Merry Go Round Surprise

I hope you had an exhilarating and awakening experience with Ms. Harper.  Halloween-Carnival-Invitation

“You are looking a little spent,” I say to you while smiling.  ” I sort of like that in a man.”   I continue to speak and you continue to stare at My beautiful breasts in a tight little black dress.   “Now it’s time to take My hand and enjoy yourself on an innocent Merry Go Round.  I point to the sea of musical animals all lined up in a circle of light and beauty.   You almost forget yourself staring at the ride when you remember I was still speaking to you.  

“After all the excitement you have experienced today.  

“Don’t you think you deserve something that is completely innocent? “” 

I smile when  speak and I look so radiant and innocent Myself..

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Merry go rounds are so nice and relaxing, you think as I open the metal gate to the ride.  You turn to watch Me twirl My apt fingers around the key and lock the gate behind you.   It makes a loud noise that makes you jump.  ”It’s a private ride,” I purr softly under My breath.   “I only want My one client here with Me.”  I run My fingers softly over your fragile neck and you feel your cock stiffen.   It is then that you notice that behind My eyes there is a slight reddish glow.   I grin happily that you have noticed My sadistic demonic nature.

It’s not every day that you meet a Demon Mistress like Myself…

You walk to the Merry go round as if in a trance.  You feel your legs walking to a ride, even though your mind is starting to shake a bit in fear.  Something about this merry go round is not what it seems.   It almost seems as if you are in another dimension.  You are in another world apart from the one that you know and love.  You are in a world of My choosing, and one in which is full of mystery.

You jump as you notice suddenly there are men in the other seats!

The scary thing is not so much that passengers are now in the seats that were not before.  The terrifying thing is that they are all naked.   Muscle clad men that look like they belong in the expensive magazines line the merry go round.  You feel suddenly very insecure about your place on this ride when you hear the music begin to play.

As the music plays, you begin to feel more complacent.

You don’t know why seeing naked men seems normal and very reasonable.  You feel yourself moving up and down on the seat.  The longer you ride, the better the music sounds.  You don’t know why you are enjoying the music so much but you start to laugh with joyful delight .  You just know that you LOVE the music playing.  It makes you feel young and full of life and energy.  You love the way the ride goes up and down.  It’s better then sex you think to yourself.  It’s damn near orgasmic.  You feel your cock tremble with happiness as some pre cum drips out.   You begin looking at the men riding with you as works of art.  They are exquisite.  They are beautiful.   They are utterly scrumptious.

You are suddenly ravenous for protein.

How did you become so hungry?   You feel yourself shaking and yet the ride does not stop.  You find yourself staring at these hard cocks.   You begin to feel obsessed and yet you don’t want to stop.  It becomes clear.  You need protein.  You are so hungry.  Where do you get protein?

You Must suck their cocks. You must suck all the cocks on the merry go round.  Sucking the cocks on the merry go round is completely acceptable.  Wait for the ride to stop and then go eat all the cum you want. Every man loves a good blow job.  No one will deny you.   You will be completely full afterwards, and so, so happy.  You just need to suck and love and worship their cocks.

The ride stops, but you do not until the last man there squirts into your mouth.  You were correct in your assessment of the beautiful men on the ride.  You don’t know how they got there.   They were all very agreeable to you sucking their cocks.  It was almost as if you destined to do all along.   You clear that thought out of your head.  You are full but when you see My smiling face, you realize how you still want to please Me.  My eyes are now glowing red.  You walk towards Me and I pull you in to kiss your lips.  My blood red lips stain your mouth.  You now do not feel so full.   You want more at this point.  You want more Mistresses and your need feels almost insatiable. I pull out the antique black key and unlock the gate.    I open the gate and Point to Ms. Vivian.

“Sweetheart, you will Obey all Mistresses Here and each one will pull you deeper into our web.  Enjoy! “

I smile and wave to Mistress Vivian from afar.

I watch as you she walks closer and closer to you.  Soon you will be hers completely.

 Don’t be scared.  It’s only a carnival I whisper in your ear.

 Visit Ms. Vivian Here Little Pet!



Simone’s sissy model

Your Face should be Kissing the boot..

Your Face should be Kissing the boot..

On the last blog post, you learned that My pretty little sissy wearing her pretty pink bathing suit was striking a pose for Me out in Texas.   She happily skips off to My cabin out in the middle of no where.   I hold a camera in My hand snapping pictures of her telling her convincingly that she is going to be the next famous model.  Every girl is going to want to be her.

She squeals in delight at the thought of being famous.

I mention the spread in the most famous magazines and she purrs.   At this point, she would do anything I asked of her.   I tell her the best pictures are on My bear skin rug in my cabin.   She happily accepts My offer as she steps into My den.   I lock the door behind us.   I love an intimate setting, sweetheart.

“Now, strip off your clothes and lay on the rug.”

She hesitates for a moment, batting her eyelashes as if shy.  However, when I stare at My little victim, she realizes I am Quite serious.   She begins to shake, but undresses and lays down as told on the rug.  I tell her to tuck her little penis between her legs so everyone will think she is a proper girl for Me.   I then apply a bit more lip gloss to her pouty lips.

The fact that she is shaking adds to the scene for Me.

Her fear excites Me and I can feel the wet excitement dripping between My legs.  I absolutely Love watching My petite little model shaking on the fur.  I take many pictures before I put away My camera.    I walk over to My computer and upload it to My cloud.  I then turn to My little willing subject and tell her that she belongs to Me now.  I own all of her pictures.   She is going into sissy training and will be starting tonight.   She shakes a bit more as she watches Me pulling out the strap – on and the lube.

This is the start of your new life Sweetheart…

Are you ready to start yours?

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Demon Mistress Simone


What to do with a sissy

I Love working My strap On inside of You!

I Love working My strap On inside of You!

Strap On Play with a strict Mistress.

A bitchy Mistress like Myself gets a deep satisfaction from your pain.   Granted, your pain can be an illusion: as long as you are giving the appearance of pain, it is gratifying to Me.   Picture, if you will, My nice big strap on pulling your sissy legs apart.    You are play screaming while I threaten to take you with a vigorous, almost forceful, nature.

You cry and beg that I use Lube.

Now, honestly, we both know that lube is absolutely essential to anal play.  Without lube, you are going to be a torn slave, no pun intended.  No one wants that kind of pain.    Now, emotional or mental pain, that is something I can definitely get behind!  Pun intended on that one.   Not trying to be the butt end of a joke, but I just couldn’t resist that one.  I digress.

Hunting the sissy.

I can’t tell you how much I love doing this.    I live out in Texas and My parents own some land out here where there’s a lot of trees and a lack of people.   I enjoy taking my sissy and setting her loose to run.  (Sissies need their exercise)   She can play around in her pink one piece bathing suit and matching glitter flip flops.

Strike a Pose Sissy!

I then pretend to be a photographer with my cell phone.   I approach her wearing a strap on which she shyly ignores.   I take many pictures of her in her bathing suit.  I tell her I am looking for models and find her look to be fascinating.  It’s very editorial and Vogue I tell her while taking her pictures.

I then convince the little sissy to come back to my lodge for more intimate pictures….

Want to be My sissy?

To be continued..




Embrace your inner demon

At heart I’m a Succubus

Give into your Darkness!

Give into your Darkness!

The wind moves over My large, beautiful breasts when I enter your bedroom.   I prefer being topless when I enter your room.  I stand in the doorway watching you sleep peacefully.   I breathe in the air and taste your scent on My lips.  You smell absolutely delicious.  You are sleeping, but your cock twitches as I approach your bed.  You know that I hunger for your inner heat.   I sit down beside you and smile.

Your cock swells with anticipation.

It wants to please Me desperately.   I take My fingernails and carefully run them over the head of your eager cock.   You would think it would feel gentle, but since I’m a Demon, it feels Quite painful.    This pleases Me GREATLY!  You open your eyes and try to scream, but the sound does not escape your mouth.   You hear yourself say “Mistress ?” as a question to Me.    This pleases Me greatly that you would wake to call Me by My proper name.

I can taste the fear in the air.

I enjoy tasting your fears.   I love the fact that you cannot move.  You are not tied down to anything, and yet, not capable of moving away from Me.   It is then that you notice the sinister, cruel smile run across My lips.   I move My body to brush against your lips.  My lips are very soft and I smell like your favorite dessert.  You know the food that you can never deny.  Yes, that one!   My fingers still slowly stroking your cock should make you feel good, in theory.  However, you feel like I am quite literally sucking away your soul.

Perhaps I am…. :)


Your kinky Little Demon



The best sexual instrument

The Mind and all it’s glories
Confess all your secrets to Me!

Confess all your secrets to Me!

What is better then any other sexual instrument in the world?  Here’s a guess, it’s not My Hitachi.  Though in all honestly, I am quite fond of that as well.   I love going to other worlds, dimensions and alternate realities.   Why be satisfied with just this one when you can have a multitude?   People ask Me all the time what My favorite calls are.   I LOVE all types.  I love the whole spectrum, from cruel humiliation  to a good role play.   Imagine, if you will, that you wake up in a cold dark room.

You can no longer see even though your eyes are open.

Disturbing as this may be, you are told in a soft sweet voice that everything is going to be OK.  Your sight will return as soon as your session is over.   Your session will last as long as those watching see fit.   You are now on a very popular television show.  No one knows that you are NOT one of the actors.    Your face has been altered slightly so you will not be recognized by anyone.    Everyone thinks you are on a business trip right now, including your boss.

You will be Mine for as long as the ratings pay for your popularity.

It is MY job to ensure that you stay a long, long time on My show.   I pull out several sexual instruments to run down your body.  You feel the soft leather fall over your body and you sigh.   I can make your pain and your pleasure last a very long time.  You no longer have control over your cock.  It aches and sways knowing you will now have to please your Mistress any way I see fit.

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I’m just your kinky little Demon