Edging your cock and getting to know the secret you

Confess your inner kinky to me I love having you Edging your cock while telling me all about yourself.

Let me see the real you! edging your cock

Let me see the real you!

I absolutely LOVE hearing about your secret adventures.  I love your role plays.   Given how much I talk and write about the roleplays I love, it’s clear to say that is is my forte’.    But let us not forget the best call of all.      I love hearing about your day.   Tell me about your day at work.  I want to hear about your feelings and what makes you feel pain, or makes you feel alive.  (Sometimes these things are one and the same thing….)

You can’t truly be sexual until you let go of your day.

Sometimes, that means relinquishing control in terms of a great roleplay.   Other times, it means talking to someone that cares about you.    I am an excellent listener and wise by many standards.   I won’t judge anything you tell me.   That is one thing I absolutely promise.  Also, it’s not like you are going to meet me, so there is no reason to be shy.   I’m not going to hunt you down and laugh at you.

(Well, perhaps in a role play, that does sounds quite exciting to Me!!)

But seriously, your mental and physical health is very important to me.

I feel that every man should stroke be edging his cock on a regular basis.   This is why I love roleplay edging so much.   I love putting a man in a trance and taking him on a little adventure in his head.   While this is occurring, he strokes and edges his cock.    Stroking is very healthy, and, I feel, important in mental health, as well.  You have to clear the pipes, so to speak, in order for everything to function properly.

So, in a nutshell, if you are feeling not quite yourself, give me a call, and I’ll listen, I’ll lift you up.

But more importantly, I’ll help you achieve that mind blowing orgasm after edging you deserve!



For My Demonic side (vampires, black mass, voodoo, succubi, and demons oh MY!)

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Big Black Cock: cocksucking party for sissy anthony

I love making you gay! with big black cock

I love making you gay!

Big black cock and cocksucking seem to go together like cake and ice cream.  I hope you girls enjoy my little teasing story about going to an exclusive black club where anything goes.   Get your cocks out, but no stroking.   I want you to be just as excited and frustrated as I was when I was writing it.   Enjoy!

There’s nothing quite like a nice big black cock shoved inside of a pretty sissy.    I went to a black club with My sissy, Anthony, and slid him in a cyber skin suit.  It was a full body that had D cup breasts and a working vaginal slit.   The slit was functional because it tucked the cock and balls so a sissy would be free to have sex just like a real girl.

The club was jam packed full of large black men getting their cocks sucked

They all turned to look at us and you could see the hungry look in their eyes.   The bouncer at the entrance pointed Anthony and myself to the back, where the sex room was located.   I saw the look of fear in Anthony’s eyes as we stepped into the room.   There were tons of girls already in the room on their knees sucking cock.   There were so many hard cocks in the room that I could not count.   The room was as big as a large studio apartment.

Two muscular black men approached us, and asked if we were feeling frisky

I answered for both of us and suddenly we were being picked up like rag dolls.   We were placed on a plush carpeted rug and told to suck their big black cocks.    I felt my breasts being rubbed and my blouse being ripped open.   They were a bit more gentle with little Anthony, as I told them it was her first time.

Anthony was eager to suck her first big black cock

She and I took turns to see who could go farther down on the cock.   Then, we alternated, each taking our own black cock in our mouth.   Our adventure lasted all night.    We went home with rather sore mouths but a very full pocket book.   I think we are going to do it again next weekend, too!

Do you want to be Anthony?


Demon Mistress Simone

1 800 601 7259 demon mistress simone

Hear as I read it to you!

Many people don’t know that I  am a demon Mistress and have two blogs.  My darker posts involving blasphemy, trance, demons, and anything witchy or fantasy will be on supernaturalphonesex.com.    

Here’s a little taste, but don’t forget to subscribe to both!

Roger did not believe in anything paranormal.  He was an atheist and a scientist.  He rarely went to church except on holidays when it seemed to be necessary to placate the wife.   He was happily married and had a secure and rather boring life.  He had sex every Saturday night three hours after dinner.   Then he went to bed, and slept peacefully throughout the night.  His wife went to church Sunday morning, so he would wake up and masturbate while she was away.

Something strange happened when he masturbated  this time.  It shook him because he was used to edging his cock for long periods of time. He had a lot of experience edging his cock.   Though, he saw these eyes on a dirty blond when he closed his. . . he saw her sadistic demon Mistress grin and heard her evil laugh, and his cock squirted out all over him.  He was feeling like he was losing control in his life.  He never lost control.  Roger did not understand the concept of losing control to anything in his life since he controlled all his aspects meticulously.

Therefore, he scoured the web till he found Demon Mistress Simone.  The eyes were not red like in his dreams, but the smile and laugh were the same.  The lust in her eyes was also the same.    That night he dreamed of the succubus. She had to be a succubus, how else could she haunt him every night?     The evil Mistress began to haunt him as he could almost hear the Mistress beckoning, or was it commanding, for him to call her.   He woke up every night for a week drenched in his cum.  He knew he had to obey this witch.   He needed to obey Mistress Simone, so he picked up the phone when it was very late at night and called…

To be continued on my super natural blog


Meredith’s Panty Auction

Bidding you Good Fuck! I mean Luck!

Have you always dreamed of owning a pair of my panties? Does the idea of owning something that has been rubbing right up against my sweet pussy make you all hot and bothered? The soft, sexy fabric gently molded to me all day…or all night long? Holding a pair of your Mistress panties in your hands, to do with as you wish may seem like the impossible dream.

Until now

I will be auctioning off my panties starting July 8th at noon until July 14th, final bid ending at midnight! Woohoo! I see you doing the happy dance! Yes, I am conducting my 1st ever auction, right here starting tomorrow!

But wait, there’s more!

Not only will the highest bidder get a pair of my sweet sexy panties, but bidder will also get the matching bra to go with! I just love a matching set, whether its dishes, or blue balls, or whatever.

So the winning bid will get a matching set of bra and panties! How cool is that?

The lovely Ms. Molly in live help shared this comment with me from a caller there. She said “The guys are so excited about your auction! Someone commented the other day that the Brinks truck will have to deliver the payment!” We both laughed at that! What do you think? Are you excited????

But wait there’s more!

Just to give you even more masturbation props, I will also email the winner with a very “special” picture of yours truly. VERY SPECIAL.


get into my panties

Cuming in 2nd and third?

No dishonorable mention! Just to sweeten the deal even more, the 2nd highest bidder will get a pair of my favorite black lace top thigh highs. Hosiery that was outlining my long, toned legs, wrapped around my sexy feet! Plus a very “special” pic emailed to you!

The 3rd highest bidder? Well you, my pet, will get a brand spanking (I know you love that!) new tube of lipstick that is my very favorite brand! you will be branded! In my favorite color. Plus, a very “special” picture also!

Everybody plays, almost everybody wins!

Now is your chance to get into my panties!



Big Black Cock phone sex

Do you want big black cock

Hear as I read it to you!

Most of the guys that know Me are aware that I live with two guys.  One is My husband, but both guys are submissive to Me.  One is a manly man, and the other is a submissive, a sissy or beta male.    I need both in My life to be happy.   Lately, though, I’ve been aching for something else.  When I was not married, I tended to date a lot of black men.   Black men all seem to have a beautiful big black cock.

I spoke to a man last night that showed me a 14 inch Big Black cock!

Oh yes, and this was not a porn star.  He had an immaculate muscular body much like my husband.  However, what was different about his body was that he had a monster black cock.   He explained to me that he had been looking for a woman that could take something that big.   I told him maybe he needed to start out just putting the tip inside of a woman.  However, in his case, putting the tip inside of her would end up being about six inches.

Can you imagine six inches being considered the tip of a cock?

When a man is slightly over 14 inches, six inches is not even half way in.  My god, that would be some intense sex,  I started getting a little nervous when he was telling me he wanted me to take all of that big black cock.   Then, he laughed at me and said he would just put what I could take inside of My pussy.   I am creaming just thinking about it.   I imagine starting out with ten inches and loving it.  Then working my way up as I am able to handle it.    I know I could never take a cock that big in my mouth.

But, I know many sissies that could suck a big black cock.   (Don’t tell him though, as he’s not gay.)

Maybe, I should get my blindfold next time and dress up a sissy as a girl.  ROFL!!