Humiliation Gay for Pay part 3

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

John tries to get his limp cock hard.

He is obviously extremely nervous waiting for Rocky to show up.   He almost walked out and now he’s sitting in the office listening to sex sounds on the other side of the door.   Then he hears “Ok, everyone let’s take a two hour break.   Go get something to eat, but make sure you are back in two hours, or your pay will be docked for the day.”   John hears people bustling out of the door eager to go get something to eat.

The door opens and Rocky walks in and looks down at him.

John is suddenly extremely nervous and feels his average cock begin to retreat into his body.   Rocky is a towering  6 foot 8 man with long brown hair and intense brown eyes.   He looked more like a bouncer then a producer.   John begins to stutter.

“Jock said to tell you that he liked me,” He stammered, not sure what else to say.

Rocky commanded John to stand up and turn around.   He complied.  There was something about Rocky that was so forceful and commanding that he felt he did not have a choice but to Obey!   Rocky sighed as if contemplating how much money John’s body could make him.

“OK, take off your clothes, and head over to set number 6″

John nervously got out of his clothes.   He was shaking while he did it.  Rocky looked so menacing staring at his  naked body.  A very small smile crept across his lips and there was a certain degree of relief.   John contemplated why a stranger smiling at him would make him feel better.

It was then that the door opened and I walk into the room.   I take the fresh virgin actor to set number 6.  He watches Me in My leather corset and I notice his erection growing slightly.

“Don’t worry, I reassure him, no one is going to be looking at your micro cock.”

……and I laugh as I walk away.

To Be Continued…


Your Sexy little Demon Mistress



Humiliation Gay for Pay part 2

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

I LOVE long Sexy role plays

Hear Me Read this audio!

John was just about ready to turn around and walk out of the photo shoot when he saw Me.    What can I say, except I’m a persuasive little Demon.   I walked towards John wearing My black boots and tight black corset and lacy black panties.  His little penis nearly wet himself looking at Me.   Now, I say John had a little cock.  It looked like he was a grower from his bulge in his pants.   I did not think he had a small cock as much as that he was smaller then most of the men here.

The average cock here was about 10 inches.

To be in porn, you have to be well endowed.  If you are not overly large in the cock department then you are going to be a bottom or a fluffer.   Every cock star needs to have a good fluffer.   I took John’s hand in mine and smiled.   I walked him past the scene of two men going at it and into a moderately sized office.   I pulled out a W9, and consent waivers and handed him a pen.

“I need all of this filled out before Rocky will interview you.   My name is Simone and I’m Head Mistress.   I make sure all the boys stay in line.  Other places would call Me the office manager, but here, things are a bit different, as you can see.  You do what you are told and you are paid at the end of the day.   The day ends when we have the scene or I get tired of hearing  Rocky yelling at everyone about performance.  By the way, I add looking him up and down.   Everything you film is of course our property.   We pay you well and have exclusive rights to all content.   Rocky treats his guys well if he likes you.”

You nod as you read the legal documents and sign your life away.

I smile as I pick up the documents knowing you did not read the fine print.

To be Continued…


Your Sexy little Demon Mistres



Humiliation Gay for pay

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Having a hard time getting a job in this economy?

Hear Me Read the Audio.

John was a hard working guy working two jobs to make ends meet.  He stroked his cock a lot because it was really his only form of affordable entertainment.   John was a good looking guy with a muscular build and a large, thick cock.   He never had a difficult time finding a girl, given how easy sex always was for him.   Working two minimum wage jobs was really too much for him to bear.  One day, he thumbed through the classified section desperate for something higher paying.

$1,000 a day paid before you leave the studio.  Be an actor!

He stared at the ad in disbelief.  There was a studio downtown that needed actors.  How awesome could this be!   He always knew actors made a lot of money but even that seemed a little far fetched.  Nonetheless, full of hope, John jumped in his beat up truck and went to the office building.  It was on the top floor of an building he never really noticed before.   It looked like doctors rented it out for their private practices on the lower level floors.

The elevator opened, and a huge  muscular black guy practically bumped into him.

He smiled at John knowingly over one beefy shoulder, and spoke.

“Are you here for the job on the 28th floor?” He inquired.

“Yes,” John said nervously.

“I’ll be up there in just a second.  I need to go pick up my girl for the next scene tonight.

But ahhh… tell Rocky, that Jock likes you and you’ve got the job boo.  I’ll see you later on tonight.”

He turns and walks away.  You are pretty sure that your mouth is open.  You have no idea what language he was speaking but you push the button marked 28th floor and hope for the best.  You begin to wonder how you can compete with well hung black men.    If this is an acting job, this guy named Jock is definitely bigger both in height and build.   The elevator opens and you walk to the door marked 2828 and knock.  The door opens and what you see makes your mouth open wide.   There is a rather elaborate stage in front of you.

Unfortunately, all the actors are well hung NAKED men.

There is no shortage of large cocks in the room.   You see one guy on his knees sucking a cock and you are about to turn around when you see Me.   I walk over to you, wearing My Prada black boots and black corset, and you suddenly cannot move.

To Be continued…


Your Sexy little Demon



little cock executive sucks it

You are all alone in a strange man’s house.

See something you like?

See something you like?

It’s a large two story house.  Apparently, this guy is not just a muscular idiot.  He seems to also be an executive.  He turns on some music.   You sit down on the leather couch and get more comfortable.  He sits down next to you and begins to rub your shoulders again.   “I’ve never done this before,”  you hear yourself chirp.

“I’m a virgin with guys…” you say looking down at the thick carpet.

He laughs.  “I figured that was the case when I picked you up. Don’t worry, we won’t do anything you won’t want to do.”   You feel his strong hands unzipping your pants.  You begin to panic for a moment, until you feel his hands once again rubbing your neck.  “It’s OK, “he purrs.    You finally relax and just let him do what he wishes with you.   You feel his large hand feeling your small penis.

He doesn’t laugh at your tiny cock.

Instead, the stranger pulls out His cock and puts your hand on it.  He takes both your cock and his and rubs them together.   Both cocks are the same size.  They are both small.  The tiny cock looks even smaller in his large hand.      He then gets down on his knees and puts his lips to your tiny penis.

You feel the best blow job you have ever experienced.

His agile tongue seems to know all the best places to touch your cock.   You feel yourself get so excited that you forget your manners and cum down his throat.  Instead of being mad about the premature ejeculation, he smiles.    “It’s OK, I cum quickly as well when a hot guy is sucking me off for the first time.”   He then lowers your head down to his cock.

It’s now your turn to suck!

It’s time for this to be YOUR roleplay!




little cock executive in a bar

Suck the Cock for Me!

I see you touching your tiny  pathetic penis...

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis…

You swallow hard as your newest muscular friend buys you drinks.  You start to wonder if this would have worked for females.  Perhaps, the females would not have noticed your little penis if they were drunk.  You remove that thought from your head when you realize that eventually they would be sober and see your penis for what it was.   You feel the strong masculine man rubbing your thighs.  He does not seem to notice or mind that you have a tiny erection. What if he finds out your have a miniature cock?

Perhaps he doesn’t know you have an erection!

This thought also crosses your mind when he whispers in your ear.  “I don’t think you are in shape to drive home tonight.  I can drive you back to your place if you like?”   He let the question hang in the air.  It was true that you were not in shape to drive.  He was offering to take you home.   He continued to speak.  “I can of course take you back to My place if you want a change in scenery.  I can take you back to your car in the morning.   Either way, I’m driving your ass somewhere.”  You feel your ass clench.

 You feel your cock stiffen with excitement.

It felt completely humiliating that your tiny cock was hard.  This was it.  It was official.  You were gay.   It was going to happen.  Fear flew through your mind as you knew  were going to suck a cock.  Something was going to happen.   “Don’t worry,” he assured you, “I won’t do anything you don’t want to do.”    You nod to him like a lost little pet looking for an owner.  You feel his hand embrace yours and pull you along as if you have always needed a strong male master.

You get into his car and he drives you to his house.

To Be Continued..