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Slutty sissy

Slutty sissy Slut loves to sit on a cock

Are you a Sissy?

Slutty slut is a sissy that loves to sit on a cock.  Oh yes, she’s a girl that knows how to get what she wants in life.  She wears the cutest dresses, and knows how to sway the guys to get what she wants.   I think we both know what a fantastic cocksucker she is.  She knows how to tuck, bend, wiggle, and flaunt her cute little butt.

Going to the club to twerk and shake is a weekly affair.

She has the body of a dancer, and the mind of a freak.  Blond haired, blue eyed nympho knows how to persuade the guys to give her exactly what she wants.  I am not really even sure how she does it.  I guess you can call it a gift.    She usually calls it a curse of sorts.

You see Ms slutty slut loves sex, but really craves love.

She struggles with the fact that she can get any guy she wants.   However, she cannot find love in a man.  They all run away when she falls in love with them.  What is this little nympho supposed to do?   I recommended that she holds out on the cock sucking until she knows for sure that the feeling is mutual.   She tried that for a week, but alas, she gave in.

Then I suggested not to put out so quickly.

Well, that is a struggle to her as well.   So far, it has been three weeks and she has only sucked cock.  It has been a real struggle for her to not go all the way.   But, so far, she is staying monogamous with only one man.   It’s a real struggle, since she loves to go dancing every week.   She wants to have sex with lots of men, but for now, she is only having sex with one.

Which type of sissy are you?  Or, do you struggle to be with just one person?

Small Penis Humiliation Loser

Dearest Small Penis humiliation loser,

YES! I’m laughing at You!

This blog post is for made just for you.  First off, I want you to know how truly tiny your pecker is to me.  I think it’s super funny how it gets lost in your balls.   I would not have thought that was possible to lose your cocklet in your balls, but there it was, a true cock disappearing act.

Is it humiliating to call it to you, the way you would call a pet?

Come here little cock! Come here, you can do it!

Sweetie pie, come out from under your balls!    

You know you want to poke your little head out and say Hi!

Honey, I promise this time I’ll pet you softly, instead of hitting you with the ruler like I usually do!  (I DO LOVE Cock and Ball Torture!!!!)

I mean, small penis humiliation and cock and ball torture go together like peanut butter and jelly.  When you have one, you just feel obligated to have other.   I love hitting small cocks for being too tiny.  The tiny cock tax, to me, means hitting it ten times for being too small.  I absolutely love how they bounce and bobble up and down, like a little bobble head doll.  It’s sooooo much fun!!

It’s funny to play with a little penis and hit it with a ruler while laughing!

I mean, I would never actually have sex with something that small, but it is definitely fun to laugh at.  I think laughing is essential to having a happy life.  So, it’s great that such tiny peckers were created, so ladies can get some enjoyment in their lives from a good hearty laugh…

I’m ready to laugh at YOURS, TOO!


Mistress Simone

BBC Cuckolding for happiness

BBC Cuckolding to make your wife happy!

BBC cuckolding!

I was watching some hot erotic dancers on tv that just happened to have some bulging black cock. I love and appreciate all cocks that are nice and plump. So, naturally, the BBC ones really turn me on. There is nothing quite like the sensation of having something pushed inside of me that does not quite fit. Yes, a pussy stretches to please, but My gods, the feeling. It feels almost like you are being ripped apart. Then, the endorphins kick in, and paradise settles around me.

Black cocks are just euphoric to have inside of me.

I love how rhythmic black men are. The way they dance and move is out of this world. So, naturally, I enjoy the sensation of sharing this joy with my husband. Why should I experience this blissful experience alone? He may not have as nice of a cock as my black lover, but that does not mean he can’t watch while I indulge myself, right?

What woman would not enjoy a night of blissful release?

A cuckold is a woman that enjoys herself to the fullest. I’m not going to feel shamed just because I’m married. I live life to the fullest, and encourage other ladies to do the same. I also encourage men to get their ladies to go out there and find lovers that will please them. Men were made to have wives that are cuckolds. A man that is married is a benefit to society. A woman that enjoys herself to the fullest as a cuckold can better take care of her husband. It’s a WIN WIN situation that any Fem Dom can see clearly!

Give your wife the best, give her a BBC this year and be a good cuckie!

Hugs and Kisses
Mistress Simone


Queening your face is for my pleasure!

Queening your face!

I really don’t understand why more women do not queen their men.  We are, after all, Goddesses and deserve to be treated as such.   Men seem to always want a woman to give them a blow job.  They have no concept, for the most part, that it is their job to first please us.   See, here  is the difference between a regular woman and a Fem Dom:

We REQUIRE a man to put us first and foremost!

I absolutely insist that he approaches me as a gentleman.  He may or may not be submissive, but he must always be polite.  A real man sees me as a Goddess, as much as I see him as a wonderful throne.   Also, just as any good throne, it is important that I sit upon it.   Enjoying two or three orgasms while sitting on your face is also a requirement for me.

Men are such simple folks to only be able to have 1 or 2 orgasms!

I typically have 4 or 5, and everyone knows that men enjoy rolling over and falling asleep after the first one.  Decide now that, in the new year, you will adore and queen your lady.  Give her the best orgasms of her life by putting her first and foremost!  Let this new year be about learning to be the best lover possible by learning how to give her great and glorious amounts of pleasure.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Cuckolding BBC in 2017

BBC Cuckolding in 2017 is lots of fun!

It’s a new year, and it’s time to get your wife a new cock.  You know what she needs desperately is a nice BBC.  Yes, it’s not just time for you to suck yourself a nice big cock, but to share in that joy, as well.  We all know that the best cocks in the world are nice, juicy, black cocks. What woman does not love something that stretches her pussy and gives her the best orgasm possible?  Remember, Cuckolding BBC in 2017 is a great joy!

Your cock size always matters!

The person that said that size does not matter had a small cock. It is just that simple. It is the same as saying a woman is just as happy with a rich man as a poor man, when in reality, a woman would rather have access to all the money and not rely on a man at all. The same is true for cock size. A black cock will always win when it comes to which one is the best for sex.

Why settle for a puny white cock when you can have a BBC?

My philosophy is never to settle for anything. Live life to the very fullest. Drink and eat the best food. Go to the most beautiful of places, and have the very best sex possible. It is, after all, the American dream to have the best of all things, right? Why should your wife be any different? The truth is that she shouldn’t. She should have the very best of all things, which means the best sex possible with a BBC. (and we both know you adore BBC cuckold humiliation)

Treat her to a big black cock and see her sparkle with delight!
Also, see her have something you have never seen before, ORGASMS!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone