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Humiliation of Little Kirk

Humiliating Little Kirk is fun for Me!

Humiliation of little kirk

Little Kirk has a problem with his tiny, mini sized cock.   He gets a wet spot of pre cum on his underwear when he is near a hot woman.  Poor little Kirk does try hard to please women.  He loves getting close to women, and enjoys their company.   It’s just too bad that he has the premature ejaculation in his pants problem.

It’s just too bad that his cock is inadequate.

He is such a good looking guy.  He has a nice body and a beautiful physique.  My girl friend and I looked at his cock together, and just frowned deeply.  How could such a hot guy be so unimpressive in the cock department?    It’s pretty sad, really.  But, then when I explained to my friend about his wet spot problem, the humiliation really began.

We could not stop laughing,  humiliating Little Kirk.

Little Kirk drips and oozes all into his underwear.  Sometimes, there is so much pre cum that it shows through his pants.   How embarrassing that would be in public I thought!   If we weren’t so busy laughing at Little Kirk, we would feel sorry for him.    I tried to explain to little Kirk that with a cock that tiny, he would never be with a woman like myself.  The best he could hope for would be to be my pussy licking slave.

It was then that Little Kirk explained he wanted to sniff my toes.

OH MY, Little Kirk!!  You are a kinky man!   Not only did Little Kirk desire to lick my sweaty toes, he wanted to lick the sweaty toes of my hot friends.   I can’t wait to use my Little Kirk and get him to do all sorts of things he normally wouldn’t consider doing….

To Be Continued…

Hugs and Kisses!

Are you a humiliation Junkie?

Mistress Simone

CBT for entertainment

CBT is great for entertainment.



There is nothing better than cock and ball torture for a great night.   I absolutely love the sound of a man screaming in my ear from the intense pain of CBT.   For example, with clothes pins, it’s not about how many of them you put on your balls, as much as how long you keep them on.

Step one is to put a couple on those bouncy big balls.

Step two is to forget about them.  The second step of CBT for a mean mistress like myself is fun, because I can focus on role play or edging your cock.  My specialties include edging and role play.  I do just about everything with those two things.   I love the second step, because it enables me to play with you and distract your mind from the fact that you have clothes pins on your balls.

It’s fun to use a cock ring to maintain your edging and rock hard erection.

Even if you don’t have a cock ring, you can use a shoe string in a pinch.    Speaking of pinching, there will be a lot of nipple and cock pinching in my distraction methods.  The recipe may also call for some cock hitting and ball weights, swinging and bouncing.

You are all hot, sweaty and turned on by all the sensations.

Then, when it’s all over, I allow you to cum after about an hour or so.  The fun however, is not over till the clothes pins come off.   When I hear you take the last one off, you scream in my ear as another wave of orgasmic pain rushes through your body to your toes.

OH, what a rush!

 Do you love CBT as much as I do?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Cuckoldress confessional

This is my cuckoldress confessional sweetheart!

Cuckoldress Confessional!

I sleep with many guys, sweetheart, but you are the one that I’m married to.  The other men that I screw that are married really don’t matter.  Well, I should say they matter, but only when we are in bed.  I wouldn’t say that I use these men, since they are getting something out of the deal.

They are getting to have sex with a slut wife like Me!

The other wives either don’t know, or in some cases don’t care.  I find the wives that don’t care that their husbands are having sex with me to be the biggest turn on.   I’m not sure why, really.  They both feel good, but in different ways.  I love sleeping with men whose wives don’t know because it gives me a giddy little feeling in my stomach when I’m having sex in their bedroom.   Usually she is off working, while I am happily banging her husband.

She has no idea, in those cases, that an evil cuckoldress cums over, or that  I exist.

This excites me.  But, it also is enjoyable when I am with the husband of another slut wife.  I enjoy turning a regular woman into another cuckoldress.    Sometimes, I do this by having her sleep with one of my two guys.  Usually, I have her sleep with my guy with the smallest cock.  She inevitably feels sorry for me at that point and insists that I sleep with hers.

Or, if I like my friendly partner in crime, I have her have sex with my husband.

Gordon has a nice thick cock, but I tend to keep that one primarily to myself.  I guess I’m just a greedy bitch. 🙂

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Summer Cock hunting

It’s Summer and time to go cock hunting boys!

Summer Cock Hunting!

Step one to getting some great cock this summer is to pull out the rainbow bathing suit bottoms.  Even if you are a shy, or big man, you can wear the rainbow trunks.  Make sure they are both loud and very obvious and have a rainbow both from the front and the back.

You want the bathing suit to do all the cock hunting for you!

The next part is easy.  Go to your favorite beach or pool.  If you are nervous, take a friend with you.   Now, just walk around and look interesting.   Smile at any guys that seem to be checking out your package.  Nobody likes a snobby cock hunter.   Then, pull out the lotion.

Bend down slowly, leaving your butt in the air while applying lotion.

Make it an adventure exploring your entire body with the creamy liquid.  You might find that someone approaches you and asks if you need any help.  Remember, you always need help!!     If you have a shy man staring at you, give him a little bit of a show.

Cock hunters should be flexible and able to get into yoga positions easily.

If this is not the case, then it’s time that you practice often while applying lotion.   Lie down on your back and lift up your legs really high.  This will show all the men there that you enjoy being on your back.  Make sure you bend often and in fun ways.

OR, do some push up to show how much you enjoy being on top.

I know I can’t take my eyes off a man doing push ups.  When you look up, see which guys are looking at YOU!!


Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Crossdressing sissy comes out

Lesbian crossdressing sissy Amanda goes dancing for fun!

Are you a Crossdresser?

First off, if you are a crossdressing sissy of any kind, even, if you are a lesbian crossdresser, it’s important to always go out in public with a crowd.  Stay within your pack, just like any girl out with her fellow girlfriends.   Sissy Amanda had a great time going out dancing with Gordon and Anthony this weekend.

My two guys watched in awe as Amanda and I danced.

Now, of course, it helps if you are a crossdressing sissy and you are able to pass.  Amanda wore a cute little scarf to hide her adam’s apple.  She also wore the cutest little Marilyn Monroe style dress, except in pink.   When I would turn her, her little dress would spin up, revealing the lace of her thigh highs.

She made the cutest little squeaks when I would spin her.

Who doesn’t love to make a lesbian crossdresser make moaning noises in public?  Now, do note that I say lesbian crossdresser.   She loves women, and has absolutely no interest in men.  This is quite okay.  You don’t have to like guys to dress up as a beautiful woman!  Men crossdress for different reasons, and one of the main reasons is that it just feels good.

There is nothing quite like the sensation of soft things against your skin.

Soft dresses, soft panties, silky thigh highs and, of course, pretty make up.  It just feels good to dress up and go dancing.  Why should a man not experience, or be allowed to experience, such joys just because he has a cock?  My answer is quite clear.  He shouldn’t  have to not experience something he desires because of genetic disposition or sexuality.

Are you a lesbian sissy crossdresser too?

Hugs and Kisses!


Mistress Simone