Meet “it” new sissy cocksucker

I need lots of guys to be happy!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

The sissy sat up straight in the tall chair.   Mistress Simone liked it when she was sitting up straight.  It helped to hold the butt plug inside of her little hole.   Mistress Simone sometimes took little sissy to the special adult store.   She said that a very nice man named Lawrence and his husband Mark owned this store.   There was a special room in the back, across from the movie theater, reserved for Mistress Simone.

Sissy could hear the men in the adult movie theater.

Sissy did not have a proper name.  She was referred to as sissy or sometimes as “it” when being shown off to strange men.    At first, being called “it “was rather off putting, but now “it” loved the non descriptive and rather degrading name.   It made “it” feel special in an odd way.

“it” loved being a dirty little cocksucker.

“it” knew without a doubt that Mistress Simone had men lined up for her.    “it” heard two knocks on the door and knew it was the secret door knock.    Lawrence had many friends that loved being entertained.   Of course, Lawrence rarely was there for the special sessions unless he was really desperate for a sissy blow job.   He loved getting his cock sucked.   Whenever “it” sucked his cock though, he had to wear a paper bag with only his  mouth and nose cut out.   Lawrence did not like “it” looking at him.   “it” made him nervous with his twitchy eyes.   He mentioned that computer programmers should be felt, not seen, when “it” sucked his cock.

The door opened and a large black man entered and unzipped his pants.

Do you want to be “it”?

I LOVE cock sucking role plays!




Meet Ms. Harper


Hear Ms. Harper Read it Now

Simone and I are both Texas ladies, born and bred; and we’re also both capable of being strict as well as sensual.

I know, you all recognize bitchy Simone. When bitchy Simone comes out to play, all the subby boys cower and get so hard out of fear and arousal, it’s hilarious. But did you know she can also be just the sweetest, kindest, most generous person ever? It’s true! Simone is a Texas Lady through and through; we don’t put up with bullshit, drama or game-playing, but we’ll happily take you in and feed you, clothe you, and give you shelter when you need it.

Of course, a Texas Lady has more skills than just feeding and yelling at slaves.

Down here in the Lone Star State, we learn how to have patience in the hot summers; wait for a cloud to bring some relief, wait for the melons to ripen in the fields, wait for what we want to come to us. So of course we’re good at teaching little cocksuckers like ya’ll to have patience! You’re all too eager to cum and be done. No, you need to wait for it, work for that orgasm, sweat for it, and suffer just a bit before you get that blessed relief. You need chastity to teach you patience.

There’s a lot of discipline in being a Texan, too.

Without discipline, Texas will eat you up and spit you out, and you’ll wind up somewhere in West Texas with armadillos crawling over your sad bones. Discipline is something Simone and I know a lot about, so naturally we’re happy to bring you back in line. You need some disciplined stroking, a little spanking discipline when you’ve earned it, and even some lovely CBT to remind you of your place.

Because it’s true that Texans are polite; Texas Mistresses demand your polite obedience.

When a Texas Lady asks you to do something for her, you damn well better jump to. We’ve got a quick hand with a willow switch, but we’ll soothe your sore backside and promise that you can learn better, you just need a little guidance.

We’re not all that bitchy, after all… we’re just Texas Ladies, and that’s how we roll down here.


Bitchy Simone Strikes Back

Worship My Body!

Worship My Body!

Hear Me Read It NOW Loser!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled erotic gay porn to discuss a very important and serious matter.  It is of grave importance that we have this conversation together.  I will just say it has absolutely Nothing to do with rubbing your little cocklet.

Take your tiny hands off it now, loser!

 We are going to discuss ME!

My needs come first and foremost.   I think most little cocked men know this.  But, I think it’s important that all men know this.   Women rule the world.   We are the Goddesses of the Earth.   I was put here, for example, to satisfy My need to laugh at your tiny little cocklet.   Let’s face it boys, your cock does not satisfy Me.   Your desire to please Me  by worshiping my body, however, does bring me pleasure.

I enjoy when you Lick My body!

Now, here is a place where all men can succeed.  There is absolutely no place off limits for licking My body.   Sometimes, I enjoy proving this by queening your face.    There is no better seat then your pretty little pouty face when I am trying to amuse Myself.   Your needs are absolutely irrelevant.    My needs always cum first and foremost. If I get in the butt up, face down position, it is only because I enjoy a really deep yoga stretch.  It’s not for you loser.

I want you to see what you can’t have!

Go ahead, and cry for Me, that’s fine, but keep on licking My pretty butt.    I don’t mind seeing tears on your face as long as your lips, and especially that tongue, is still working to satisfy all of My needs.

Do you have a little cock?

Are you an obedient little ass licker that stays up really late or gets up early?

Well, then there is a place for YOU in My world.

Apply at today!

and say you need Bitchy Simone




Happy Little Cock Valentine!

Hello Mr. Little cock 1 800 601 7259

Hear Me Read it Now Little Man!

Valentine’s Day is little cock day!

You see, here’s the deal.  Every day is valentine’s day, if you have a nice big cock.   I think big cocked men know this.  They never have to worry about getting a girl diamonds to keep her interested.   Did you ever notice that on commercials you always see a well dressed man giving the girl jewelry?   Here’s the real deal.

If you have a big cock, the girl will stay interested!

I know, that’s really horrible news for the little cock loser.   Perhaps you are reading this and thinking to yourself that, if you only make a lot of money, you will get the girl.  The guys in the commercials seem to all have a lot of money.  They must get all the cream.

Well, that is only partly true guys!   Women LOVE guys that drive the expensive cars.  For example, I  love being picked up by a fast red Porshe.  There’s no doubt that I love to see a man in an Armani suit.    It’s super erotic seeing a well dressed man, much like the ZZ Top song.    However, if a guy doesn’t spend the money on ME, then it’s a deal breaker.

I’ve known a lot of rich guys that are cheap as hell!

Those guys will Not get laid.

I’ve known guys that are completely broke, but know how to please Me in bed.    See, now that I can totally work with that.     It’s about working with what you have, right?   So, does that mean the little cocked men can just buy Me flowers and worship My body?

Well, maybe not so much.

A man with a little cock, I’ll keep around if he worships My body.  However, he needs to understand that being a little man means he will never please Me completely in bed.    I need a little cock and a big one to please Me completely!

This is why on My Valentines day, I will be going on TWO dates.

I will wake up and have sex with My husband, who has a beautiful cock.   Then we will go out to eat, and see a movie.    Then I will come back home, and pick up My sissy male.    He will take me shopping, to see a play and out to dinner.   SO, I want My cake and My icing, and ice cream to go along with it, damn it!

In short, for Valentines,  I’m greedy and want it All!

I think Every Goddess is worth it!  Little dicked men, Know your Place!

I love you!!!


Lawrence has a husband

Suck it sweetie!

Hear Me Read it Now!

Chapter 8

Mark snuggled up with a great horror novel while waiting for his husband, Lawrence, to get home from work.   Really, it was more than a job for his husband.  He owned the only adult store in this little town.   “It’s pretty awesome, having a monopoly…” he thought to himself between chapters.    He looked at his watch, and knew without looking that Lawrence was up to his little games.    Therefore, Mark jumped into the shower to prepare himself.

He ran his fingers over his throbbing cock.

He knew exactly what Lawrence was doing.  He was sucking a cock, most likely a new one.   Being his husband, he always could feel when his husband was being a dirty little cock slut.   Mark did not want to cum just yet.   He loved the feeling of edging his cock nice and slow.  It was such an extraordinary feeling to feel the soapy warm water running over his nuts.    It was incredibly difficult to stop rubbing, but he knew that if he did, the feeling would be even better that night.

Mark heard the garage door open and he nearly came.

He hurried and turned on the cold water.   He was so close that only that would ruin his erection.    He wanted to have it ruined.   The freezing water caused Mark to cry out a bit as his cock finally began to soften.     The pain of feeling his cock going soft was almost as intense as the pleasure of it getting hard.  There was a satisfaction in that feeling, he thought to himself as he allowed the cold water to wash away all the soap from his muscular frame.

He wrapped a towel around his naked body.

Lawrence met him in the kitchen.  He had an evil grin on his face.    He grabbed Mark and his towel fell to the floor.   He felt Lawrence as his tongue intertwined with Lawrence’s in an almost forceful manner.    He could taste the semen flavor still in his mouth.  Mark’s cock shot up in excitement.

To Be continued…

Are you a little cocksucker too?