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BBC Lovers can cuddle too

 I Love to cuddle with my BBC lovers.

Cuckold with BBC!

Cuckold with BBC!

You would think when you cuckold your husband that you would never feel the need to cuddle with your BBC lover.   However, it seems the opposite is true.   I spent last night in my king size bed, with my husband and my lover named John.

John is a black man that has a nice fat cock for me.

He always satisfies me and never lets me down.  What I like the most, however, about my BBC lover is that he cuddles with me.   Gordon was in bed near the wall with his cell phone, thumbing through porn, when John and I entered the room.  The reason Gordon sleeps near the wall is so I don’t have to climb over him to get into the bed when I bring home a sex toy.

It’s so much fun cuckolding your husband, once he submits to the idea.

He even scoots closer to the wall when John comes into the room because, honestly, he knows his place.  John is the Alpha when he enters the room.  Gordon is no longer the alpha, John is.   I find this quite titilating, since Gordon is also an Alpha male but still manages to submit when a man with an even larger cock walks into the room.

So last night, John and I were kissing on the bed while Gordon was leaning up against the wall.  I wrapped my legs around him and instead of going straight to the sex, John actually cuddled me.   He nibbled on my neck and told me how much he loved me.

I could hear Gordon make a low growl when John spoke.

I honestly thought it was cute, so I encouraged it and told John I loved him back.    This made Johns cock get extremely hard.  Needless to say, he could hardly contain his excitement.   He pushed into me while I felt Gordon’s back up against mine.   Obviously, John was pushing Gordon against the wall with every thrust.

Are you more of a Gordon or a John?

How is your wife cuckolding YOU?

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil)

Joys of BBC Cuckolding

The Joys of BBC Cuckolding



First off, I love cuckolding my husband and sissy husband.   I know you would think that two guys are enough, but honestly, they aren’t.  I like to treat myself to a nice, big, dark cock every once in a while.   This weekend I’m going to drive a couple hours to visit one of my black lovers.   He is quite large and absolutely fantastic in bed.

There is nothing like a pounding black cock in your pussy.

I have to say, it’s better than anything else in the world.  Being stretched to the point of pain is incredible once the endorphins start to kick in.  Then, the pain starts to mix with the euphoric pleasure and it becomes absolute bliss.  It’s a feeling quite unlike any other.    The pounding of a black cock while your husbands watch is even better!

I love the look of awe in their faces as they watch me being satisfied completely.

Sometimes, my cuckolds  help suck the cock and get it ready.   But not always; one time Anthony popped some popcorn and ate happily while I was being stuffed.   It’s not so much that I need my guys to help.  Honestly, a black man needs no help at all when screwing me.   It’s almost like they were born to have sex.  Their cocks are so much bigger and more satisfying.

It’s like going to a bad-ass concert” says My husband, Gordon.

You would think hearing Simone having sex is great when you’re in the living room,  but seeing it is even better.” says My sissy husband Anthony.

I could go on, but I think I would rather play this roleplay with YOU!   Do you need to be cuckolded by a nice big black cock?   Are you a little cuckie that needs some relief?    OR, maybe you just want to experience what it would be like to have your wife enjoy the finer things in life, like a euphoric sex life?

Let’s Play!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

ASMR Suck Cock for Me

ASMR is even better at getting you to suck cock for me!

ASMR, or head orgasm, is that tingling sensation you get when I whisper to you softly.  Imagine how, with the sensual powers of my voice, I convince you to suck cock for me.   You, of course, watch porn about sucking cock all the time. You are incredibly curious about sucking cock.

ASMR suck cock for Me!

ASMR suck cock for Me!

You think about sucking cock all the time.

Nothing would be better then having a nice cum filled cock in your mouth.  You crave it all the time.  Imagine that I am standing over you, telling you what a good boy you are for sucking that cock for me.  You want to please me desperately.  You can’t get the image of me out of your mind.

When you go to sleep I haunt your mind with ASMR!

(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

That cock is so beautiful.  It’s such a pretty cock and looks so yummy.   It would feel so good to have it throbbing in your mouth.  It would feel amazing to feel it slide in your mouth and to suck on it.  It would taste amazing when it explodes in your mouth and goes down your throat.

You want to eat another man’s cum.

It would be so much fun to taste the cum of another man.  You will start by eating your own cum every day.  You want to eat your own cum.  Eating cum is good for you, and getting that extra protein will make you immensely stronger and more vibrant as a male.

You are a strong male because you eat cum.

Wanna Play?

I love getting you to suck cock for me with ASMR!

Listen Below to Hear an example of My evil powers…

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil…)


ASMR Head Orgasm

ASMR, or according to the Urban Dictionary, “Head orgasm”, can be induced by whispering.



Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, for short, can give you shivers if done properly. Have you ever felt really nice when a woman whispers to you softly that she loves you. You feel instantly warm and cozy. Sometimes, you even shiver a little bit.

I am an expert at putting you into a trance while you edge your cock.

So, why not add a little ASMR to the mix? Imagine, if you will, that I am whispering to you softly about what I’m wearing. Or, perhaps you are a sissy that wants to feel more girly. I tell you how beautiful you are in your pretty, silky, thong panties. You are absolutely breath-taking to me.

Do you want me to cuddle with you while you go to sleep?

Imagine, we are laying together and hear the sweet sounds of rain falling outside. The soft sounds of rain or a shower going on in the background can make you feel warm and safe. It puts your mind and cock into a euphoric sexual trance that is hard to deny. Imagine if you will, that I take you to my bathroom and turn on my shower. You feel a shiver move over your body as you realize you are right there with me, and suddenly you are feeling orgasmic even though you have not even gotten hard.

Interested in trying something new? Then ask for me to whisper to you about your deepest desires. You know you want to. You both want and desire to please me. You can’t help it, because it just feels good.

Click on the link below and listen to an example of ASMR that I think you’ll LOVE!!

Hugs and Kisses.

Mistress Simone

Simone’s Vanilla Phone Sex

What exactly is vanilla phone sex to a Mistress like Me?

Bend Me over the table!

Bend Me over the table!

Well, vanilla does not have to be just a plain, boring flavor.  Vanilla can be exciting, and even a kink at times, as it’s out of the ordinary for me.  You see I absolutely LOVE role plays.   I specialize in role plays.  I merely need a few breadcrumbs of which direction you wish to go and what your triggers are, and my vivid mind is off and running.

I never know what I’m going to write till I start typing on my blog.

I also never know what story I will weave for you, till I start speaking.    But, sometimes,  I enjoy a good ol’fashioned vanilla phone sex call.  Perhaps, I do a little vanilla tease with you and put you under my fragrant spell with my pussy.  Or, I am walking down the street and I pass you.   You smell my perfume and you are absolutely consumed with me.   You follow me back to my an apartment where I live alone.  Perhaps, I live in New York City, somewhere, and the neighborhood is a bit shady.

I can think of so many ways this kinky vanilla role play could go.

You could convince me that I am in love with you.  Or, maybe you follow me back to my home, and I ride your cock in this fantasy.   I turn you into my sex slave.

Or, maybe in this vanilla fantasy, you turn Me into Your sex slave.

IMPORTANT:  Here are the ground rules to this.

First off, I love all HOT role plays.  I can play the top or the bottom but I am not naturally submissive unless asked.  So, if you want to hear something other then laughter when you say I should suck your cock, you need to state upfront you want a role play where I play a submissive.

I’m COMPLETELY okay with that.   But, since I am naturally a strict Mistress as far as my natural personality goes, and a bit bitchy on top of that, um, yeah, let me know upfront.

I look forward to hearing about what dirty things you are going to do to me.  


Mistress Simone