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Sissy Cum tasting

Sissy cum tasting season is here, gurls!

Sissy Cum tasting!

It’s almost May, which means it’s Summer time and now is the time to get out those pretty, short little floral sun dresses.  Bathing in the sun is, of course, a great sissy treat.  But you know what is even better than getting all dolled up and going sun bathing?   Well, sissies, that would be going to an outdoor BBQ and cum tasting.

You have to have the BBQ with the cum tasting in Texas.

Well, we have to tempt out those rugged cowboy hat wearing men that we both adore so much.  The best way to do that down here is to have a big BBQ party.  You can smell good homemade meat for a good enough distance to pull in the men, but this is where we discriminate.   It’s a private party, so large areas are roped off for privacy.

Only blow job loving men are allowed to this party.

Well, truly is that not every man?   I think most sissies can attest to the fact that a straight man getting a blow job from a transsexual woman is not even a thing.    As long as it’s a blow job, it’s okay.  Especially if it’s a group blow job.  Yep, we are going to get a crowd of about fifty of the most attractive guys for you sissy gurls.

Then, the cum tasting will begin.

It’s up to you sissies to judge which male had the best tasting cum.   That man will be awarded the best tasting cum award.  I know you cock suckers out there would love the opportunity to have a cock sucking competition!  Now, imagine the joy of having your friends sitting right next to you doing the same thing!!

Sounds like a wild Texas party to Me!!

Do you like this roleplay?  I know I LOVE IT!


Mistress Simone

Sissy slut gets caught

Sissy slut gets caught!

Special thanks to Gem for writing this story.  Hope you girls enjoy this sissy tease!

“Jack!   Can you come over and help me a minute?     I really appreciate this.  Nothing like good neighbors to help you out in a pinch, right? Can you help me get that stuff down from the attic? Here, let me hold the ladder. Are you okay?

You keep fussing with your shorts. You’re fine. Here I’ll take that box. Okay...

Sissy slut gets caught!

Jack… are you wearing panties? Well, your shorts slipped down and I can see them a little. Here, let me tug your shorts down. Oh MY GOD, I can’t believe you are wearing panties. That is just too freaking hilarious!

I’m sorry, I mean, I knew you were special, but. . . this explains so much! No, don’t get down yet. This is too good! I was wondering how to thank you for your help. Wait right there, and don’t you move a sissy muscle!

Okay, just getting him lubed up for you. What’s this? Oh sweetheart, he’s just my favorite dildo! Such a beautiful cock, isn’t he?

Don’t you wish this was pounding your sissy bottom?

God, you’re so hard right now, of course you do. Pull your panties down to your ankles, squat a little, so your legs can spread against the ladder. Mmmmm, such a smooth pretty tushie! You like how he feels nudging between your cheeks? Mmm yea, you want it, don’t you! Ask me to pound your bottom, sissy slut!

Tell me what a slutty sissy you are, sweetheart!

Oh my god, you actually said it. What a sissy loser! Well, let me push him in a little bit. . . god, you’re so ready for it there’s no resistance! How often do you pound your butt with dildos, Jack, seriously? There! Damn, all the way in, all 8 inches. You are a sissy whore, aren’t you Jack? or should I call you Jacqueline from now on?

Okay, here he comes out. No, that’s it. that’s your reward. You want to cum? Well, maybe I can think of another favor you can do me this weekend, but you’d have to cum over only wearing sissy stuff. And you can’t jerk off before then.

Are you a sissy slut too?

Mistress Simone

Teasing Alice

Teasing Alice, and it’s all her fault.

Teasing Alice

Teasing Alice is FUN!

How did this happen?  Maybe it was one coffee too many after dancing the night away.  Perhaps, I was just feeling frisky and wanted a little more adventure.  Who knows, but Alice finally wore me down.  Alice and Jizz had been begging me for years to have sex with them.   Sure, I would tease both of them all the time.  But, would I actually go all the way tonight? It was time to pull out their cocks and find out.

I took both men by their cocks and pulled them upstairs to my bedroom.

I commanded Jizz and Alice to lay down flat on their backs.  I then blind folded and handcuffed each one.  Now, the real teasing of their cocks could begin.   I pulled my panties off and ran it up and down Alice’s beautiful body.   Her cock rose to attention.  I heard Jizz whimper softly in jealously.  Of course, this only caused me to laugh.  Who am I kidding, I love to laugh when I am riding a man.  Usually, I tell him that his cock is too small while I am on top.  It makes me very happy!

This is when I hopped on Jizz’s face and rode him like the crazed, wild, Texas woman that I AM!!

Now, it was Alice that was whining.  I heard him beg for it to be his turn.  Alice is so damn cute when he begs.

After a couple of minutes and my first orgasm with Jizz.  I hopped off the face of Jizz and looked down at both twitching cocks.  Hmmm… so many choices.   One was thicker, while the other one was longer.  Which one should I choose.  I pulled out a condom, and excitedly pulled it over Alice’s throbbing cock.

He was QUITE surprised when I slid my pussy down on top of him.  Instead of my pussy, I stuffed my nipple in his mouth and told him to suck it like a mini cock.   I rode him hard to get myself and not him off.   It did not take long to hit a second orgasm.   After which, I collapsed on top of both men panting.

I pulled off one of the restraints on Alice and told him to free Jizz.  Then, I got up and took a shower.   It looks like neither Jizz nor Alice came tonight.  Both men were teased, screwed and DENIED>   But, I feel a whole lot better for using both of them.  I think that’s all that really matters.

HuGS and KiSsEs

Mistress Simone


Humiliation through Queening

Humiliation through Queening  is wonderful when I sit on your face and make fun of your little cock!

Humiliation through queening!

Humiliation through Queening

Humiliation through queening is more than just sitting on your face for the sake of my pleasure. Oh, no, it is far better than that, my humiliation addicts. First off, let it be known that a Queen always sits on the throne of her choosing. I might choose your nose. But, then again, I might choose your tongue.

I love humiliation while sitting on your face!

What I  shall NOT sit on, however, is your cock. Do you really think I would mount something so insignificantly tiny for YOUR pleasure? Oh, no, you are not to have any pleasure at all, except in pleasing me. That is your sole purpose in life. You were created to bring me pleasure. If this means you can use your tongue for my pleasure, than it shall be, because I say it is so.

I am incredibly happy to make you think you might have a chance.

Maybe, if you just made yourself an inch larger, I would submit to you. Perhaps, I would sit on your cock and not your face if you only were to lose ten more pounds. It’s really just simple things that you can achieve easily for me. Though, as sad as it may be, I never seem to submit to your base carnal desires.

It’s a pity that you are there watching when I pleasure myself with other men.

So many men with large worthy cocks.

I wonder dearest reader, which one are you?

DO you need some Queening Humiliation?
Hugs and Kisses
Mistress Simone

whipped yogurt cum eating

Make cum eating fun with whipped yogurt!

Eat your Whipped Cum Yogurt!

Recently, I have started eating whipped yogurt and have found it to be absolutely  delightful.  So, why not take the things that I love and combine them?   I love to see you eat your cum for me.  You love to eat it.  Why not combine the two things together and call it breakfast?  You should eat breakfast anyway, and you know you love to stroke your cock, so, why not have it all together?

Got some nuts for your whipped cum yogurt?

I personally love to suck on low salt almonds.   I adore sucking the salt off the nuts and rotating them in my mouth to get all of the flavor.    Almonds are great for you, as long as they don’t have a ton of salt or sugar on them.   Plus, there is something pretty awesome about saying you like to suck on nuts in the morning right?  It’s not crazy, it’s just kinky and FUN!

Stroke your cock with the whipped yogurt in front of you.

Instead of cumming in your hand or your face, this morning, try cumming in the yogurt.   Then, mix it and eat.  Grab a hand full of nuts, and pop it in your mouth.   Then sit back and enjoy the zen like feeling of doing something good for yourself that makes me happy.

What if I don’t like yogurt? Can I use vanilla ice cream?

Why of course you can!!!   You can use vanilla ice cream or your favorite cream pie.  All that matters is that you find a sneaky way to get that cum in your mouth.  I look forward to hearing your stories of how you overcame your cum eating fears.  It’s not just okay to eat your own cum, it’s good for you, and it turns me on!

Hugs and Kisses.

Mistress Simone