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Cuckold Amusement Park

Cuckold Amusement Park!

Cuckold Amusement Park!

Imagine a world where a lady could buy a ticket to a Cuckold Amusement Park

It would be a great thing, both for the cuckold and the wonderful lady doing the cucking.  I imagine that any lady can buy a ticket to this wonderful park,  but there would be a discount for the accompanying male.   The males joining their lady would, of course, wear regular street clothes.  They would not be allowed to pull out their cocks for any reason, other than being measured.

Real men working at the Amusement park would wear specially color coded underwear, to denote cock size.

The men wearing black undies would have their cock size in glow in the dark white printed on their bottoms.  This would ensure that ladies could see these beautiful bulls from the farthest distance in the park.  Then, there would be men in red, that would wear their eight inch tags.  Men with seven inches of cock would wear orange.   Then, there would be men wearing the phrase, “Virgin 6” on their bottom.   These men would not be virgins, but rather would wear underwear denoting that the six inch cock is the perfect starter cock for the virgin pussy.

These men would wear neon pink underwear so everyone could see them and giggle.

There would be no shame in having a starter cock, although these would be the men that would make the least amount of money of all the men in the park.   In order to work at the park, one would have to be measured.  This is done publicly at the measuring booth.   The only ladies that were allowed to measure the men for free were the virgins, or anyone that used the “for virgin” cocks.

No self respecting woman would use a “virgin cock” unless she was a virgin.

Well okay, take that back,  there have been some older ladies and widowers known to start out with a virgin pink male.  Though, by the time she left the amusement park, they were usually up to a red.   No real woman is happy with less then 8 inches, unless she is a virgin.  Or, she has been without a real man for so long that she has essentially turned into a virgin again.  (Little dicked men can do this…)

This is why it’s good for the cuckold to see these real men in action!

It’s essential that men smaller than six inches understand how worthless they are as a male.   A penis smaller then six inches is not a cock.  It’s something less then a penis and also why no male under six inches is allowed to even be shown at this park.  Any cuckold measured as less then the male 6 inches has to wear a t shirt the rest of the day that reads:

Not big enough to be male.

Their names and addresses are also notated so next time in the park, they will be required to wear their shirt in order to be admitted.

Does this sound like a fun day to you, cuckie?


Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil…)


BBC in Sissy Park



BBC in Sissy Park is tons of fun for the sissy whore.

Everyone knows that sissies love a big black cock.  There is nothing better for a sissy slut than having her little mouth stretched to the limit of her capacity.  Now, imagine if you will the joys of going to a park full of sissies on little leashes with their collars.   There are many amusements, both for the Mistresses and their sweet sissy toys.

On the handle bars, you will see three sissies enjoying a BBC.

The black masters line up to pick out their sissy toy.   Everyone knows that sissies love being challenged, and no one can do it better then a black master.   I personally love sitting on the bench and watching the little sissies squeal and beg.   Black masters love to hear a sissy beg for their cock, especially if their wives are watching.

I enjoy cheering them on from the sidelines, while I hold the leash of my sissy.

My sissy is scared of BBC, so I find it entertaining to tease her that she will be next in line.  She cries out that she will do anything not to experience it.  It’s amazing how much a sissy will promise, if I threaten her with that massive of a cock.  Of, course, BBC and sissy torture really do go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Who doesn’t love a little sissy torture every once in a while.

I watch as the black masters whip the sissies both with their hands and their cocks.   The sissies scream out in fake pain and this of course makes me giggle.   I scream out at the masters:

“Grab them and stuff it in their pussy.”

My laughter mixed with that of the other Mistresses that got the political reference was pretty awesome.   One of the other Mistresses laughed so hard that her eyes started to water.

  “You’re terrible Simone, she purred.”

“I know,” I said, still smiling.

Now, it’s Your turn to go to Sissy Park!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil…)


Simone’s Sissy Park

I dream of Simone’s Sissy Park

Simone's Sissy Park!

Simone’s Sissy Park!

First off, you would have to be at least 18 to enter Simone’s Sissy Park, just like any  bar.  Men could be dressed normally at the door and check in their manly clothing, then, from there, they would be required to wear their sissy bathing suit.  They could choose to wear a one piece or a two piece, with or without a maids apron.  The main thing, however, would be this: they would be assigned to a Mistress if they did not already come with one.

No sissy will walk around unowned.

At My sissy adult amusement park.  I would have My sissies wear their sissy amusement park name tag so everyone would know they are with My party, just in case they are found wandering the park, lost.  No one wants a lost sissy on their hands.  That can cause way too many problems.  It’s better instead to have a sissy on a nice pink leash, or maybe a sparkly one, so the sissy or sissies can be controlled in an orderly fashion.

Now, there will be times when one has to tie a sissy to a pole.

Even a Mistress such as myself has to dispose of myself for a bit.  I can’t just leave my sissies walking around aimlessly, getting into sissy trouble.  No, it’s better to tie them down firmly to a pole.  But, first, the sissies must have their trackable butt plugs inserted.  They are not allowed to remove their plugs without heavy punishment.

As a strict Mistress, you can imagine what type of punishment that would be…

Want tickets to my adult sissy park?

Who knows what could happen next…

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Breast Body Worship feels Sooooo Good

I absolutely LOVE Breast Body Worship.

Worship My Breasts!.

Worship My Breasts!.

I am blessed to have beautiful breasts that need to be licked, adored and sucked on a daily basis. Yes, my pussy is licked on a regular basis. However, how long has it been since you have spent an hour motor boating and sucking my breasts?

My nipples seem to be directly linked to my pussy, as far as sensation!

Not all women are this way, of course, I am just one of the lucky ones. I want you to imagine yourself snuggling against me lovingly.  You feel my fingers caressing the back of your head, while I push it over my breasts.    I lay on my back with pillows propping me up so I can watch porn while feeling your lips pressed against me.

Or, maybe I watch regular television  or music videos, just to humiliate you.

I’m focused more on what I am watching or listening to then your sucking.   Don’t worry, your breast body worship does not go unnoticed.    You place one finger on my pussy and notice just how wet I am.   It also helps when you suck on my breasts and I feel your hard cock rubbing against my body every once in a while.

I don’t let you stroke or cum while you suck my breasts.

Now, now, do you really think I would allow you to do that?  No, instead, you can rub yourself, as long as it’s against a pillow or My body.   Otherwise, what fun would it be for you to stroke and make a mess all over me?  It’s better for you to deny yourself and just enjoy the climax!


Because tease and denial pairs really well with body worship.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Creepy Panty Sniffer

Creepy little panty sniffer sneaks into his house.

Creepy Panty Sniffer!

Creepy Panty Sniffer!

Creepy loves sneaking, even if it’s his own house.   His girlfriend lives with him and has no idea that his nickname is “Creepy”.   I know Creepy as Pervert for obvious reasons.   You see, Perverted Creepy loves to sniffy panties, but refuses to buy his own.

He would rather sniff his girlfriends panties.

Creepy waits until his girlfriend is out of the house, she works the night shift and is gone often.  (Sometimes, I wonder about the loyalty of Creepy’s girlfriend, but that is another blog post!)   Anyway, when she is away, the pervert has to play, so Creepy goes to the laundry hamper and does all of the laundry.

His girlfriend loves that Pervert washes the clothes.

Dearest Reader, I think we both know WHY Pervert washes the clothes.   Panty sniffing Pervert  washes the clothes to conceal what a dirty little creep he is by washing the evidence.

Creepy loves to cum in her panties.

Of course, Creepy parades around the house dancing in her panties.  He turns on some music and dances while touching his little clitty.   It is no wonder that he insists on washing all the clothes every week.   Creepy particularly likes her red panties with cute little polka dots.   They seem to be a little more flavorful then some of the others.

Before washing the clothes, Creepy always gives it a good tongue bath.

Any good self respecting Pervert would lick it clean right?   The main question however in my mind and the main question for Creepy is:

What exactly is Creepy licking when he licks his girlfriends panties?

Are you a Creepy Pervert?

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil…)