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Breast Body Worship feels Sooooo Good

I absolutely LOVE Breast Body Worship.

Worship My Breasts!.

Worship My Breasts!.

I am blessed to have beautiful breasts that need to be licked, adored and sucked on a daily basis. Yes, my pussy is licked on a regular basis. However, how long has it been since you have spent an hour motor boating and sucking my breasts?

My nipples seem to be directly linked to my pussy, as far as sensation!

Not all women are this way, of course, I am just one of the lucky ones. I want you to imagine yourself snuggling against me lovingly.  You feel my fingers caressing the back of your head, while I push it over my breasts.    I lay on my back with pillows propping me up so I can watch porn while feeling your lips pressed against me.

Or, maybe I watch regular television  or music videos, just to humiliate you.

I’m focused more on what I am watching or listening to then your sucking.   Don’t worry, your breast body worship does not go unnoticed.    You place one finger on my pussy and notice just how wet I am.   It also helps when you suck on my breasts and I feel your hard cock rubbing against my body every once in a while.

I don’t let you stroke or cum while you suck my breasts.

Now, now, do you really think I would allow you to do that?  No, instead, you can rub yourself, as long as it’s against a pillow or My body.   Otherwise, what fun would it be for you to stroke and make a mess all over me?  It’s better for you to deny yourself and just enjoy the climax!


Because tease and denial pairs really well with body worship.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Creepy Panty Sniffer

Creepy little panty sniffer sneaks into his house.

Creepy Panty Sniffer!

Creepy Panty Sniffer!

Creepy loves sneaking, even if it’s his own house.   His girlfriend lives with him and has no idea that his nickname is “Creepy”.   I know Creepy as Pervert for obvious reasons.   You see, Perverted Creepy loves to sniffy panties, but refuses to buy his own.

He would rather sniff his girlfriends panties.

Creepy waits until his girlfriend is out of the house, she works the night shift and is gone often.  (Sometimes, I wonder about the loyalty of Creepy’s girlfriend, but that is another blog post!)   Anyway, when she is away, the pervert has to play, so Creepy goes to the laundry hamper and does all of the laundry.

His girlfriend loves that Pervert washes the clothes.

Dearest Reader, I think we both know WHY Pervert washes the clothes.   Panty sniffing Pervert  washes the clothes to conceal what a dirty little creep he is by washing the evidence.

Creepy loves to cum in her panties.

Of course, Creepy parades around the house dancing in her panties.  He turns on some music and dances while touching his little clitty.   It is no wonder that he insists on washing all the clothes every week.   Creepy particularly likes her red panties with cute little polka dots.   They seem to be a little more flavorful then some of the others.

Before washing the clothes, Creepy always gives it a good tongue bath.

Any good self respecting Pervert would lick it clean right?   The main question however in my mind and the main question for Creepy is:

What exactly is Creepy licking when he licks his girlfriends panties?

Are you a Creepy Pervert?

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil…)

Body Worship Cuddle

Everyone loves a nice body worship cuddle!

Body Worship Cuddle!

Body Worship Cuddle!

But, what exactly is a body worship cuddle, you ask? Well, I’m happy you asked that! Cuddling is tons of fun when you wrap your legs around me and hold me tight. I love being so close to you that I can feel your breath against my soft skin. It feels amazing on my neck. Just breathing on me is a big turn on while we are in bed together.

Then, I feel you worship my body by nibbling on my neck.

Ever so gently, you lick and nibble to your heart’s content. I can feel my pussy purring in delight when you start slowly licking my neck. I know that I can’t resist you at this point. You attempt to tease and deny me by telling me that you can in fact lick me all night without losing control.

I think we both know that you can’t cuddle me without getting an erection!

Also, let’s face it, if I like you enough to cuddle with you, then you have a big enough cock to satisfy me. I personally love a nice nine inch cock that hits every spot and then some. There is absolutely no denying a man whose cock is that large.

Did you know that most women have a G spot in the back of the pussy?

Well, at least I do. When I really want an intense orgasm, I need an extra large cock to do the job. A small one just doesn’t hit all the G spot points. I tell you all of these things when you are cuddling me and worshiping my body, and guess what?

In no time at all, we are screwing like wild heathens.

Did you REALLY think you could deny ME?

Hugs and Kisses!


Demon Mistress Simone
(Cause it’s fun being evil….)

sissy humiliation rainbow dildo

Sissy Francis loves rainbow dildo humiliation.

Sissy Humiliation is fun!

Sissy Humiliation is fun!

She loves to sit on her rainbow dildo because the concept of putting a rainbow up her cute little ass makes her giggle.   Sissy Francis is a sweet humiliation slut that is tall and quite hairy.   She does not look much like a girl at all, but a fuzzy guy that wears a dress.   I absolutely adore My sissy Francis and enjoy watching her mount her rainbow cock.

She pushes her favorite dildo all the way up to the blue.

I always enjoy teasing her about taking the cock all the way up to the blue color.

“Take all of the colors Sissy Francis.”  I would say…

“Take the entire rainbow cock!”

No self respecting sissy would NOT take all of the rainbow, but I LOVE teasing her about it.   When we are out in public, and away from her favorite sex toy, I tease my sissy by buying her some skittles candy.  This is always a fun exercise when we are around her straight friends or work colleagues.  I love watching her turn pink with embarrassment.

No one knows why she is so humiliated when I give her skittles.

This is, of course, the best part.    Sometimes, a colleague will think I am making fun of his candy choice.  This is actually pretty fantastic.  I’ve had guys look at Sissy Francis in male form and say:

“Taste the rainbow?” and giggle along with me.

Poor Sissy Francis was mortified by this.   The work associate had no idea that the rainbow candy reminded my butch male of his sissy rainbow self, or the fun rainbow dildo.

You can clearly see how much fun this dildo can be.  I recommend every sissy own one for obvious reasons.

Are you ready to to be a little rainbow sissy?

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil….)

Tease and Denial Romantic Dinner

It’s fun to have a romantic night of tease and denial.

Tease and Denial is FUN!

Tease and Denial is FUN!

My favorite food would be steak, while my favorite color is blue.  So, obviously, we both know how good it can feel to have a nice, thick, juicy steak in your mouth.   But, have you actually seen me eat a steak?  Have you seen me take it into my mouth and savor the flavors?   Have you seen me close my eyes while I savor my mouth full of bliss?

Both the place settings and the plates are electric blue.

“I love teasing you.” I say quietly, while I pat my lips with the soft blue napkin.   I love the color blue, as it is a cool color that reminds me of a cold breeze during the Winter.   But, what’s even better about the color blue is that it also reminds me of your balls by the time the night is over.  I specialize in the beautiful color of blue.   I smile while I say this, and then slide off my heels.

“I hate wearing heels,” I say as I slide my toes underneath your pants.

It hurts my poor toes, being squished and tortured.  My beautiful toes should be worshiped, sucked and adored, never squished.   I wiggle my toes against your leg while I speak.   “I love teasing you at dinner,” I say, with a sly little smirk on my face.  Can you imagine sucking the toes that are brushing against your leg?

Being teased and denied drives you mad with lust.

I love a nice big steak, I say again.  It reminds me of other thick things that I also love in my mouth.  Of course, I enjoy it other places as well.   I can’t wait to get home and pull out my largest dildo and use it on myself.  I’m a bit wet just thinking about what I’m going to do to myself after dinner.  I then close my eyes and smile as if imagining it.

“Why on earth would you need a dildo when I’m right here?” you say, as if in pain.

I finish my meal making comments such as these. You feel your erection growing with every word.  Afterwards, I grin happily as I put my heels back on my feet and stand up.  I walk over to you and lean into your ear and lick it patiently and then say.

“I am going to use my largest dildo on myself and wish you were just as BIG….”

Then you watch as I walk away.

You want to sob as you realize your cock could never please a woman such as myself.

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being Evil…)