Sometimes I Suck Cock

messysimoneI thought you might like that headline!

Yes, it’s true, I suck My husbands cock and I actually enjoy it.   I don’t suck My submissive’s cock because his little cock is unworthy and small.   I do, however, enjoy sucking off a real man.    You know, it’s really awesome to finally say I’m a married woman.  I am now not just having sex with My husband but occasionally My submissive.  This in of itself makes Me giggle.   I love the fact that society deems what I do to be evil.   It actually makes me quite wet when I think about what a raving succubus I am to men.   Now, that the wedding and the honeymoon is out of the way, I can focus on other things.

The honeymoon by the was incredible!

I know I am changing the subject a little, but I went up to the top floor at the Palms and danced in Vegas.  It was incredible having Gordon behind Me and feeling his erection.   The thing though that most stimulated me however was not that.  It was the fact that telling guys I was on my honeymoon was a turn on for THEM!   When I was at the bar, every guy I told that statement to offered to buy me a drink.   At first I thought they were just being nice until a couple of them asked me to dance.   Gordon is not a jealous guy so of course he winked at Me and told me to have fun.  We do this sort of thing back home but doing it in Vegas from a high rise hotel is completely different.

Nobody cares if you are being felt up in Vegas!

Hell, I think the more guys I played with, the more everyone there become more promiscuous.    The music was pounding and it seemed everyone was rubbing up against each other.   We were outside on the 55th floor looking out over Vegas in awe.   Some of the people there I think might have been famous but no one seemed to care.   The only thing that mattered was the erotic scene and keeping up with the beat.

Needless to say Gordon and I went back to the hotel room and f%%cked until the sun rose.    Then we had room service bring us food and fell asleep.   It was absolutely amazing beyond words.   I love having my body worshiped while my husband watches!   Can you imagine if You were one of the guys I played with on the 55th floor of the Palms?

It feels really good to be a creature of the night.   Now, I am craving Your cock, and yours and yes, you too….

Yes, it’s good to be a married slut! :P




Tickling Domination 101

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I am away on My Wedding/and Grand Honeymoon right now!

If I am feeling a little restless, I might slip away and log in for a few hours in the mornings.  (After all, the Real fun will be when I am out playing at night….   I will return to Texas Feb 22nd.  In the meantime, I’m having a BLAST teasing men all over Vegas!

One of the many things I love to do when I am dominating a man is to take away his ability to move.  Once your slave is restrained, the real fun can begin.   I enjoy using  bondage tape to tape my slaves mouth.  It’s really awesome tape that doesn’t tear off the hair when removed.  You can find it online and adult stores. (Of course, there is no need to let your slave know  it’s not just regular duct tape.) It’s better for them to wait in anticipation and fear.  I love the look on the slave’s face when you go to tear the tape off the mouth.

Fear is the best tool for a Dominant

Finding out what drives your slave will help immensely in driving them to the edge.    I have one such slave that both Loves and hates being tickled.   Being tickled is actually torture in many respects.   It’s so intense that it can be quite painful.   Knowing that your submissive is ticklish and then restraining them can show a great deal of trust.   Once your slave is tied down and not getting out, it’s time to play.

Speaking in a low but firm volume.

Speaking in an almost nonchalant about how much you love your toys.   Pick up each whip, each feather duster, each flogger and fondle it.   Run the item over your body in appreciation in front of them.   If it’s tickling that is their Hot button then make sure to run your feathers over your body carefully.     Next, talk about how you are are going to tickle them without any mercy.   Remember, just like a horror movie, you want your slave to first feel fear.

Once they exhibit fear, let the tickling begin.

Stop between the sessions of tickling in order to worship some part of your body.  After all, you are the Dominant and deserve to be worshiped in every manner possible.   You will of course finish your session when You feel  you are done.  After a long day of torturing your slave, it’s good to have them give you a long massage.   It’s ok if you fall asleep during the massage.    After all it’s Only a slave not a real man.

P.S If you slave doesn’t have a safe word, Red is the universal for everything stops.   Have fun with your toys!





How to be good in bed

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Want to know How to make Me cum?

I know this might go against what most people say but it really is quite simple to make a woman cum really hard.   The key to pleasing a woman is to go very slow.  Think of being with a woman like cooking a Texas brisket.  You can put it up on high perhaps in the beginning  to sear in the juices but then you want to take it down to a really slow low  heat.     I really love cooking if you didn’t already know this about Me.   So imagine if you will, that you start out very strong and passionate.   What this initial heat does is remove the fear that most women have when it comes to sex.   Now, I don’t have that fear since well I have an abnormally high sex drive.  But, you all knew that!

Body worship is a Requirement in My world

Men typically come on strong and then they nut.  This is a great example of a person that is bad in bed.  They get so excited by their impulses that they spoil the fun not just for themselves but the female.   Trust Me, I’ve been with a lot of guys in my life, and most of them have been bad in bed.   It’s a particular problem with someone like myself.  Men get overexcited and cum.

PreMature ejaculation equals bad in bed every single time.

Do you really want to be bad in bed?   Then go slow.  Lick her body slowly, not like you are trying to win a food contest.   It’s not a race and if you treat it that way, she will throw you out of her bed.  OR, like I did once, call My best friend while having sex.   Guys, if a woman does this, forget it, you either have a tiny penis or really bad form.  It could be a matter of both.

Granted, I love humiliation.

If I do keep a man that is bad in bed, it is only to satisfy My deep craving to humiliate a man while in bed.   If I Am going to be with someone with a small penis, you can just know that I laugh at them WHILE they are inside of Me.   I believe that laughter is good for the soul.   So, I suppose if there are twisted women like Myself in the world, there are bound to be others.   So if you want to be bad in bed, by all means go fast.  If you want to be good in bed, then lick her like she is your favorite dessert in the whole world because honestly she is!

Speak to you soon.




Pegging 101 Tutorial for Women’s Eyes Only

Even an alpha male will enjoy a good pegging.

supremeSimonePegging sounds a lot more friendly then f%%cking up the ….   But, let’s face it, it’s fun to get a bit dirty and call things exactly what they are. One thing that I really love to do is pull out My blue latex gloves. It’s always good to have lots of lube. It’s also good to wash  your male toy. I usually enjoy supervising the washing to ensure everything is sparkling and clean. Just have a nice little sit down while waiting for your man to get nice and clean. I usually listen to an audio book during this process.  He will, of course, try to encourage you to join him.   He will use all of his male wiles to convince you that you in fact, need a shower. Of course, I never give in to that nonsense.

It’s always better as the Dominant gender to never give into a male’s sad pathetic begging.

Your man will try to cheat as well and not wash himself in certain areas. He will do this because the male is impatient and wants any sex act as soon as possible. Once you have your male trained, he will obey and know not to ask for such things. If your male attempts any sex act and is not up to specs, never engage him in any way, shape, or form.

If you want a well trained male, he has to have discipline.

Pegging is both enjoyable and can be used as discipline for your male. Once you have him clean, put him on the bed on his back.  Make sure to put on your blue gloves and apply your lubrication. It is at this point that you explore his butt region. Take your time and go very slow. When your male speaks to you, just smile or nod.  It is not the time for your male to speak.  It’s time for your male to obey.

Once you get a finger in, go ahead and pull out the strap-on. This is, of course, when you can really start to have some fun with your male toy.

To be continued…

P.S. If you love your male toy, go slow so you don’t break him.




Be Simone’s Thrift Store Sissy

Simone I absolutely LOVE to shop.

I think I could shop everyday given the choice and the income.   So naturally, I’m always looking for a great bargain.  I’ve found lately one of  the things I absolutely love to do is to go thrift store shopping.  I found a really nice chain of thift stores that has high end velvet and leather things.   Now when you go shopping in a thrift store, you aren’t looking for lingerie.  Rather, you are looking for nice pretty dresses.

If you are really lucky, you will find a beautiful prom dress.

Go for the pretty bright reds and blues.  Don’t be shy either to pick it up and go try it on.   After all, thrift stores are pretty much all sales final.   The great thing is that you can get something that retails for two or three hundred for maybe 10 or 20 dollars.   I’ve actually found a wedding dress for 50 dollars in a thrift store. So, there is no reason not to get all dolled up for Me.    Also, since it’s sort of off the beaten path, you can go there worry free that you will be noticed.   Me and My sissy also usually stop off at a beauty supply store and pick up a wig  or two. If you don’t know the area, of course always go with a friend.  Of course, I know most of the areas I shop, and am pretty much fearless.   I hope that in 2014 you can tell Me YOUR stories of dressing up and your great sissy bargains!

Love Always,