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Jerking off Janet humiliation

Jerking off  humiliation is pretty boring without help.

Jerking off Janet Humiliation

Jerking off Humiliaton

You know you love humiliation. All you have is your sad, pathetic hand for help.  You might as well call your hand Janet, because she just jerks you off when you are not getting laid.  Janet is always there for you and never leaves your side.  Just jerking off Janet never ever judges you for using her!

On the other hand (of humiliation), I always judge you for jerking off your hand named Janet.

Poor Janet never gets any love at all.   Do you ever kiss Janet, or tell her that you love her?   Also, what about romance?   Every woman wants to feel adored and special.  When is the last time you took your lowly just jerking off hand out on a date?   You should dress up Janet, your jerk off hand, in a pretty dress!  You should tell Janet that you love her.

After all, she is always there to lend you a hand. 😛

She is always by your side, and, unlike any real woman, never lets you down.  The only thing jerk off Janet can’t do is give you a true blow job.  Sure, you can get her super wet with lube, and she quite literally never tells you no, but all she can do is squeeze your cock and tug on those balls.  She just does not have the abillity to suck you off like you truly enjoy!

It’s not Humiliating AT ALL to kiss Jerk off Janet!

I recommend doing it in a private place, like my home. You can just imagine the humilation of seeing real women watching you with Jerking off Janet.  They will all be jealous that you have such a helping hand.  This is why they will be laughing so hard at Janet.  No, of course they are not laughing at YOU!  Why would they ever laugh at a normal guy like you?  I mean every guy dresses up their hand and calls it Janet right?

Now, you see what happens when you don’t call Me?

Don’t be Janet!

(Unless, of course, you are into humiliaton as much as I am!!)

Hugs and Tugs!

Mistress Simone

Suck it Cock Sucker

 Cock sucker sissy loved her frilly panties.

Suck it Cock Sucker!

Suck it Cock Sucker!

Sissy cock sucker  would practically skip to work so she could go to her locked office, where she would open up her bottom locked drawer and pull out her favorite butt plug, lube and satin panties.   She always got super excited when she would slip them on.  She would put on her favorite music and dance around to the beat.  It always made her feel like such a dirty, but sweet, little sissy when I would open the door.

When I opened the door, I would see her panties wrapped around her legs.

Girlie girl would be smiling gleefully, seeing me standing in the doorway, but she would get a bit nervous seeing my husband standing beside me.  “No, no,” I would say, ” you are not going to go anywhere, My little sissy friend.” My husband would smile at her, and she would shrink in fear.  “I love when a sissy slides back in fear,” My husband would say, as he approached the scared sissy.

Don’t be afraid of my super sized dick,” Gordon said, as he unzipped his pants.

She opened her little mouth, only to find it being full.   The look of betrayal as she stared at me and a tear ran down her cheeks made me feel a bit wet.   I ran my fingers over the front of my top while sissy slut watched.  She then started sucking My husbands cock with a lot more passion as she watched as I played with My nipples.

Good sissy, I would purrr…..”

Does this sound like a fun role play to you?

It sounds like LOTS of fun to Me!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Sissy Dancing Queen

Be a Sissy Dancing Queen for Me!

sissy dancing queen!

Sissy Dance for Me!

Okay, so you are all dolled up.  You have on the cutest shoes, and your hair is done.   Your make up is perfect, and you have on your favorite sequin or cocktail dress.  Now, it’s time for you to let your sissy flag fly.   Find a gay club in the city in which you live or the city next to you.  Then go dancing for me.

I enjoy watching the sissies dance on the stage, in a cage,  or on the pedestal. Close your eyes for me, and imagine all eyes are on you, sweetheart.  You have practiced moving that cute little ass for years in the mirror, now, you need to build up the confidence to go out in public and flaunt it!  I want to see that cute little ass move from side to side.   Now, lift it up and twerk it nice and slow.

You want all the guys to be looking at your ass when you move it.

Now, imagine I am there with you.  I am the sissy courage that you can hold on to when you are nervous.  I want you to feel happy when I am around you.  I am wearing my cutest white cocktail dress, so the black light hits it, and I glow.   The only difference between our outfits is that yours has a silver or gold trim, so you also sparkle for me.  You feel me behind you, as I throw my arms around you and pretend like I’m packing a cock while I’m dancing behind you.

I want everyone on the floor to be looking at YOU while I’m behind you!

Sound like a fun roleplay?

Love you Gurls!

Mistress Simone

SPH Sissies

SPH and sissies  are  my favorite things, so let’s combine them!

First and foremost, most men have unfortunate cocks.   SPH is good for every man to recognize.  I mean, unless you

SPH and Sissies!

SPH and Sissies!

have over eight inches, and thick, to boot, you could have a larger cock.   Now that I’ve said that, you have to realize that I have been with quite a few guys with large dicks.    I married one, while My sissy is on the extremely small size.   When I say small, I don’t mean just a little bit.

You see, before Anthony was a sissy, he thought he was a normal sized male.

I assure you, he is far from normal.  He is much smaller.  Poor Anthony used to be a plus size man.   He still has a little bit of a muffin top, as many guys do, but here is the funny part:  Anthony has really large balls, and when his cock shrinks, it hides in his balls.   It hides to the point that you can no longer see his cock at all.   Now, as a sissy, he sees this as a benefit.  I wish I could show you a picture of it, because I’ve never seen this before on any other man.

The cock just disappears so all you see are the sissy balls.

That is sissy SPH at a whole new level, in my opinion.  I wonder if any of you sissies out there can hide your pecker in your balls?   I would LOVE to see some pictures sent to my email at   I don’t want just tiny penis pictures.  I want the SPH pictures of all balls and the cock is hiding pictures.   Can you be Anthony too?

I hope so!

Hugs and Kisses

Mistress Simone

Sissy Make Over

It’s Sissy Make-Over day!

Sissy Make Over!Okay, sissy gurl, do you dream of getting your hair frosted, then going out for a manicure and pedicure?  It can be one of the most incredible experiences for a woman.   It’s relaxing just to sit there while sipping on a strawberry lemonade and soaking your toes in warm wax.   I personally love dipping my toes in hot wax and feeling it penetrate my little tootsies.  It makes my skin so incredibly soft – but, let’s not start with the wax.

I prefer when they start with the coffee exfoliation scrub on my feet.

On sissy make-over day, which can be Any day of the week, you are the one that gets pampered.  You wear your cutest little pink dress, and Mary Jane’s that you can just kick off.   You sit next to me and feel the therapist massage and rub all the stress out of your feet with the exfoliation scrub.  You have a choice of the raspberry, coconut or the coffee scrub.   I prefer the coffee because the idea of my feet having coffee titillates me immensely.

After our toes our sparking painted and super soft, it’s time for nails!

Where would you be, without glamorous long nails to go with your toes?   We sit side by side while you get french tips and I get the latest color trend.   Tonight, I am getting purple passion on my nails.   It’s a super pretty eggplant or dark purple.   Then, she puts a little bit of purple glitter on my pointing fingers.   You know how important it is for a man to see it when I point at him!!

If this type of sissy role play excites you as much as it does me, then we need to talk!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone