Vegas Vegas Vegas

Simone I want to thank all My sissy men and Alpha guys that have helped contribute with cum shots to My Vegas vacation!

 It took a lot of cum to get a trip to Vegas but here I am with My husband and My sissy.   I just spent My after noon with My hands against the glass on the floor to ceiling window looking out on the strip.   My husband was behind Me and My sissy on her knees catering to Me.

It’s good being the Goddess!!

I will be back Sunday morning 5/10 around midnight to tell you all about My kinky adventures!!




Cock and Ball torture is FUN

See something you like?

See something you like?

Poor Jonathan was dangling from My St. Andrew’s Cross looking beaten.   (Pun intended….)   His eyes were downcast and he was weeping quietly.

“I’m so sorry Mistress, for not making your breakfast correctly.  I didn’t mean to burn your omelet!”

“It’s not the fact that you burned My omelet,” I said, with the red leather flogger in My hand.

“The punishment is for serving Me substandard food.  You could have as easily eaten that yourself, or even thrown it away.   You dare to feed the Goddess of your heart and mind bad food and pretend it’s good, when there is an obvious layer of black crust on the top?”

I let the leather whip fly and it landed on two nice soft spots.   The torture of his cock and balls always, of course, excited Me.   I love CBT, otherwise known as cock and ball torture.   I especially love the joy of taking a man that is used to pain, like a body builder, and watching his excitement rise from it.

“Cum with a high pain tolerance….”

I continued to flog him and started to see the pre-cum dripping from his aching cock.  He was sweating and panting, so I took his water bottle and put it to his thirsty lips.     I then poured the ice water down his chest.  He screamed when it ran down his chest to his throbbing cock.    It still did not wither his erection.   He was building up quite the endurance, it seemed.  Normally cold water worked to ruin that stubborn erection on a man, but this was a man that worked out regularly.  He had a nice physique that would put any beta male to shame.

I pulled out the ice cubes and ran them over his nipples.

He screamed like a submissive girl!

His cock shrank a little bit, but his strong will kept it hard.

He panted and said.  “Mistress Simone, you can beat me, humiliate my cock, and degrade me.  It doesn’t matter, I’m going to stay hard for you.   I’m your humiliation pain slut, Ms. Simone.  Do with me what you want.”

I smiled and picked up an ice cube.   “I love sucking on ice cubes.” I tell him.  Then he heard the crunching noise of My chewing on the ice and I grinned.

His cock started to shrink and I was pleased.

“How can I ruin your erection sweetie?”

Don’t forget to ask for CBT or ruined orgasm when you call so I can know what to do with you!


Demon Mistress Simone.


Wear panties for Simone

Being Mean is fun!

Being Mean is fun!

The night before….

I walked into the bar and met Mr. Wentworth, but I spent the night with Jonathan. I’m a busy little Demon, but I digress.   Jonathan was a nice muscular ex football player that still felt the need to be masculine.   I visited him while he slept and he thought he was dreaming of Me. I love visiting men while they sleep.   They are so receptive to suggestions that way.   I ran My smooth fingers over his luscious body, while I chanted this little phrase into his ear.

“I want to wear pretty panties for Simone”

At the time of course, he had no idea who Simone was.  He still had yet to meet his new humiliation Mistress.   He had no idea at this point the joys of wearing panties and being My personal little panty sissy.   Oh, but he would.   I repeated in his ear where he would feel like going for a little snack that evening.  There was a local coffee shop that I enjoyed visiting for a danish and a good latte.  Jonathan walked into the coffee shop, just like I trained him to do.  He got his coffee and then saw Me staring at him from behind My latte.   I smiled at him and blushed a little bit.

Men like it when a woman appears to be coy and shy.

He therefore felt confident approaching Me.   He had no idea that I was the hunter, and he was the one I was hunting.    I smiled at him and we spoke about things that did not matter for a long time.   Finally I felt it was time.  I acted shy but admitted I had a secret fantasy that I had never told anyone before.   Of course, after saying that, he was hooked.

“I have always wanted a man to wear pretty panties for Me.

His eyes went wide as if remembering a dream.   “Oh My God, he said, you’re name is Simone.  I dreamt of you.   You’re the woman I’ve dreamt about.  I know this is going to sound crazy, but we were supposed to meet.  Of course, I’ll wear panties for you.  I’ll do anything for you, Simone.   I’m just happy I found you!!”

I smiled and continued to sip My latte casually.   This was just way to easy….

That night I had My football player in panties for Me dancing in his living room.   I explained to him that I enjoyed dating multiply types of guys and wanted to things to go slow.    He didn’t seem to mind as long as he could wear panties for Me.

I love collecting sissy men.  You can’t just have one….

Don’t fret, you will hear about My football player in another story soon.

Obviously, I LOVE sissy role plays.  What’s yours?


Demon Mistress Simone

Give into your inner Darkness



Dominating the male Dom

Kiss My pretty ass!

Kiss My pretty ass!

Christian was a bit of an arrogant man.  He was used to getting his way, and could have any woman he desired sexually.  Money was also not a problem for him, so he enjoyed dating women that were a 10 in his book.   He passed Me in the dark bar, and I followed him to his table and crossed My legs, revealing My knee length Prada leather boots more fully.

I focused on staring into his grey eyes and smiled without speaking.

Christian smiled in return, and turned and spanked the waitress like he knew her.   The waitress turned around, ready to slap his face, when she recognized the bratty client.   “Oh, Mr. Wentworth, I didn’t realize it was you.   Would you like your usual?”

He nodded in response.

The waitress returned with a fruity drink with an umbrella for Me and something a bit more stout for him.   I took his drink and drank it like water.  Then, I pushed the fruity drink to Christian but not before I removed the umbrella and sucked the juice  slowly off the tip.

I watched him stare at Me with control and restraint.  Neither one of us spoke.

I have to admit, I was slightly bored.  I knew that Christian was the type of Dominant, insolent little brat that needed to be humiliated.   He needed a mean Fem Dom like Myself to come along and rock his little world and break his heart.  Or perhaps, it was something a little further down.   I could think of a million ways to do it as I stared  deep into his grey eyes.   I still refused to be the first one to speak.

Most men would be intimidated by this.

I grew tired of this dick size game after a while and decided to speak.  I knew what game this was going to be and wanted for him to think he was winning.  He wasn’t, of course, because I knew exactly what an arrogant misogynistic wannabe man he was.  I was going to teach him some manners.

“Do you want to play a game?” I purred.

Christian now raised his eyebrow as an answer.   I could tell he thought he would win, since I spoke first.  I pulled a pair of peach colored boy shorts out of My Prada purse and handed them to him in full view of the room.   The panties dangled from My red fingertips.

“Put these on, and I’ll sleep with you tonight.”

Christian of course closed his tab and scampered off to the restroom.  He came back and showed Me the proof of what he was wearing.   I smiled as an answer, and I grabbed My purse.

The next morning I woke up refreshed from the previous nights sleep.  I felt very well rested with a handcuffed man in chastity in womens panties next to Me in bed.

I bet you are just aching to know what happened in between, aren’t you?

Well, you are just going to have to wait for it…..

I Love kinky role plays.

My superpower is getting what I want when I want it!


Demon Mistress Simone


By the way if you want Mean Simone or Bitchy Simone, you are going to have to request it!  

Otherwise, I am quite sweet….. Normally.


My little pinky

I need lots of guys to be happy!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

My little Pinky gave Me an excellent idea.

I love great ideas.  My Pinky, which I LOVE to <<Hug>> and <<Pet>> and whisper in her ear what a wonderful girl she truly is, is absolutely adorable on all levels.    She is a cute little panty wearing sissy.   This little sissy slut told Me how she loved My writing with all of her sissy heart.    Well, I told My little Pinky, it takes a LOT of compliments to get on to My blog but she has indeed done it!

Want to get on My blog, or be made into a character?

The next few blogs this month and perhaps the months to follow will be about Demon Mistress Simone (My evil persona.)     Think of Me sort of like a female dark personage of a batman universe, except with a strap on.   I still will be writing about My guys and My little escapades.   However, I will be starting a new line of roleplay stories.  Some will be blasphemous.  Blasphemy is definitely one of My favorite things.

The roleplays will be taking the darkness and bringing it to life with My highlights on My special demon powers.   I have the power to do more than just enter your dreams.  No, that is just a succubus thing, and though it can be entertaining, to visit you in the night and take your cum from you, I think we can explore something darker.

You will wake up and you will be a Woman!

I merely run My pretty finger tips over your willing cock and send you to the world of magic and dreams.  You wake the next day and you have flowing hair, a bouncing bosom, a lovely manicure and pedicure and a fully functional vagina.   Isn’t that what you always wanted, sweetheart?

I grant you this, but only for a day.  It is not because I lack the power to do it longer.  No, rather, you need to Beg for it to get it again and again.   I really do adore begging.  I also adore that you would do Absolutely Anything to become a woman again.

What will I do next? I guess you will just have to stick around to find out…

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