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Pegging August

It’s Anal August and time for some pegging.


Pegging you is fun!

Pegging is great fun for a woman to do to a man.  There is nothing better than the power of having a nice big silicone cock between your leg and pegging your male sex toy or toys.  It just feels good to lube it up and penetrate your male slave.  Let’s face it, men were made to serve women.  He gets great satisfaction from putting his ego aside and bowing down to a woman. Men need a long dildo and a strong woman behind it!

You can show your lady that you adore her by going out and buying a dildo together.  There are so many fun colors.  I love the purple and the rose pink.  I enjoy seeing those dildos going in and out of my sex toy’s mouth.  But, the greatest satisfaction comes from getting it wet and slippery and inserting it deep inside of him.

I love the gasp of breath that he makes when I first penetrate him.

It brings me such enjoyment to slide it in and out, like my own personal porno.  There is nothing quite like the power that comes with slapping a man’s ass.   Squeezing those beautiful ass cheeks while he is begging for it to be slower.  I enjoy hearing a man begging me to slow down when I’m screwing his cute little pussy.  Sometimes, I do go painfully slow, as well.  When the little slut tell me it is too slow, I pound him for a good five minutes while he cries out that he’s sorry.

Does your cute little ass need prostate stimulation?

Grab your favorite dildo and call me!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Romantic Sissy

Jamie loved being a feminine romantic sissy.

Romantic Sissy Jamie

Romantic Sissy Jamie!

She walked inside her beautiful home and went straight to her closet.  “I’m such a romantic!” she thought, as she unzipped her dress all by herself by attaching a special hook to the zipper behind her neck.  Sweet Jamie felt so lucky to have such inventive devices for women that lived by themselves.  She took off her bra, along with her silicone inserts, and sat on her bed.  She still had on her sissy heels, thigh highs, and sexy black silky panties that she loved.  

Yes, the night was still young, so Jamie opened her panties drawer and pulled out her favorite dildo.

Pegging was always fun for a sexual woman like Jamie.  Of course, She knew without a doubt that it would not take long to cum given  how aroused she was due to her fantastic date with Tyrone.  She grabbed a towel she loved and eagerly slathered some lube over her chocolate toy.   Then she eased it in, while smiling dreamily.   Jamie wondered what Tyrone was doing, so she looked at the clock and thought, why not share in her bliss.

Jamie called, and Tyrone picked up on the first ring.

Guess what I’m doing?,” she purred.  Tyrone was silent, as if trying to ascertain how to answer the question.

From your breathing, I would say you were masturbating without me.” Tyrone said, grinning.

Jamie swallowed hard.   Sweet Jamie was not sure how to answer.  Luckily, Tyrone knew exactly what to do with her, and began to direct her every movement.  Jamie was quite excited, and it did not take long for her to have a sissy orgasm.  Tyrone seemed pleased with her performance and she was beaming with happiness.

Tyrone responded, much to Jamie’s surprise, “I need to be pleased tonight as well. Go unlock your front door, and lay back in bed with your cutest slip or night gown.  I’m coming back over. You will be waiting for me with a pillow between your legs and another one under your head. I want you  laying on your stomach with your eyes closed.” Jamie opened her mouth to respond.

But, before Jamie could speak, she heard the phone click and realized he was on his way back to her house.

Of course, it is to be continued, because I’m a freaking tease…

Do you want to be Jamie?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Cock teasing Romantic Jamie

Jamie, You have beautiful cock teasing lips” Tyrone said, smiling.

cock teasing

Romantic Jamie cock teasing!

Jamie blushed from Tyrone’s forward words.  “Tyrone, I told you, I am a romantic lady.  I want a man that is going to take me out to eat and spoil me.”  She crossed her legs nervously, as she watched Tyrone look her up and down and lick his lips.  He was looking at her like she was a delicious, mouth watering steak. “Sure, I have cock teasing lips,” Jamie thought,  “I have cock sucking lips too, but you don’t know that…”  Well, he didn’t know it yet…

“You are so beautiful, and incredibly passable!” 

Now, Jamie knew Tyrone was lying to her, but she no longer cared.  Her best friend, Simone,  set the two of them up because she felt Tyrone was sexy, but still sweet.  Jamie thought of this, as he continued undressing her with his eyes during the appetizer.  He seemed to focus on watching her as she dipped her shrimp in tartar sauce.  Jamie decided to cock tease him a  bit, just to have some playful fun

She dipped the shrimp in white sauce and sucked on it a little bit.

He shifted, like he was uncomfortable, in response, and smiled at her.  Now, she felt like she had the upper hand, and this pleased her.  Jamie continued to eat seductively, watching him wiggle a little bit, like he was in pain.  “Simone was right,” Jamie thought to herself.  Cock teasing was fun to do to a smoking hot man!

“You’re driving me crazy with lust, Jamie,” Tyrone said while smiling.

Then, he ordered dessert which they split.  It was the best damn Boston cream pie she had ever had.  It was also the most frustrating for both of them.  All he spoke about was how he went to massage school before he got his MBA.  He explained to Jamie how he would be more than willing to give her a massage whenever she needed one.  She was thinking she might need one now, but she was trying not to be too impatient with this so it would turn into a relationship.

Tyrone paid for the check and was such a gentleman opening doors for her!

He then took her home.  They chatted about movies, as if they had not been having foreplay all throughout dinner.  He then asked if he could walk her to the door.  He held her hand, and she felt so weak.   When they got to the door, he grabbed her suddenly, and held her, as he kissed her passionately.  Then, he released her, and wished Jamie a good night softly in her ear.  She could barely open her door. He waited for her to open it though, and rubbed her back.  She turned to ask if he wanted to come in.

He smiled, and answered, “Maybe next time, my little cock tease,” and kissed her again,before turning and leaving.

To be continued. 

Do you want to be Jamie?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Romantic Sissy Blind date

Romantic Sissy Jamie filed her nails for her first blind date.

Romantic Sissy Blind date!

Romantic Sissy blind date!

It had been months since Romantic Sissy Jamie tried online dating.  She still felt a bit raw and jaded over the whole online dating failure thing.  Jamie pulled the silky black thigh highs over her sexy legs.   It had been a month since she felt the hands of a strong man fondling her legs.   She pouted to herself as she debated her frustrated arousal for just sex, versus wanting a long term relationship.  Maybe this blind date would go well, and she could have a little fun.  And a relationship.

Sissy Jamie walked to the mirror and smiled at what she saw looking back!

Her electric blue silk blend dress swished when she moved her hips back and forth.  It also hugged her perfect figure.  The corset underneath did an incredible job of giving her figure feminine curves.  Jamie ran her short red nails over her dress, adjusting her silicone breasts a bit more, so they looked natural.   She loved her silicone breasts.  They looked real enough that she could wear them in her lacy blue bra.  Wearing matching panties with her bra gave her that little bit of extra confidence.  Perhaps, she thought to herself, it did mean that she was planning on having sex that night.

Or, Perhaps, she was just a huge tease, and a hopeful romantic!

Jamie added the Mac Russian Red lipstick as the final touch to her make-up, and smiled as she grabbed her purse.  It was going to be a wonderful night.  She walked into the restaurant and saw a man with a white rose sitting quietly.  He looked up, saw her. . .and smiled.  Jamie’s heart skipped.  The stranger pulled out the chair and patted it, as if to tell her to come sit down.

This beautiful man, Jamie thought was looking at Me!

To be Continued…

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Romantic Sissy Dating

Romantic Sissy

Romantic Jamie gets strong!

Romantic Sissy Jamie jumped when the doorbell rang.

Jamie, the romantic sissy,  ran to the door, half dressed in a silky navy slip and her curly blond wig.   She opened the door to see a tall muscular man, with his eye brow half cocked.

“You’re early,” Jamie said, blushing.

Jason scanned Jamie up and down, and smiled.  “Well, I am glad I did.”

“I won’t be but a minute, come in and make yourself comfortable.  The tv remote is on the table, feel free to watch whatever you want…”

She watched as he strode into the room and sat down on the couch, much like he owned it.  “There is something so attractive about a man that is a bit arrogant,” she thought, while prancing back to her bedroom to dress.

She picked out her cutest short blue cocktail dress.  It showed  her legs.  Jamie then accented her legs with a cute ankle bracelet and 3 inch open toe stiletto heels.   She heard him in the kitchen, making a drink, and decided it was time for make up.   Jamie added black eye liner and mascara to widen her lovely eyes, then, added some Origins foundation and lipstick.  The sales lady at that cosmetic counter had been so nice that day.  Remembering the make over day make Jamie smile.

It was then that Jamie heard moaning coming from the living room, and realized she was listening to porn.

Normally, this would not bother her, but she really was hoping for romance this time and, not just a fling.  So, she walked out into the room, and both of them were surprised.   First, yes, there was porn on the television.  This did not surprise Jamie.  The fact that he brought his own copy of a Dvd and his cock was out did surprise her.   Jamie would have thought that she would have made him jump being caught with his cock out, but, no, he just smiled at her, and asked if she wouldn’t mind helping him bust a nut?

“That’s not romantic!” she thought, as she walked over to the Dvd player and pulled out the disk and threw it at his tiny pecker.   “He didn’t even mention how pretty I was, or if he liked my dress! What a freaking Jerk!” she thought.

Take your ugly little micro dick, and get the F#ck out of my house!” Jamie said, in a deep masculine tone.

It scared him, and she smiled.  Then, she pulled out her phone and took a cute sissy selfie, cause she looked HOTMaybe it was time to go back to the online dating site and try again?

Are you a romantic sissy too?

To be Continued…