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Sissy Tricked into cock sucking Pt 3

Sissy Alice tiptoed into the room, while Jonathan aggressively pushed his cock inside of me.

Coerced Cock Sucking!

We both told Alice to come to us, and she was a bit nervous following that order.  She would not be there at all, except that I had secret information on her.  Now, she was dressed from head to toe as a sissy.  Her lips were red, and she wore a hot pink dress with matching bra and panties.  She even had a blonde wig!  Alice saw her reflection in the window and thought to herself that she looked like a sissy whore.

“Want to suck on Simone’s pussy?” the bull asked while grinning.

Alice of course exclaimed “Hell Yes!!” but was a bit confused when Johnathon pulled his cock out of me.   We both laughed as we looked at the very confused Alice.

Alice,” I said staring down at her.

IF you want to taste my pussy, then lick it off his cock!”

She stared at both of us, and Jonathan pushed the head of his cock in front of Alice’s mouth and grinned.

Alice looked up and gulped.  It was such a large cock, but having the chance to taste my pussy was too much for the little sissy to take.  She closed her eyes and opened her mouth to accept the cock into her mouth.  It felt warm and slick on her tongue, and she could taste my delicious pussy.  She was consumed with the incredible flavor!   It was almost addictive, feeling the long cock in her mouth and tasting me at the same time.

This is how we turned Alice into a cock sucker.

She has been one ever since!

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Mistress Simone


Coerced into cock sucking Pt 2

Alice knew she would be coerced into sucking cock 

Coerced Cock Sucking

She shivered as she stripped out of her clothing.  Alice hated being watched while she stripped.  It always made her feel like she was being judged and analysed.  I smiled at Alice while she changed, analyzing every inch of her fragile body.    Her body really was more feminine than masculine, I thought, while observing her sweet natural curves.   I beamed, knowing that Alice would make an excellent cock sucking toy.

I handed her the cocktail dress and smiled.

The matching panties, bra, breast forms and heels are in the bedroom, I said as I went to the door.   I heard the car drive up, and knew it was the muscular man that was soon to be walking up to my doorway.  Opening the door, I slid my dress up to reveal my long legs.  I wanted to tease this bull before he even entered my home.

Teasing your Bull is never a good idea…

He smiled at me much like I was HIS prey.  Jonathan entered the house, closing the door, and then picked me up and pushed me against the wooden door.   I heard his zipper and then felt his cock as it pushed inside of me.  It was so sudden that I opened my mouth to gasp for breath!  He used that opportunity to kiss me deeply.  It felt so amazing feeling his hard cock inside of me.

Alice peeked her head outside my bedroom to see my legs wrapped around my sex toy.

Johnathan moved me to the couch to get a better angle for his cock to penetrate me.  We both looked up when we saw our cock sucking sissy staring at us.  Alice had her mouth open, looking very much in shock.  I was not sure if it was because  she had never seen a man that large or she was just that shy.

We both told Alice to come to us.

To be continued.

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Alice the cock sucking wonder

Did you know that Alice the cock sucking wonder was TRICKED into sucking her first cock!

Alice sucks cock!

Alice sucks cock!

Everyone knows that Alice LOVES to suck a nice thick cock, but did you know how she became a cock sucking whore?   I caught little Alice when I worked for the FBI.  I knew the information I had on her would completely ruin her career, not to mention her life.  Why should I ruin her life, though, when she could be my cock sucking toy instead?  The idea of having this little trick at my beck and call was too exciting for me to pass up.

She always stopped at a burger shop every Saturday like clockwork.

I sat down across from her and flashed my badge.  She wiggled in her seat uncomfortably as I began to speak.  By the end of my little speech she was virtually putty in my hands.   She would do anything at this point as she begged me not to release the secret information I had on her.  I could not wait to play with Alice!

She arrived at my home on time, but dressed in boy clothes.

I smiled as I watched the man walking in, knowing a sexy sissy would be walking out.   Commanding Alice to strip, I handed her a hot pink cocktail dress with matching panties, heels, and a bra.  She shivered a little bit as she removed her clothing in front of me.  This pleased me as well.  I enjoy a girl that’s a little bit scared.

To be continued.

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Princess Buttercup is Gay

Gay for life, Princess Buttercup was a candy sweet sissy

Gay for Life Sissy!

I love making you gay!

Princess, or, Sissy Buttercup, as she was known to her close friends, was tall and dirty blonde, just like in the famous movie, “The Princess Bride.” She had a strong will and loved her friends passionately. One day, Buttercup was picking daisies in her garden when she came across a strong, muscular man named Life.

Life approached Princess Buttercup and threw her down on the soft grass.

Little Princess was not yet prepared for what Life was about to give her next. His cock was so apparent in his tights, that left nothing to the imagination. It was clear that Life did not bother to wear underwear at all. Life put his huge arms around his waist and exclaimed that he was looking for a Princess in his life and she looked like she was the one to make him feel gay!

Sissy Buttercup felt her heart flutter a bit when Life stared at her.

She felt her legs go all weak when she noticed Life was getting more excited as he stared at her. “Shall I take you out here in the garden?” Life asked seriously. Buttercup’s eyes fluttered as she said softly, “Can you be gentle with me, kind Sir?” Life stared at Princess a long time, and she watched his cock grow fully aroused in his tights.

Princess licked her lips, staring at the large member, both drooling a bit.

“Life, I can’t take it any longer,” explained Princess Buttercup, ” I am not gay, I’m just a cross dresser, but, for you, dearest Life I AM completely Gay. I want to suck your cock. I want you inside of me. Please, take me anyway and anywhere you see fit. Life, I need you.”

Life stared at Buttercup and was very pleased. This was four years ago, and, to this day, they’ve lived happily ever after.

Are you gay for Life, too?  Don’t keep it a secret!!

Hope you sissies enjoyed the wordplay.

Mistress Simone

You are NOT gay

You’re not gay if you are blindfolded while cock sucking

Blind folded Cock sucking

Blindfolded and HAPPY!

You dream about cock sucking.  I know how much you truly want to suck that cock.  When you watch porn, you look not at the girl doing the sucking, but the actual cock.   You even dream about it at night as you sleep next to your wife or girlfriend.  She, however, has no idea that you are secretly gay.

I know all your dirty queer little secrets!

It’s okay, I’ve thought of a way that you can remain straight and still suck that big dick.   If you are blindfolded when sucking it,  then you are not actually looking at it.   If you can’t see the cock in front of your mouth, then, in theory, you are not “really” sucking it.   Think of it as plausible deniability.  If you never saw yourself sucking a big dick, then it never happened.

Blindfolded dick sucking also takes away the fear of doing the deed.

It does not matter if it’s your first time or twenty-first time, sometimes sucking can be scary.   You can add excitement to your sexual adventure by removing sight.  I know I love doing it in the dark every once in a while to add another dimension to my love making.

Imagine, if you will, feeling the head of the cock bumping against your lips softly.  You open your mouth and feel the head roll over your tongue.  It is not being too eager, but, rather, gently exploring your mouth.   You feel the small head growing larger in your mouth as you suck on it.   It excites you to feel the instant gratification of it getting large in your mouth.  It’s okay sweetie, I won’t tell anyone.

You are still NOT gay!  After all, it’s JUST a fantasy!

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