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Romantic Gay interlude

Are you ready for a romantic gay interlude?

Some of you guys out there are not just gay, but all the way out of the closet gay.  It’s not just about the rough sex, or even the cock sucking, for you guys.    Sure, you love a good thick cock in your mouth.   You also love being face down, butt up, as any good girl would.   But, no, you, my loving girlfriend, want the whole female experience.  You want to date a man, just as a super sweet woman would.  This is what I think of as a romantic gay interlude.

You want to be taken out on a date in public.

He shows up dressed up in his best shirt and slacks and opens doors for you.   He even smiles nervously at you when you order.  This hot guy notices when you bite your lower lip slightly.   You bend over to pick up your napkin in your favorite cock tease dress.   When you pop back up, you notice him staring at your firm ass.    You of course, want him to stare at your ass, because you love the concept of him wanting to slip his cock inside of you.

He watches you eat only because he is noticing your cock sucking skills.

You do this on purpose, and by design, because you are not only a champ at sucking cock, but skilled at teasing a man’s cock.   Just like any diva, you know exactly how to get what you want out of a man.  After dinner, the two of you go dancing, and he holds you close.  You can feel his hard cock rubbing against you, even through his slacks.   It is because of this that you know exactly what is going to happen tonight!!

Do you need this type of slow romantic gay sex?

Let’s do it together!!!   I LOVE all types of role plays.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Get a Gay Blow Job

Don’t be afraid to get a gay blow job from a man! 

Get a gay blow job!

Straight men, this conversation is for you!  I know that you love your blow jobs.   You love when you can just close your eyes and enjoy a great cock sucking.  Let’s face it, you are addicted to getting your cock sucked.  The only problem is your wife or girl friend just doesn’t want to do it.    Here’s where my favorite cock sucking gay man comes in handy.  He wants to suck your cock, sweetie!

Just close your eyes, and imagine that breath taking blonde or redhead blowing you!

I always laugh at men that call me and tell me that they went to a glorious hole in the wall.   They tell me that some hot woman was sucking their cock.   Now, in my mind, it was a gay man giving them a great blow job.   No woman would do something like that for free, but a man would definitely suck off another man without any qualms whatsoever.  So, why fight it guys?   Give in to your more carnal needs and desires.

Close your eyes, and enjoy your cock sucked from a man.

Gay men give the BEST blow jobs.  First off, they are experienced at sucking on their favorite dildo.  Do you think women sit around and suck on our dildos?   Well, we don’t, we masturbate, YES!   But, we are more interested in our pussy than a piece of silicone in our mouth.    Men, on the other hand, love to practice their cock sucking.  Remember practice makes perfect!   So, this just proves my point guys.

Gay men,  bisexual, and transexual give the BEST blow jobs EVER!

But, don’t take my word on it!   Get out there and experience one for yourself!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Sissy cock sucking

Nobody gives a blow job better than a sissy cock sucking!

Sissy cock sucking!

Sissy Susan loves to suck cock.  She lives in her little fairy house and has a bunch of sissy friends.  It’s fun to give sissy cock sucking lessons to her sissy fairy friends.   You see,  Susan is an expert at cock sucking.  She tells her fairy friends that she can get any man off in seven minutes flat.   Sissy cock sucking is just the best of both worlds, she explains.

Sissies are so much like women, but suck cock like a man.

A man knows what a man wants and needs.  Since he has a cock, he knows how to handle and play with it.   But, sissies are better, because you get to have a cock but dress like a woman.   How awesome is that?    The looks of a woman and the knowledge of having a cock like a man.    This is what makes a sissy cock sucking, a first class blow job.

The sissy queens all nod in unison to this remark and sissy Susan beams with delight.

Susan then pulls out her own cock, to demonstrate that sissies do not have to own a tiny cock.    One of the sissy fairies got so excited seeing a half hard cock that she dropped to her knees in worship of the massive sissy dick.   Susan was also happy to show off in her class by being the test subject for the sissy cock sucking.

She looked down at the sissy fairy and held her fragile head.  Susan smiled at her sissy student till she was sucked dry.  All the sissies applauded, in response to the excellent blow job skills given to their fairy teacher.   Yes, it was going to be a fantastic evening in that fairy house as everyone got a chance to practice their cock sucking skills.

and they played and sucked happily ever after…

Do you wanna play?

Hugs and Kisses!


Mistress Simone


Rubber Ducky Humiliation

Do you want to know about rubber ducky humiliation?

Rubber Ducky Humiliation!

Well, any humiliation is good humiliation in my book, but rubber ducky humiliation is something my demented mind has thought up tonight.  Well, ideas are strange things, so perhaps I am not the sole creator of the concept, but I think it’s pretty damn cool.  Imagine, if you will, a happy rubber ducky that a sissy might use to take a bubble bath with.   Now, imagine that same sissy in a cute little yellow rubber ducky outfit!

Sissies love attention and what is louder than banana yellow?

For this particular brand of  humiliation, the victim, I mean sissy,  must carry or have a rubber ducky tied to a belt that they must wear.    Any sad looking yellow material will do with a couple of black iron on patches cut in circles where the nipples are for the eyes.    Then,  have the sissy jump up and down and prepare to laugh your ass off.

Want even more  rubber ducky humiliation?

Cut a piece of that black iron on material in the shape of a smile, or  two upright crescent moons.  Then, iron it on to the cock area of the outfit.    The back part of the outfit also gets to have black eyes, but on the back.  The smiling face should be flipped however so it looks like it’s frowning right on the crack of the ass cheeks.

It’s up to you really whether the frown is on the pussy or the ass!!

Isn’t it fun to play with humiliating arts and crafts?

Bonus points for having your sissy sew it. Then, make her wear it and Video tape it!!

Send it to for me to rate and review it!


 Put it up on, send me the link and

I’ll give you a free 20 minute call!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Suck cock sweetie!

Is there a wrong way to suck cock for the first time?

Suck the Cock!

Suck the Cock!

Many people ask me this question.  These wanna-be cock suckers think about sucking a nice big cock constantly.  It is practically an obsession.  People ask me all the time whether it’s better to get on their knees and suck cock, or if they should just lay on the their back and get tea bagged?   Most of being a good cock sucker is just how YOU feel when you’re sucking it!

All positions to suck cock are good positions!!

Enthusiasm and desire are the most important things when sucking a cock.    You can be a beginning cock sucker and that’s okay, as long as you are happy when you are doing it.  Decide when you first put your lips on that beautiful cock that you are going to give the best blow job ever!

No one can give a better blow job than you!

Next, buy a dildo that you only use for sucking on.  Really enjoy yourself when you suck on it.   Lick the head and make love to the dildo with your tongue.   Remember, don’t just lick your new love toy.   Make love to it with your mouth.   French kiss your dildo while thinking of a hot guy that you want to suck off.

Then, name your dildo while sucking on it.

It feels good to hold it in your mouth while sucking on it.    Lick and suck the balls as well.  You want to worship the first cock that you suck.  Practice makes perfect, and feeling good about sucking your first cock will make you the best cock sucker ever!

Go out there and suck it!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone