Suck My strap on

I need lots of guys to be happy!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

I stood up in front of the crowd and commanded sissy twitchy to sit.   She obeyed, of course, then I pulled the strap on over my leather pants.   I was about to demonstrate to the room of mainly ladies, the proper use of the strap on.    I ran my fingers over the submissive, calming her mind and letting her know I would be gentle.  I did not want my sweet little submissive to be nervous.    I then dipped my cock into a bowl of whipped cream and milk.

It made my black cock look like it was covered in semen.

Sissy twitchy gulped and tried to remain calm as I rubbed My cock all over her face.   I scooped up the sticky mess and pushed my finger into her petite mouth.  She submissively licked my finger and moaned to show her happiness.  “A good submissive,”  I told the crowd, “is happy to lick a Mistresses fingers eagerly.”     She continued to suck My fingers, wanting to show off what a good girl she was to the crowd.

I continued to wipe off her face but changed from my fingers to My strap on cock.

I rubbed her face from side to side, moving the white substance all around her sticky face.  She looked a mess but did not dare complain.  Instead she thanked me and opened her mouth for more.   I rubbed My cock along her wanton tongue.   I did this for several minutes before I pushed My cock all the way down her throat.

She gagged for a moment before she allowed her throat to become comfortable.

Twitchy was rewarded by hearing both laughter and some of the ladies clapping and hollering for more.

Now, who here wants to see My little sissy getting pegged?

Everyone raised their hands in response!

To Be continued….


Sissy twitchy serves

Sissy Twitchy could barely walk in her pastel purple high heels.   Her favorite color was lavender, so I put her in that color from head to toe.  Her pretty little nails were lavender, even down to her cute sissy toes.   I even had her wear a purple dress with a cute petticoat underneath.   She absolutely loved to twirl her dress, especially in front of a delighted crowd.    Twitchy held a tray of mini cupcakes.   I allowed her to cheat and buy them at the bakery, but informed her that next time, she was cooking.

Cooking is a great art form, not just for a sissy, but all ladies.

I love to cook, so My sissy, of course, should also love to cook.   Twitchy brought the food to each and every lady, asking politely if they would enjoy a fresh cupcake.   Every once in a while I would watch Twitchy do her famous little twirl and I would grin.  I love when My sissy is happy.   It makes me happy to see her shine.

I commanded Twitchy to show the ladies her pretty thigh highs.

She blushed, but, of course, obeyed My command.  She lifted her cute little dress showing the lavender lace on the thigh highs.   The ladies clapped and she curtsied obediently.   She then sat down on her knees next to Me.   I stroked her hair and I could tell she was starting to get a little bit aroused from all of the attention.   No one of course would notice a tiny erection.  I only noticed because I own Twitchy.    The class was about to begin so I lightly pulled on Twitchy’s hair.  She cried out  causing some of the ladies to giggle.   This also made me happy but only because I’m a satanist.   Oops, I mean I am a twisted sadist….

 The pain caused her erection to go down immediately.

The sissy humiliation pleased Me!

To Be Continued.

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Reasons for phone sex roleplay

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Jessica turned the tape recorder off.  She loved listening to old recordings of her little podcast.    She recalled the time she had Joe on the show, and how he hadn’t wanted to think of himself as gay, and yet went on and on abut sucking cock! She giggled when she reached the part where he whined about not being gay.

“I’m not gay,”  he protested.

“So maybe I think about sucking cock.   Everyone has dirty thoughts right?   My thoughts tend to lend themselves to sucking cock nowadays.   It is not like I’ve acted on it.  It’s just in my head.”

I suggested at that point that he meets Mistress Simone or any of the Enchantrix ladies.    Phone sex is a healthy alternative to going out and sucking a real cock if that’s not an option.    He, of course, initially didn’t believe me — until he tried it.

Phone sex is like going to see a play, except it’s one in which You are involved.

It’s private and you can even pull out your cock.  You most certainly can’t do that unless you are staring in a porn.    …Speaking of staring in a porn.

In phone sex, the stars are the limit, so YES, you can even star in your own porno!

Joe considered this of course when he took his morning jog.  He considered what it would be like to be a professional fluffer. He liked it so much that he found himself getting a little erect and had to change his thoughts to something less interesting than sucking cock.

Jessica arranged the chairs in circle.  She was expecting several people for the meet and greet including the Mistress Simone.  She smiled gleefully since she knew Simone was bisexual and hoped she was into women with tattoos and pink hair.     Tonight was going to be a great night, she thought happily.

To be continued.


Gay Question

I need lots of guys to be happy!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

Hi, My name is Joe and I love to go jogging in the park. I love the thrill of feeling my muscles stretched out and going beyond even what I deem possible.  I am not a young guy.  I’m almost 60 but you wouldn’t know it looking at me.  I stay in shape and enjoy working my body.    I feel better now then I did twenty years ago to be honest.  Back when I was 40, I was under so much stress.  Nowadays, I don’t let other people’s opinions bother me, but I digress.

A weird thing happens when I go jogging lately.

First, I used jogging for stress relief.  It was awesome in that I could run and would escape my day to day problems.   Then, I got to be so comfortable with it that it was the only way I could think.   I would be in the middle of thinking about something and I I would see a woman with bouncing breasts.  I would think about how many ways I would worship those breasts.   I would envision those firm, tan legs wrapped around my face.   I would worship that firm butt as well and heaven only knows where I would stick my tongue.

I LOVE worshiping a woman’s body.

While running, I started looking at all types of women.  I started considering all the body types and their shapes.   It was a little disturbing to me how my mind started to consider women even as a curiosity that I normally wouldn’t.  Then a very weird thing happened out of no where.

I wondered what it would be like to suck a cock.

Do you think I’m gay?

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Humiliating a Gay Man

I need lots of guys to be happy!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

Chapter 13 Hear the story!

Mark loved cock and ball torture.  He especially loved anything his husband did to him.   Lawrence was the only man Mark  trusted to discipline him in this, or any other way.  It was because it took unconditional trust to allow someone to inflict that much pain without causing permanent damage.   Torture of course came in many types of play.   Tonight, Lawrence was feeling frisky, so the form would be a surprise.

Mark felt his balls being looped around the base of his cock.

Lawrence humiliated him by blindfolding him and insulting his small penis.    He called his penis a little rod when he tied it up to his little marbles.   He then heard his husband on the phone discussing him quietly.  Mark had no idea how many people were going to be there for his public humiliation.  He just knew it would be his most trusted friends.

Mark rested along the X shape of the St Andrew’s cross that Lawrence loved so much.   His hands dangled against the chains holding him up.   He almost fell asleep as it seemed he had been there forever.   Lawrence was playing the delta waves music that always made him a bit drowsy when he felt a soft lapping against his tiny cock.

It was then that he heard laughter in the room.

Apparently, he had fallen asleep.  He had not heard people enter the room.  His cock twitched from the sudden awareness of company.     He began to speak and felt a cock shaped ball gag being pushed into his mouth.  Once again, he heard more laughter and sighs from the unknown audience.

He felt the grip tighten on his cock and balls causing an uncomfortable erection.

It was then that he felt a dripping wet sensation on his cock.  It dripped down to his balls.  He remembered the sensation slightly from years back.  It was wet and tight but not as snug as a tight ass.    It was dripping wet and a bit loose compared to what he was used to.   His mind cleared and he remembered.

Someone was having sex with his tiny cock.  This would not have bothered Mark, as Lawrence often arranged this sort of thing with his friends during parties.  The strange thing is that it was not another male.  Mark was gay and this was not a mouth or a cute, tight little bottom.  This was a wet pussy.

He was having sex with Me!


Your Sneaky Demon Mistress Simone

To Be Continued….

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