Cum drinking Cocksuckers delight trance

You now obey Me...

You now obey Me…

Enjoy this  Cum drinking cocksuckers delight trance.

Lay down and relax.  You deserve a cock in your mouth tonight.  You know you ache for that smooth, sticky white semen in your mouth.  It feels so good and refreshing when you taste it.   Sometimes, what you really want is something to help deal with the heat of the sun.  It’s been so damn hot.  You want a drink that will cool you off and make you feel alive.  You want a cocksuckers delight.

A cocksuckers delight is a tasty drink.

It’s the most delicious and scrumptious drink in the world.  You need to get it straight from the source.  You can get it from a cock, but, like everything in the world, you have to work for it.   I can help you get to that tasty cum guzzling treat.

  You ache for a cocksuckers delight.

When you go to bed at night, you dream of a cocksuckers delight.  

You are laying down on a beach, and the sand feels so nice and warm against your skin.   A cocksuckers delight would be so tasty right now.  You could drink a gallon of semen because you are so thirsty.   You want it to coat your face.

You want semen to coat your body.

You want to feel semen all over your body from head to toe.  But, you know in your heart that would just be wasteful.  You are so thirsty and the only thing that will quench this thirst is a nice load of cum.   It can be cum from your cock.  It can be cum from another man’s cock.  It really doesn’t matter.  You just know that you desperately need to get cum in your mouth and you need it now.

You need to suck a cock!

and now you are Completely imprisoned by my cock sucking spell.

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil…)


Big Black Cock Humiliation a story of Female supremacy

You Call That a cock?

You Call That a cock?

The humiliation of Huge black cocks stuffed in the mouth of a sissy is always fun.  But, true humiliation involves a big black cock stuffed into the mouth of a straight man.  What could be more humiliating then a homophobic man being tied down to a table, then, being made to beg for the thing that he most despises.  I enjoy making men come to terms with their most deep desires.      See, now, that just sounds like a fun night to Me!   Enjoy the story.

I have a huge, grey brick, two story house out in the country.   It’s quiet, and there is a ton of parking.  I particularly LOVE this because it enables me to have huge parties and no one calls the cops.   I don’t like to bring any trouble to my parties, except for the trouble I create.

I always have at least a dozen nicely cut big black men walking around naked.

It excites the women and makes the other men feel inferior.  I feel making white men feel less then perfect is my calling in life.   I was watching a rather tall man flirting with one of the other Mistresses at the party.  He seemed to think of himself as rather important.   Now, you know I had to change that….

Male arrogance irritates Me to no end.

I walked over to this so called stud and told him that the two of us would be very happy to give him a memorable ride, if he would do it publicly.    He agreed because, well, he’s Male!

The two of us convinced our prey to be tied to a leather table.   It really didn’t take much as far as convincing, once I took off my bra.  I told him I would allow him to suck my nipples if he played my game.   It was all safe, there was a room full of people watching avidly.   I smiled as the two of us tied him down.

The crowd cheered us on when the two black men showed up.   These black men had impressive cocks that were hungry to explore every inch of this new pet.   “You should learn to respect women.” I told him, and we both smiled as I mounted his stomach with duct tape in my hand.

Black is my Very favorite color of duct tape.  

Can you imagine what my big black cocked lovers do next?

It’s sort of like choose your own adventure.

 You only need to know that your pain excites Me ALOT!!!

Lots of LOVE, Hearts, and Hugs!

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil…)


Nurturing Sadistic Mistress Loves to roleplay

I see you touching your tiny  pathetic penis...

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis…

Your nurturing sadistic Mistress is here.

I KNOW, that’s an oxymoron.

Now, I know you may ask:

“Simone, I thought you were strict and bitchy?”

Well, just like a good maternal unit, I can be both.  But, what I want to do is hold you in my arms and tell you it’s going to be ok.    I can be as sweet and loving as I can be cruel and sadistic as a Mistress.   Sometimes, the most cruel Mistress is one that pretends to be as sweet as your favorite cupcake while tightening the ring around your balls.  It’s all part of the evil plan, you see, to take over the world, one cock at a time.

I will be sweet as a Princess to some, while being a cruel drill sergeant to others.

As a Gemini, I have the ability to have many moods.

  Sometimes, it’s fun to have these many moods all in one call.

I know that sounds like I am a wee bit insane.   But, maybe, insanity is what you need!

I pinky promise that I’ll be gentle with your cock!

It’s pretty simple really, all you need to do is communicate with me what you want.   I will construct your perfect sadistic fantasy with you, based upon your likes and “hot buttons.”

Imagine, if you will, starting out with a fantastic loving girlfriend or wife that makes you dinner.  Yes, I am an incredible chef if I do say so myself.  Then, you get to lick Me for dessert.   I pull you into my arms and lead you to the bedroom, where I pull out the restraints.  Of course, you willingly get into the restraints because I’m as sweet as a strawberry cupcake.

There is no way that I am a mean sadistic Mistress!! :)

You watch me undress, while you can’t move, into a leather teddy.

Then, you watch as I pull out my sadistic tools and smile at you.    You’re a bit scared now.  Meanwhile, I am Quite happy.

There is no escaping a sadistic Mistress, I say. (Even, if I am initially being sweet….)


I’ll be torturing you soon…

Demonic Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil!)


Gay cocksucker trance training roleplay

Can you see where My fingers are...?

Can you see where My fingers are…?

Gay cocksucker trance training is great for the guy who desperately wants to be gay, but is just too embarrassed to admit it out loud.  This type of training entails repeating sentences of your gayness and how much you truly deserve to have a cock in your little tight  asshole.   It’s quite simple really.  You relax your mind and your body and go through simple affirmations of wanting a cock in your mouth.

Cocksuckers need only call to apply.

I imagine as a roleplay a nervous, wanna-be gay cocksucker going to a business where I sit at the front desk.  I appear to be a receptionist.    I wear a tight, black, pencil skirt with a sheer white blouse and high heels.  I see you as you walk up, fidgeting a bit, and know you are a cocksucker as soon as I see you.

I also know what you truly need is a cock up your ass.

You stutter when you speak and tell me that you need a Mistress to help you with being gay.   I smile as I look you up and down and know that you are going to be just perfect for the job.

“Well,” I say looking at your cute little mouth.  “I would LOVE to put your body to the test!”

You swallow hard and I know you are getting hard, even though you are very nervous.

“Follow Me,” I say.   You watch my ass move as you walk behind me with your head bowed low.

I smile as I open a door to what I tell you is my office.  It has a desk with a black leather chair, and a long leather couch next to it.   In the corner of the room is a bed.  No, not just Any bed.

This bed has restraints hanging from the ceiling, and handcuffs both on the top and bottom of the  mattress.

“This was a bed made by a sadist!” you think.     I point to the leather sofa and sit behind the desk.

I smile as I pick up my pencil and open my leather journal.

“Your training is about to begin My little cocksucker,” I say while smiling.


Edging your cock and getting to know the secret you

Confess your inner kinky to me I love having you Edging your cock while telling me all about yourself.

Let me see the real you! edging your cock

Let me see the real you!

I absolutely LOVE hearing about your secret adventures.  I love your role plays.   Given how much I talk and write about the roleplays I love, it’s clear to say that is is my forte’.    But let us not forget the best call of all.      I love hearing about your day.   Tell me about your day at work.  I want to hear about your feelings and what makes you feel pain, or makes you feel alive.  (Sometimes these things are one and the same thing….)

You can’t truly be sexual until you let go of your day.

Sometimes, that means relinquishing control in terms of a great roleplay.   Other times, it means talking to someone that cares about you.    I am an excellent listener and wise by many standards.   I won’t judge anything you tell me.   That is one thing I absolutely promise.  Also, it’s not like you are going to meet me, so there is no reason to be shy.   I’m not going to hunt you down and laugh at you.

(Well, perhaps in a role play, that does sounds quite exciting to Me!!)

But seriously, your mental and physical health is very important to me.

I feel that every man should stroke be edging his cock on a regular basis.   This is why I love roleplay edging so much.   I love putting a man in a trance and taking him on a little adventure in his head.   While this is occurring, he strokes and edges his cock.    Stroking is very healthy, and, I feel, important in mental health, as well.  You have to clear the pipes, so to speak, in order for everything to function properly.

So, in a nutshell, if you are feeling not quite yourself, give me a call, and I’ll listen, I’ll lift you up.

But more importantly, I’ll help you achieve that mind blowing orgasm after edging you deserve!



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