Jason’s first adult store visit

I need lots of guys to be happy!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

The adult store was dimly lit and huge.  There was a girl at the front desk with a nose ring  pink hair and purple lipstick.   She wore torn up jeans and a tee shirt but you could still tell she had rather large breasts.    She winked at him and called him honey when asking if he needed any help.   He felt self conscious and shyly smiled at her.  She was beautiful and normally he would want to flirt with her.  However,   all he could think about was sucking a cock.

He asked where he could find a male dildo.

Her eyes opened up nice and wide and and a huge smile ran across her face.   She seemed to almost  leap from behind the counter.  It startled him a bit, as she grabbed his hand and pulled him to a section marked “Gay Love”.   It was a part of the store that was on the other side of a beaded rainbow curtain.  There were two other guys in the section, but she seemed not to pay attention to them.   She seemed to be rather excited to have what she deemed to be a new gay best friend.

On one wall was a sign that read “Starter cocks”.

She pulled a dildo off of this wall while she started asking embarrassing questions.   Do you have a color preference for your first cock?  Will you want this cock for sucking or for penetration or both?  What about size?    Do you want a vibrating cock?   Put your finger on this material and see how it feels, she said squishing the soft material with her hand.   He looked around and then looked at the salesperson.

“Look, I think I just need to figure out what I need.  I do however appreciate your help and all and thank you.”

“O.k,” she said, a bit disappointed to not be able to help him further.

It was then that he noticed a man staring at him and he froze.

To Be continued.


Jason wants the cock

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Jason laid in bed with his wife riding him.  She had large breasts that jiggled a little bit when she rode him, and it felt really good.  However, He just couldn’t help but think what it would be like to suck a cock instead.  He would think of sucking a cock while his wife rode him and it kept him rock hard.

Jason needed a cock!

Tonight, though, another thought was plaguing his mind other than just sucking cock.   He wondered what it would feel like to be on the bottom.   He wondered if it would hurt to be on the bottom with his legs up in the air.   He knew that his wife really loved the position and wanted to try it out and see how it would feel.

After his wife rolled off of him breathing hard, he looked down to see that he had cum inside of her.    He was so caught up in thoughts of being with a man that he didn’t notice his body was shooting semen.   He smiled as he got up to clean himself up.   He grabbed a towel and walked out of the room.  He then turned on his computer to look at some gay porn.

 He saw a nice dildo moving in and out of a guys butt.

He watched this nice fake cock going in and out of that tight hole for a few minutes.   What a cock whore he thought.  He couldn’t stand it anymore.  He knew he needed one too. The way the porn star moaned and cried out was far too realistic to be faked.  Jason grabbed his jacket and went to the 24 hour adult store while his wife slept.  He left a note saying he was going out for more milk.   He then hopped in his truck and drove to the store that he had only driven by on his way home.

To be continued…

Are you a cock slut too?


Jason’s cocksucking secret

I need lots of guys to be happy!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

Jason was a manly man.  He drove an American brand of pick up truck and lived in Dallas, Texas.  He went to a Texas state college and graduated with a good enough average to get a decent job when he graduated.  Jason did all the right things.  He even voted slanted to the right like any good Texan.

He worked for an oil company and spent a lot of his time outside with others like him.    He always had his favorite pair of roper cowboy boots on, and his matching hat.  He had lots of hats, and lots of cowboy boots.   Just like a good ol’ boy, he was married, and had an old fashioned Texas wife. She stayed home and took care of the house like a good wife.   She always had a great dinner on the table and satisfied all his sexual needs.  Well, all except for perhaps one.

Jason had a little secret…

Whenever he was out driving around in his truck, his mind would wander to what it would be like if he was not married.  He would think about sweet, young, things from his college years.  But, there would be one rather disturbing and slippery thought that kept entering his mind.   He tried to erase this thought out of his mind.  The more however he tried, the more curious he became.

What would it be like to suck a cock?

He never had to work out because he walked most of the day out in the Texas sun.   He would see another cowboy bending over in the heat.  He would occasionally see an outline of a cock in their jeans.   Jason would wonder what it would be like to be on his knees sucking that cock.   He wanted to get down in the hard dirt and suck a cock right there in the open sunlight.   These thoughts were especially disturbing to him late at night when he was trying to sleep.   Sex was becoming boring for him, and he wanted something to awaken his inner fire.

Jason wondered was he was really a closeted gay cocksucker?

To be continued…..


David proposes to Michelle

I love to watch you suck it!

I love to watch you suck it!

Listen to Me Read it Here!

There are many Michelle’s in the world of LDW land.  My first Michelle is one that actually shares quite a bit with the second.   She is absolutely in love with a beautiful man named David.     So let’s just say for the sake of this conversation that Michelle is a beautiful woman.    She was born a woman and lives and breathes as a genetic girl.

Michelle has been dating David for months.

It’s truly love at first sight when they meet.  On the first date, he tells her how beautiful she is and how very intelligent.  He walks her to her door and gives her a quick peck on the cheek.  He wants to respect her and not move too fast.  He is a little surprised when she says, “That’s It?” on the stairwell in front of her apartment.  He uses this as an opportunity to kiss her passionately and our little Michelle swoons with delight.

5 months later, he proposes to Michelle.

It’s New Year’s Eve and they are standing on top of a building looking out at Times Square.  It’s an incredible view and the type of party that is by invitation only.  David is pleased that he is able to take Michelle there.  She is absolutely breathtaking.  She is wearing a bright pink party dress with a satin bow in the back above her round tight little ass.  The dress shows her cleavage even though the color suggests a naive innocents.    Michelle flirted with him the entire night teasing his cock by rubbing against it.

When that didn’t work properly, she grabbed a lollipop.

She stood there in her pretty bright pink dress that spiraled out above her knee licking  a cock sucking lollipop.   I say cock sucking only because every man that looked at her, imagined their cock in her mouth.   Now, David was started to get a bit hard, but he hadn’t proposed yet.  He wanted to proposed exactly at midnight and without a hard on.

“Damn It Michelle, why do you have to be suck a good cocksucker?” he said teasing.

He loved her playful attitude. ” You know,” she purred in his ear, ” I could use the back bedroom and give you a quickie.   The hostess told me that I could, as long as she got to watch us play.”    Michelle looked so innocent and yet so dirty at the same time.   David refrained, even though his cock was beginning to ache from the dire need to enter her.  David loved feeling Michelle suck his cock.  He stood with Michelle in front of him looking down waiting for it to chime to Midnight while she sucked on her lollipop.

Finally, it turned to Midnight and David went to one knee.

Michelle stared up at him in disbelief as tears began to run down her smooth pale face.   People began to flash their cameras as he went to one knee and as Michelle exclaimed YES YES YES!!   She heard people applauding.   Since David has a hotel room key downstairs, he knew Exactly where he was taking her to celebrate.  It was someplace private and beautiful, just like his teasing new finance.

Thank you for being you Michelle and being My client for so many years!!




Michelle sucks all the cocks

Do you want it?

Listen to Me read it Here!

Secret cocksucking Agent Michelle walked into the dark, smokey bar.

She was dressed to the hilt, wearing her amazing pastel pink metallic sequin gown.  It was floor length but had a slit high enough to show her black garter when she moved.  She wanted all the men in the room to know that she had long, lean legs.   She wanted all the men to want to be with her.

Michelle moved like a whisper as she glided into the room.

All eyes were on her.  It would seem that she would have her pick of men to entertain tonight.  She felt a little bit like sucking a black man off  tonight.   She wanted to make sure that she definitely had a super long one in her mitts.  However, there was a cute blond haired beauty that had been staring at her from the moment she stepped into the room.   Her innocent face gave away her filthy thoughts as soon as she smiled at him.   She knew she would have absolutely no trouble getting a cock in her mouth tonight.

The goal was to get several cocks!

One by one she seduced each man.   She told each man a different time to come up to her hotel room.   Each man, she spaced an hour apart.  She wanted to get caught.  She wanted everyone to know what a filthy, kinky woman she was and how much she truly loved to suck cock.    The last man however she would actually have sex.  If all went well, she would have a big orgy at the end.  But, the fake pussy would ensure that no one would know her dirtiest secret of all.

Michelle had a penis.

Thank you Michelle for telling me all about your cocksucking adventures.

As you readers well know.  I LOVE cocksuckers!!  Are you a cocksucker too?

I will be back Saturday night to play with you.