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Queening your face is for my pleasure!

Queening your face!

I really don’t understand why more women do not queen their men.  We are, after all, Goddesses and deserve to be treated as such.   Men seem to always want a woman to give them a blow job.  They have no concept, for the most part, that it is their job to first please us.   See, here  is the difference between a regular woman and a Fem Dom:

We REQUIRE a man to put us first and foremost!

I absolutely insist that he approaches me as a gentleman.  He may or may not be submissive, but he must always be polite.  A real man sees me as a Goddess, as much as I see him as a wonderful throne.   Also, just as any good throne, it is important that I sit upon it.   Enjoying two or three orgasms while sitting on your face is also a requirement for me.

Men are such simple folks to only be able to have 1 or 2 orgasms!

I typically have 4 or 5, and everyone knows that men enjoy rolling over and falling asleep after the first one.  Decide now that, in the new year, you will adore and queen your lady.  Give her the best orgasms of her life by putting her first and foremost!  Let this new year be about learning to be the best lover possible by learning how to give her great and glorious amounts of pleasure.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Cuckolding BBC in 2017

BBC Cuckolding in 2017 is lots of fun!

It’s a new year, and it’s time to get your wife a new cock.  You know what she needs desperately is a nice BBC.  Yes, it’s not just time for you to suck yourself a nice big cock, but to share in that joy, as well.  We all know that the best cocks in the world are nice, juicy, black cocks. What woman does not love something that stretches her pussy and gives her the best orgasm possible?  Remember, Cuckolding BBC in 2017 is a great joy!

Your cock size always matters!

The person that said that size does not matter had a small cock. It is just that simple. It is the same as saying a woman is just as happy with a rich man as a poor man, when in reality, a woman would rather have access to all the money and not rely on a man at all. The same is true for cock size. A black cock will always win when it comes to which one is the best for sex.

Why settle for a puny white cock when you can have a BBC?

My philosophy is never to settle for anything. Live life to the very fullest. Drink and eat the best food. Go to the most beautiful of places, and have the very best sex possible. It is, after all, the American dream to have the best of all things, right? Why should your wife be any different? The truth is that she shouldn’t. She should have the very best of all things, which means the best sex possible with a BBC. (and we both know you adore BBC cuckold humiliation)

Treat her to a big black cock and see her sparkle with delight!
Also, see her have something you have never seen before, ORGASMS!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Sissy Elves Sucking Santa

Sissy Elves sucking Santa Claus is a secret holiday tradition.

Sissies Sucking Santa!

Everyone loves traditions, but no one loves them more than the dedicated sissy elves.  This is why, every year, the sissies prep Santa’s sleigh.   They make sure after all the toys are made to sissy quality standards that they send Santa off jolly and gay.

No one wants a grumpy Santa so good Sissies are ESSENTIAL!!

They take their Jobs VERY SERIOUSLY!!

Now, the most exceptional sissies every year are awarded the “Santa’s Exceptional Sissy Award.”  This reward for this special prize is that they get to ride inside of the sleigh with Santa.   Every sissy elf works hard every year to earn this coveted prize.  Only the sissy elves in the sleigh are allowed to touch Santa’s royal cock.

Don’t YOU want to be a royal cocksucker too?

Well, obviously, all the sissies want to earn their place as an expert sissy cocksucker, so they all work super duper hard.  Only 13 elves are awarded this prize.  It might seem a lot to fit 13 elves in one sleigh, but trust me, it’s a MUCH bigger sleigh on the inside.  (wink, wink….)

All 13 of the sissies are needed to power that powerful sleigh.

Now, you may ask how exactly this is possible, and a cock sucking sissy might say “It’s Magic.”  I, however, will tell you the absolute unadulterated truth, because, you, My dearest, reader deserve to know.   Also, you are both my friend and an incredibly smart adult. Therefore, you should know the real Santa story.

Every sissy sucks on Santa’s cock throughout the night.

Yes, they take turns, and when one gets tired, the next one starts sucking.  Then, the beautiful circle starts again, until the night doth end.  Santa, much like a woman, can cum unlimited times.  This is why he is so damn jolly.   It’s the sissies that put in all the work to make that sleigh magically fly.   When Santa is jolly as can be, the sleigh lifts up.  It does not run on anything but unadulterated joy.  The reindeer GPS merely guides it, and they all know the way.   So, before you ask yourself any more deep questions, just keep this one thing in mind today….

It’s just a cock sucking fantasy and just as Kinky and twisted as can be.  Happy Holiday to all, and to all Abundance!  Blessed be…..



Mistress Simone

Sucking Santa’s Cock

Sucking Santa’s cock is much better than milk and cookies!

Sucking Santa Cock

Santa always loves stopping over at my house every Christmas season.  He always leaves me the best presents because, honestly, like a vanilla Mistress, I give one hell of a blowjob.  I always wear my cutest white slip and nothing else underneath.  He tends to prefer when I wear something soft and sensual, but being naughty as Hell underneath.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been a bad girl for a very long time… 😛

Santa, of course, knows that, deep down, I should get a hard black coal for Christmas.  He tells me this every time I play with his package.   Yes, I know, we make that joke together.   Since Santa is a Master of time and illusions, he can, of course, take time out of his busy schedule to satisfy himself.

Crazy thing is that sucking his cock makes me cum as well!

He calls it the gift that keeps on giving because the harder that he gets, the stronger the edging and orgasmic experience for me.  I start slowly, sucking just the tip of Santa’s cock.   He enjoys the tease of me flicking my tongue over the ridge of it.   I also enjoy it when he reaches down and squeezes my nipples.  It pleases him how excited and wet I get from just sucking his cock.

He always tells me that I’m going to get rammed with his cock for Christmas.

Unfortunately, since he loves my blowjobs so much, he always tends to cum in my mouth.  Once he cums, he’s off to work, and I have to masturbate immediately after he leaves.   So, maybe it’s Santa that needs a good spanking this year, for denying Me his cock all of my adult years.

Would you like to play the role of Santa with Me?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

  • I will be out of town from Dec 24th to Dec. 26th visiting the North Pole.

Tis the Season of Queening

‘Tis the Season of Queening , also known as sitting on your face!

Season of Queening!

Season of Queening!

It was the night before Christmas, and all though the house, hot chocolate was brewing for Mistress, but not for the sissy slave Louse.   Louse was a good slave, and called My favorite cream filled pet.  He was always stirring and cleaning  the house.  He knew what I liked sexually, and that was always being the  Top.  For I am the Goddess, Domme, and known to Bop him on his head, if he’s not careful of what is said. Louse was never bold, and always did what he was told.

Every day upon waking I sit on my slave’s face.

First, I make his face slippery as if he, Louse, was unmade.   He closes his eyes and feels such deep peace.  No normal mortal can give this type of release.  No, rather, only a Goddess such as I, can create a bliss so heavenly given.  It will not save your soul with My heavenly kiss.  This bliss is not why I am here.  Don’t you find this ironic, since I am not from Heaven at all.   For I sit on a throne made of beautiful stone.  Rather, I am  more of the underworld than that of above.   

Hell’s kiss from My pussy can be such sweet bliss!

I love sitting on his face with my lusty mist.  Queening Louse, I move to the left and the right.  I’m sure to wiggle a bit on his nose and feel his chest get a bit tight.   Then, I move off of his nose and feel his tongue suck and lick.  I love feeling him stick it in my lusty honey pot.  It gives me such happiness to feel him move and not get stuck with thoughts and such mortal things.  

My slave’s cock stands straight when I queen his face.

There is no shame, no disgrace.  For, my slave helps me feel so much calm.  He helps me reach the great beyond when he licks me, when I queen him, I can think no more.  Truly, I am thankful for what this mortal life has in store for Me, both as a Mistress and Mortal. I’m glad I’m here.  Even though, I have fallen unto the Earth, but still hold, even that dear to My heart and blessed damned soul.

Thank you my mortal pets, for being such great friends.  

I will continue to sit on Your face as well, and be blissful till the very end….

Happy Holidays to You and yours. to all that read this, and all that call!

 I love all of you, one and all!