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BBC Surprise

It’s always great to get a BBC surprise for the weekend!

BBC is better!

BBC is better!

Yes, it’s the weekend, and my husband thought I ought to get some much needed stress relief. Lately, we have been house hunting, and you know how stressful that can be. So, last night, he brought home a nice BBC for me to enjoy. There is nothing quite like the sensation of being stretched  out by a black man.

Everyone knows that black men just have larger cocks.

Some people say that’s not true, but they are just scared of the fact.  Black men, on average, are larger and better hung than most white men.   I think coming to terms with this fact is great for most white men to face.   I also think that my husband bringing me a black man to help with stress relief was a wonderful present.

I love experiencing a new man entering me for the first time!

There is nothing quite like the sensation of feeling a BBC stretching me out.    I also adore when my husband and sissy husband watch together in awe.   Last night, I enjoyed three men having sex with me and it was fantastic.  The first man had a BBC.   My husband watched in awe as I was stretched out.

Then, my husband entered me after my black man came inside of me.

It was nice and wet due to not just me, but the nice cum load inside of me.   Then, my husband came inside of me, and my sissy husband was able to have sex with me next.    Not only was he able to cum inside of me, but since he was last, he had to clean up the whole mess with his tongue.

I lost count of the number of times I came!!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

No Hands Edging Masturbation

No hands edging masturbation is a great way to spend a morning.

No hands edging masturbation!

No Hands Edging Masturbation!

Why go no hands  when you do edging masturbation?    Well, aren’t you up for a challenge?   Not really?  Well, that’s too bad.  It’s Masturbation May, so imagine that  you are stuck, handcuffed, and you really want to stroke your cock for the night?  Yes, I’m laughing at you right now, but that is really not a surprise.   I absolutely love my pillow humpers and vibrator addicts.  I’m a bit of both, myself.

I love a good pillow between my legs while I edge.

It also feels amazing to add a vibrator or Hitachi to the mix.    Can you imagine being handcuffed and left with a vibrator on your aching cock?   What do you know, so can I!!   It takes longer to cum with just a vibrator on the cock but it will make you a better man, overall!

Edging your cock by no hands masturbation with a vibrator will frustrate the hell out of you.   Since I’m a sadist by nature, watching this uncomfortable pain of yours is only going to bring me an intense amount of pleasure.   I can just see you wiggling on the vibrator while your hands are restrained behind your back.

You beg for me to take off the restraints during your no hands masturbation!

Instead, I just go get my second cup of coffee.

I sit across from your throbbing, aching cock and watch you masturbate with no hands while sipping my coffee and smiling.   Then, I pull out the pillow and enjoy you wiggle and hump the pillow as if it was a real woman.  This brings me a boundless amount of pleasure.

You beg for me to allow you to use your hands to edge your cock.

The answer, however, is always going to be No.  You need to learn to cum without Hands!!

Next up, on the Masturbation May choo choo train, go visit the Queen and Expert of the medical fetish, (drum roll)……

Click here for Mistress Daphne!!

Wanna Play?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Attack of the strap on dildo

Attack of the strap-on dildo is a great way to spend a fun night!

Attack of the Strap-on Dildo!

Attack of the strap-on!!

Yes, there is always consent beforehand when you attack a sissy with a strap on.  No sissy wants to be be taken by surprise.  Well, that is not always the case, but this is a blog post so I’m going to keep it…. Friendly!! 🙂  That is why a game of hide and go seek is so much fun.  If I can catch the sissy, I can have the sissy!

Run and hide, sissy, while I count to 100.

There is nothing more scary then a menacing Simone searching for you with my ten inch strap-on dildo ,ready to play with you.   I call out to you, waiting for you to squeak or make a noise.   Often, when I get too close and a sissy runs away from me by getting out of her hiding spot, I enjoy a good pounce.

Pouncing a sissy is a LOT of fun when playing Attack of the strap on dildo!

Once I find you, I can have you.   I also get my choice of where I take you.   It is up to the sissy to have her lube.  No self respecting sissy would leave home, or her hiding spot, without it.   Failure to have lube could result in heavy tickling, spanking, or CBT.   Also, you might not get a choice which punishment is chosen.

I enjoy finding you in a small closet.

There is something quite ironic about nailing you in the closet.  It should bring out the times in your life when you had to be quiet and no one knew about your fetishes.   Then, there is the symbolic value of coming out of the closet when I’m finished with you.   I love the idea of pulling out a pillow and making you sleep in the closet after you are covered in your sissy cum.

Sounds like a fun time to Me!!

Wanna play?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Sissy Cum tasting

Sissy cum tasting season is here, gurls!

Sissy Cum tasting!

It’s almost May, which means it’s Summer time and now is the time to get out those pretty, short little floral sun dresses.  Bathing in the sun is, of course, a great sissy treat.  But you know what is even better than getting all dolled up and going sun bathing?   Well, sissies, that would be going to an outdoor BBQ and cum tasting.

You have to have the BBQ with the cum tasting in Texas.

Well, we have to tempt out those rugged cowboy hat wearing men that we both adore so much.  The best way to do that down here is to have a big BBQ party.  You can smell good homemade meat for a good enough distance to pull in the men, but this is where we discriminate.   It’s a private party, so large areas are roped off for privacy.

Only blow job loving men are allowed to this party.

Well, truly is that not every man?   I think most sissies can attest to the fact that a straight man getting a blow job from a transsexual woman is not even a thing.    As long as it’s a blow job, it’s okay.  Especially if it’s a group blow job.  Yep, we are going to get a crowd of about fifty of the most attractive guys for you sissy gurls.

Then, the cum tasting will begin.

It’s up to you sissies to judge which male had the best tasting cum.   That man will be awarded the best tasting cum award.  I know you cock suckers out there would love the opportunity to have a cock sucking competition!  Now, imagine the joy of having your friends sitting right next to you doing the same thing!!

Sounds like a wild Texas party to Me!!

Do you like this roleplay?  I know I LOVE IT!


Mistress Simone

Sissy slut gets caught

Sissy slut gets caught!

Special thanks to Gem for writing this story.  Hope you girls enjoy this sissy tease!

“Jack!   Can you come over and help me a minute?     I really appreciate this.  Nothing like good neighbors to help you out in a pinch, right? Can you help me get that stuff down from the attic? Here, let me hold the ladder. Are you okay?

You keep fussing with your shorts. You’re fine. Here I’ll take that box. Okay...

Sissy slut gets caught!

Jack… are you wearing panties? Well, your shorts slipped down and I can see them a little. Here, let me tug your shorts down. Oh MY GOD, I can’t believe you are wearing panties. That is just too freaking hilarious!

I’m sorry, I mean, I knew you were special, but. . . this explains so much! No, don’t get down yet. This is too good! I was wondering how to thank you for your help. Wait right there, and don’t you move a sissy muscle!

Okay, just getting him lubed up for you. What’s this? Oh sweetheart, he’s just my favorite dildo! Such a beautiful cock, isn’t he?

Don’t you wish this was pounding your sissy bottom?

God, you’re so hard right now, of course you do. Pull your panties down to your ankles, squat a little, so your legs can spread against the ladder. Mmmmm, such a smooth pretty tushie! You like how he feels nudging between your cheeks? Mmm yea, you want it, don’t you! Ask me to pound your bottom, sissy slut!

Tell me what a slutty sissy you are, sweetheart!

Oh my god, you actually said it. What a sissy loser! Well, let me push him in a little bit. . . god, you’re so ready for it there’s no resistance! How often do you pound your butt with dildos, Jack, seriously? There! Damn, all the way in, all 8 inches. You are a sissy whore, aren’t you Jack? or should I call you Jacqueline from now on?

Okay, here he comes out. No, that’s it. that’s your reward. You want to cum? Well, maybe I can think of another favor you can do me this weekend, but you’d have to cum over only wearing sissy stuff. And you can’t jerk off before then.

Are you a sissy slut too?

Mistress Simone