It’s Masturbation May. Do you Wanna play?



Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun  being evil…)


Cuckolding my husband with a BBC

I hope you enjoy this BBC Cuckolding story.

I am cuckolding you!

I am cuckolding you!

I had now seen the pharmacist for six weeks.  I had known him for a few years, but it had been six weeks since we started having sex.  My husband, of course, was completely clueless to this fact.  So,  I felt it was time to take our relationship to the next level.   I had reached a point where normal sex no longer satisfied me.  I had to have his nice, big, black cock to cum.

At this point, I could quite literally fall asleep while my husband was having sex with me.

Well, that was last Friday, anyway…

I digress. I had decided to take my cuckold husband to the next level.  It was time for him to meet my boyfriend.  It was time for him to understand fully why I no longer had an interest in sex with his micro penis.  In comparison, I could no longer even feel my husband.  He just did not compete with the majesty of an enormous black cock.

I invited the pharmacist over for a nice steak and baked potato dinner.

Real  Texas men enjoy this type of meal from a woman such as myself.   My husband was really surprised when I told him on the phone I was cooking a steak.  He didn’t even know I could cook stuff like that.    He was about to find out all sorts of things I could do now.

I swear good sex made me a master chef almost overnight!

You should have seen the look on my husband’s  face when he came home.

It was absolutely priceless seeing the look on his face when he walked in seeing me sitting on the good-looking black man’s lap.   I looked so cute if I say so, myself, cuddled up against him in my pink teddy.

“Surprise honey,” I exclaimed.  “This is my new boyfriend!”

Do you need to be cuckolded by a real man?

This is one of my favorite roleplays and confessionals!


Cause it’s fun being evil.


Demon Mistress Simone