Worlds smallest perverted cock award: AAA mike

(drumroll)….and the world’s smallest perverted cock award goes to AAA mike!!

Can you see where My fingers are...?

Can you see where My fingers are…?

Now, you might ask:

 “Simone, why do you call little mike AAA?”

Well, first and foremost, let me state that Ms. Alexis was very kind to introduce me to this little pervert.

Little mike is a pervert from overseas.  He enjoys showing off his puny, nonexistent cock to strong, powerful women like Ms. Alexis and myself.   Well, I must restate.  Little pervert enjoys showing off his cocklet to any strong woman that stands still for two seconds.

Pervert mike has a penis the size of a AAA battery!!

I KNOW!  It’s surprising that he is NOT a virgin.  Well, he almost is a virgin.   I mean, he had to pay a lady to have sex with him.   Even then, he kept losing his tiny erection.   So, let’s get this straight so you understand just how sad and pathetic his cock truly is.   Try not to cry, mike.

SO, poor little mini mike has a crush on a lady from work that loves pink.    She is always wearing the color.   For the sake of a name let’s call her Pauline.   Yes, I like that name.  Pauline loves to wear pink.  So, Ms. Alexis and I gave little pervert the task to get a Pauline pink butt plug and some Pauline pink panties.    (I also wanted him to get some slut red panties in MY honor.)   Because, I’m all about the sex,  you know. :).  I digress.

First strike:  His cock is beyond small.

Second Strike:  He can’t stay hard for longer then a few seconds.

Third Strike:  He can only get hard when his finger is in his ass.

But he’s not gay at All!  I KNOW, total oxymoron.

I have a hard time believing this.   You know what MY goal is dearest readers, but you know I am a bit biased.

If a man has a tiny cock, he should just accept prostate stimulation and give up trying to cum from a sissy clit.


I will keep you up to date on his training.

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone


Succubus Pegging the straight stranger is FUN

You will learn to LOVE IT!

You will learn to LOVE IT!

What is succubus Pegging?

Defined by ME :)

Well, I am an expert in the field.  I hope you enjoy My little succubus pegging story,

One very fine wicked night of the cherry red moon, I was taking a little stroll down my street corner.  I found a quite delightful two story Victorian home with the blinds left wide open.   A very attractive man with a missing shirt smiled at me.  When I looked down, I noticed, he was also missing pants.  He did, however, have a truly breath-taking cock.  I could tell through his forest green cotton briefs.

I smiled at him, blew him a kiss and winked.

                         Now, he was My toy to play with whenever I desired.

That night, I appeared in his bedroom.   I merely have to think about appearing in a place that I am welcomed, and there I am.  It’s pretty simple really.  It’s fun having supernatural powers and being able to transport yourself into a new space at will.   I watched my pretty stranger as he slept.

He was about to have the most intense wet dream of his life!

I spooned his body with mine while he slept and softly smoothed my fingers over his shoulder.   I enjoy feeling the large biceps of a man.   He smelled the fragrance of autumn leaves and apple spice because he loved that scent.   I became the thing he most desired.  His cock rose to that occasion even before his conscious mind did.

I’m going to peg that cute little ass of yours I purred into his ear.

I felt his virgin ass twitch and his body jerk as I wrapped my arms around him.    I know part of him felt his wet dream was part nightmare.  Yet his cock betrayed him!   He could not lose his erection even though part of him was ashamed of being turned on. .  My stranger was frightened, but  still felt intense bliss.   It scared him how much he liked it.

I heard him cry out that he was straight before his cock jetted out a stream of cum.

He never touched his cock.  The stranger was stunned as he  turned around no longer feeling my grasp to see that no one was behind him.  He ass felt slightly sore and hot.  He was also covered in semen.

Meanwhile, I laid in bed on my back glowing from my little midnight snack.

It’s good being evil!!


Demon Mistress Simone


Pegging as the perfect alarm clock

Erotic Phone Mistress Simone 1 800 601 6975I hope you enjoy this pegging love story. 

Pegging is just like a special intimate hug.  I always loved waking up against James.   It titillated me to wake up with my naked breasts pressed against the fresh skin of a submissive.  Lately, the art of surprise had been bringing me a particular amount of pleasure.   I loved slipping out of the bed during the middle of the night and wrapping my pretty pink leather harness around my waist.

My powder pink strap on looked so innocent in color.

However, it was not innocent at all in girth and length.   James would wake up in the morning feeling My slippery cock rubbing ever so lightly between his buttocks.   I would pinch his tender little nipples as an alarm clock in the morning.

“Good morning slut,” I would purr in his ears, while gently nibbling them.

I would hear him moan in response as his cock would attempt to harden.

“It is almost a pity,” I would moan again in his ear, “that I put that pink chastity device on you last night.”

“I bet you would be rock hard right now if it weren’t for that.” I smiled gleefully.

He tried to get hard even with the his chastity device securely on.

He knew, however, it was in vain when he heard my sadistic laugh.   I pushed the strap on forcefully into his ass and held his body against mine.    I heard him scream out that he belonged to me.  This, of course, pleased me to  hear this from a man I was pegging.

I continued to screw him until is cock was oozing semen through his sweet little  pink torture device.

 I love Male torture! It makes me very  WET!

I, at this point, nuzzled his neck and gave him a very warm kiss.

“Time to get up and ready for work sweetheart.”

….and THIS is how I wake up a submissive.   

Do YOU need to be pegged early in the morning too?


Kimmybaby’s big black cocksucking birthday party

I hope you enjoy this little story about Kimmybaby sucking cock.   Big Black cocks are a love of mine.     They are always fun to suck.   I love getting a sissy to do it, because they are huge challenge to get into your mouth.

(pun intended.)

Kimmybaby loved sucking on her dildos.  

She had a collection of them, and practiced everyday for her debut birthday party.  She was turning thirty, so for her party, she would have to lick thirty cocks.   She, of course, had never sucked on that many cocks before in her life.    I was easy on her and told her that as long as she got her mouth all the way down to the balls, it would count as a cocksucking.    She knew this would be easy, as she had far more then thirty dildos.

I did not tell her, however, that they would all be black men.

I did not want it to be an easy challenge.  If Kimmybaby knew it was all black men, she would never agree to the party.   This is why I did not tell her.   Further more, I told her there would be no eating of any kind including her birthday cake ’til she licked all thirty guys.

Kimmybaby loves her birthday cake and had no idea it was infused with semen

Yep, Kimmybaby had her own personal birthday cake made especially for her.  It was smaller then the larger cake for the guests.   The cake was also cooked in a penis cake pan just to drive the point home.   She would be eating a chocolate cum filled cream cake for her birthday party!

You will Suck it!

You will Suck it!

Would you like to be My cocksucker too?

I love kinky roleplays!  What’s yours?




Sissy Kimmybaby loves big black cock

I'm watching you .... Right NOWLittle Kimmybaby is a  Big black cock loving sissy  that I named last night.

She used to pretend to be a male. I think we both know, that is just not a true statement.  There is no way that little Kimmybaby is a real man.  Rather, she is absolutely in Love with a manly man named Mike.   Kimmybaby’s girlfriend has NO IDEA about what this dirty little sissy does on the side.

Kimmybaby sucks on Mike’s big black cock when his girlfriend is not around.

What a bad little cheating girl!   You see, I believe that if you are going to have multiple lovers, you should be honest with all of them.   Honestly, I believe on some level that his girlfriend knows that he is a cheating cocksucker.   But, why not include the girlfriend in the mix?  I am pretty sure his girlfriend would love the experience of a nice big black cock plunging inside of her pussy.    I mentioned this to Kimmybaby and you know what she said?

“I want Mike’s black cock all to Myself!”

Kimmybaby is a bratty girl that wants All the big black cocks to herself.  She does not want to share.   This is why I strongly feel that Mike’s cock is not enough for this filthy cocksucker.   She needs to be dressed all in pink with a pink ribbon tied around her little cocklet  Then, she needs to have about a dozen black guys use her body for THEIR enjoyment.

You see I love Big black cocks too , but you always share them!

One big black cock is good, but the more you have the more intense the experience is.   Imagine a truly decadent dessert and wanting it all to yourself.   If you have too much of a good thing, you start not to feel well.  But then again, you don’t want to waste something that incredible, Right?    This is why you share the black men.  You pass them around between yourself and someone you care about.

Hell, I would want a piece of that gangbang action too!

Do you Really think I would allow Kimmybaby to enjoy black men all by herself if I was around?

Oh, Nooooooo,  I would Definitely test out the goods First!

I LOVE this fantasy!   We should do it Tonight!


Cause it’s Fun being Evil!


Demon Mistress Simone