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Romantic Sissy Dating

Romantic Sissy

Romantic Jamie gets strong!

Romantic Sissy Jamie jumped when the doorbell rang.

Jamie, the romantic sissy,  ran to the door, half dressed in a silky navy slip and her curly blond wig.   She opened the door to see a tall muscular man, with his eye brow half cocked.

“You’re early,” Jamie said, blushing.

Jason scanned Jamie up and down, and smiled.  “Well, I am glad I did.”

“I won’t be but a minute, come in and make yourself comfortable.  The tv remote is on the table, feel free to watch whatever you want…”

She watched as he strode into the room and sat down on the couch, much like he owned it.  “There is something so attractive about a man that is a bit arrogant,” she thought, while prancing back to her bedroom to dress.

She picked out her cutest short blue cocktail dress.  It showed  her legs.  Jamie then accented her legs with a cute ankle bracelet and 3 inch open toe stiletto heels.   She heard him in the kitchen, making a drink, and decided it was time for make up.   Jamie added black eye liner and mascara to widen her lovely eyes, then, added some Origins foundation and lipstick.  The sales lady at that cosmetic counter had been so nice that day.  Remembering the make over day make Jamie smile.

It was then that Jamie heard moaning coming from the living room, and realized she was listening to porn.

Normally, this would not bother her, but she really was hoping for romance this time and, not just a fling.  So, she walked out into the room, and both of them were surprised.   First, yes, there was porn on the television.  This did not surprise Jamie.  The fact that he brought his own copy of a Dvd and his cock was out did surprise her.   Jamie would have thought that she would have made him jump being caught with his cock out, but, no, he just smiled at her, and asked if she wouldn’t mind helping him bust a nut?

“That’s not romantic!” she thought, as she walked over to the Dvd player and pulled out the disk and threw it at his tiny pecker.   “He didn’t even mention how pretty I was, or if he liked my dress! What a freaking Jerk!” she thought.

Take your ugly little micro dick, and get the F#ck out of my house!” Jamie said, in a deep masculine tone.

It scared him, and she smiled.  Then, she pulled out her phone and took a cute sissy selfie, cause she looked HOTMaybe it was time to go back to the online dating site and try again?

Are you a romantic sissy too?

To be Continued…

Romantic Sissy Dating

Romantic Sissy Dating!

Romantic Sissy dating was completely new for Jamie!

Jamie woke up to find a flood of men wanting to meet her.  She ran some Diva Mac lipstick over her pouty lips and smiled gleefully.  So many men to date, she thought happily.  A text box opened and a stunning male with green eyes stared staight into her heart.  His name was Jason and he sent a Hi emoji.  Jamie nearly jumped out of her chair.  They chatted for what seemed like a few minutes, but after looking at the clock was a couple of hours.  Then he popped the question…

“Can I take you out for dinner, tonight?”

Jamie could not stop smiling.   “Well, a girl has to eat, right?”  They agreed upon a time and the date was set.  Jamie was going out on her first date.  It was not just a fling but an actual date in public.   It was then that Jamie swallowed hard.  Was she going to go out on the date as the crossdresser or as the male?  Jason knew that she was gender wise, a He, but was he ready to accept that in public?   Pull yourself together, Jamie thought.  Now is not the time to have an identity crisis.  He saw her pictures, so he would see Jamie, not James.   Jamie was who she really was.  James was the male identity the people at work saw.

She pulled up her cutest peach panties and nude thigh highs.

Jason was going to be absolutely floored by how stunning this romantic sissy looked when she opened the door.  Yes, there would be genetically born women where ever he took her.  But,  his eyes were going to be on her.  She was going to be the cutest sissy he ever laid his green eyes upon!

The door bell rang.  Jason was early!

To be continued.

Do you want to be My Romantic Sissy?


Mistess Simone

Jamie Sissy Romantic

Jamie was a nasty sissy romantic girl that loved to suck a cock

sissy romantic

Sissy Romantic

She could suck a cock with her head hanging upside down on a bed.  Jamie loved to have her sissy mouth stretched wide with a penis gag, as well.   Let’s also not forget about the sissy hole that loved being stretched out to the limit.  All these things being said about her adventurous sissy sex life, Jamie was starting to feel bored of rough sex.  Something was happening to her.

Jamie was turning into a sissy romantic!

She started thinking about kissing those men that were screwing her, instead of just being used.   She thought about what it would be like to have a man stay and have breakfast after sex, instead of just running off.  Jamie began to do little sissy romantic things, like making dinner before she would allow her “meet and screw” to have sex with her.   It sort of worked, but the guys would still leave after sex, which made Jamie sad.

Thoughts of flowers and being taken on a date sprang into her head during sex.

She wondered what it would be like to be courted, like a woman that a man truly adored.  She wondered what it would look like, to have a man look at her with awe and wonder in his eyes.  It was then that sissy Jamie decided to stop having sex ’til she found a man that truly wanted her.  She would only be blow job Jamie, until she could find that special guy!  With that thought in mind, Jamie opened up a gay dating website and filled out an application.

To Be Continued.

Will Jamie find true love?

Or, will she be destined to be cock sucker Jamie forever?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Surprise Sex Change

Hide a cock sex change happens AGAIN!!

Surprise Sex Change

Surprise Sex Change!

This time, however, it is a bit more surprising of a sex change.  You wake up as a genetic woman.  That’s right; your cock is completely gone.  You run to the mirror and see your perky breasts and hairless pussy on YOUR body.  Of course, you stare in disbelief for a few minutes.  Okay, perhaps you spend more than a few minutes touching your breasts and surprised how sensitive they are to the touch.  You are a little bit aroused, so you wander back to the bed.

You see a nice big dildo on the bed with a note.

The note states that I have been to your room and hope you enjoy your surprise sex change.  It also says that I hope you enjoy your new body, as you will have it for a week.    As long as a penis does not enter your vagina in a week’s time, you will have your cock back at the end of the week.   Don’t worry, the note says, you are off this week from work.  It will just be our little experiment.  It should be pretty simple.  You just have to go out on a date with a guy every night this week.  As long as you don’t have sex, you will get your cock back by the end of the week.  Simple!

You look at the dildo. . . And your mouth begins to water.

It’s almost as if you can’t control yourself, as you feel your hand picking up the dildo.  Before you know it, you are inserting it inside of your new vagina.  It feels better than anything in your life that you could have imagined.  It is amazing how good it feels, having a dildo plunged inside of your wet pussy.  You begin to wonder how a real cock would feel inside of you.  You are not even gay, and still, you are having these thoughts!   How will you ever get through this week?

Sounds like a fun role play to Me!

I can’t wait for your first date…

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Hide a cock sex change

Let’s play the fun game of “Hide a cock sex change!”

I mean do you REALLY need a cock at all?  Let’s do a role play together where we give you a sex change!  I will just

Sex change time!

run my beautiful nails over your mini cock and then snap my fingers and POOF!  It’s completely GONE!  Now, now, don’t freak out.  I gave you something far better than a cock!  I left you with a breathtaking, soft, wet pussy!  Aren’t you excited?

I start by rubbing on your clit.  Now, keep in mind, this is not a little cocklet.  No, this is a real, functional vagina that you now own.  You look down, and are in shock to see that you no longer have your balls and cock.  It has been replaced by a real pussy.  You take a finger and run it down the slit, still in shock.  You can’t help but to explore the sensation of opening your very own pussy.  It’s so much better than anything you have ever experienced, as your finger pushes into your hole and you gasp for breath.

A pussy is a major upgrade from a cock!

You suddenly want even more in that eager hole!

The desire to have a cock inside of you is almost overwhelming.  You can feel it, as I pull out a dildo and you smile brightly at it.  YES!  This is exactly what you are craving.  You really need that cock inside of you.  I run the head right along your clit and move it downward to your eager hole.  You feel your pussy consume the dildo much like a person would enjoy a piece of chocolate.  It savors it, and sucks it in deeper, you feel, as I slowly penetrate you for the first time.

Want more? I know I would love to give you a real vagina!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone