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Cuckolding my husband with a BBC

I hope you enjoy this BBC Cuckolding story.

I am cuckolding you!

I am cuckolding you!

I had now seen the pharmacist for six weeks.  I had known him for a few years, but it had been 6 weeks since we started having sex.  My husband, of course, was completely clueless to this fact.  So,  I felt it was time to take our relationship to the next level.   I had reached a point where normal sex no longer satisfied me.  I had to have his nice, big, black cock in order to cum.

At this point, I could quite literally fall asleep while my husband was having sex with me.

Well, that was last Friday, anyway…

I digress. I had decided to take my cuckold husband to the next level.  It was time for him to meet my boyfriend.  It was time for him to fully understand why I no longer had an interest in sex with his micro penis.  In comparison, I could no longer even feel my husband.  He just did not compete with the majesty of an enormous black cock.

I invited the pharmacist over for a nice steak and baked potato dinner.

Real  Texas men enjoy this type of meal from a woman such as myself.   My husband was really surprised when I told him on the phone I was cooking a steak.  He didn’t even know I could cook stuff like that.    He was about to find out all sorts of things I could do now.

I swear good sex made me a master chef almost overnight!

You should have seen the look on my husband’s  face when he came home.

It was absolutely priceless seeing the look on his face when he walked in seeing me sitting on the beautiful black man’s lap.   I looked so cute, if I say so, myself, cuddled up against him in my pink teddy.

“Surprise honey,” I exclaimed.  “This is my new boyfriend!”

Do you need to be cuckolded by a real man?

This is one of my favorite roleplays and confessionals!


Cause it’s fun being evil.


Demon Mistress Simone

BBC Cuckolding my husband is fun

I love cuckolding my husband with BBC.

Enjoy the story.

I LOVE Big Black Cock!!

Cuckolding Big Black Cock!!

I went to the pharmacy yesterday, and the pharmacist came to the counter and spoke with me. He had the most beautiful mocha colored skin. He put a business card in my bag, and told me I could call or text him day or night if I had any questions that I needed answered. Sometimes, he mentioned, the medicine causes insomnia, and to let him know if I needed any special help getting to sleep.

I do always hate sleeping alone when hubby is gone…

When I called him the next evening, we spent quite a while talking on the phone, ’til I began feeling drowsy. I was quite thankful for his friendly nature, since he helped me go to sleep.  We did this for several nights that week.   I made sure to keep my phone buddy a secret from my husband.   One night, the pharmacist told me that a good massage therapist would be great for me to help fall asleep. I told him I did not know of any good therapist.  . He then notified me that he used to be a massage therapist. I was so excited by this fact, that I told him that he could come over whenever he wanted.

I was so thankful that the pharmacist did late night house calls…

The pharmacist told me not to bother getting dressed again, and I could just unlock the door for him. I did what he said, because, after all, he knew what I needed. My husband was at work and I could never sleep when he was not in the house. The pharmacist felt strongly that I should not be in the house by myself and he would be right over.

I felt his large black hands rubbing my ass first.

I knew I was cheating on my husband with a black man when I unlocked the door, but I no longer cared at this point. I just wanted his large dark hands caressing my body. I wanted to feel him in every way touching me. I wanted all of him in that moment and I knew he was about to take me….

Do you need to talk about being cuckolded?
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Demon Mistress Simone
(cause being evil is fun…)

dickbreath Jayme learns to rim

Dickbreath Jayme learns to rim My beautiful ass

Dick sucking ass Lover!

Dick sucking ass Lover!

I think rimming is not just a great punishment for a sissy slave, but a great way to spend an evening while watching tv.   I love propping up the pillows underneath my breathtaking breasts and pointing to My ass.  All I have to do is point, and Dickbreath Jayme will take her cue and open up my cute, plump bottom.

I love feeling Jayme’s sweet lips kissing my ass cheeks while I ignore her.

I laugh at my favorite show, or tell Jayme to shut up when she is too loud and disturbs me.   It is a slave’s job to be quiet when a Mistress such as myself is entertaining herself with her favorite shows.   Once, Jayme tried to speak during an episode of Gotham and I had to kick her in her little marbles for interrupting.  For heaven’s sake, at times I think she wants to be kicked in her micro balls.

Dickbreath Jayme knows how to be a quiet little sissy.

I love feeling her work her magic right between my sweet cheeks.   The way she so innocently kisses in between my buttcheeks with such loving care really makes me quite wet.   There is nothing like a rim job done with love and care.  When she finally pokes her petite tongue inside of my puckered hole, I moan out in pleasure.

Usually when getting rimmed, I wiggle a little on my pillow.

It’s fun to have a pillow between my legs when Dickbreath Jayme is busy taking care of my bottom.  I wiggle on it and it stimulates my pussy.  It’s amazing to feel a pillow underneath my breasts rubbing my nipples while her tongue is working my ass.

Finally, I explode in pleasure, and then get up as if bored.

Jayme, you now have both dickbreath AND assbreath.

Go brush your teeth!

Then, I put on clothes and go out.

It’s awesome being ME.

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil…)

Body worship and rimming

I love body worship of all types, but especially love a good rim job.

I can be gentle sweetheart

Rim my ass!

I have a nice firm plump ass that screams for attention.  I love it when a man rubs and massages my ass cheeks.  Every massage therapist will tell you that people keep a good deal of stress in their ass cheeks.  A good one will spend their time massaging and taking care of it.

A good man, however, will worship My ass and my ass cheeks.

I keep a nice clean bottom that adores being kissed and worshiped.  Who doesn’t love ass worship?  I would say only those that have not been on the receiving end of it.   It’s absolutely orgasmic when a man sticks his agile little tongue there and wiggles it affectionately.  I might also add that a good submissive will get a rise, so to speak, out of a Mistress when she squeals and squeaks in orgasmic bliss.

I don’t hold back when my ass is being rimmed.

I scream out when a sweet little tongue explores me.   I jump and jolt with a happiness and delight when a man holds my ass cheeks firmly.  There is nothing like a man taking hold of me and not being afraid to venture down a dark alley.

A submissive should have a strong sense of adventure when pleasing me.

They should not be afraid of having their entire face sat upon when I feel the need to queen a man.  It does not matter if they are licking my ass, or my ass cheeks.  A submissive should gain their pleasure from my joy more so then the meager joy of their cock.  A cock can wait, but my ass cannot.

The needs of a Mistress Always comes First!

To put the needs of a Mistress above your own is to be reborn in the image of a Goddess.

(and I am indeed a Goddess when it comes to Body worship…..)

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil AND being worshiped…)

Dick Breath Sissy Jamie

Dick Breath is a serious problem, Sissy Jamie!!

I would tell Sissy Jamie this whenever she came over to My home.  She would hang her head down low, knowing that dick breath truly was a filthy thing for any sissy to have.  It was not the type of thing  you blow in My face when I open the door. (not without punishment anyway…)

I could tell Sissy Jamie had dick breath when I opened the door, and frowned.

Her apron, which read “Sissy Girl”, was covered in a dried white substance that I can only guess was cum.  She opened her mouth to say “Hi, Mistress Simone, sorry I”m late,” when I smelled the vile semen on her breath.

“How many cocks did you suck, Jamie?”

I exclaimed, with my hand on my hip, tapping my boot.

Jamie looked sad when she said, “Only six this time, but they rotated, so they all took turns on me, so each one got to have at least two orgasms.”

I was upset by this answer, as Dick breath Sissy Jamie was supposed to suck off at least 12 guys every time I had a dick sucking party for her.   It seemed from the soiled apron that most of the semen went on her apron, instead of in her mouth.

First off, Dick breath Sissy Jamie, you are not supposed to have anything on that apron.  It should be spotless when you show up at my door.  Second,  if you only were able to get six guys to suck off, then you are not doing a very good job of sucking their cocks.  It should be easy, when giving free blow jobs, to get men over to your house.

and Finally Dick breath….

Brush your Teeth BEFORE you come over!!

Do you have Dick breath or need a Mistress to help you get it?

Dick sucking Jizz lover?

Dick sucking Jizz lover?

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil.)