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Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games!

Reindeer Games!


Time to celebrate the holidays with our Enchanting Reindeer Game! It’s easy and fun to play. Call our dispatchers and tell them you want to sign up to play. Give us your name and an email address so we can let you know if you win a prize. We’ll put you on our Naughty Boy List. Then call and talk to the mistress of your choice during the contest.

The caller who does the most minutes over all during this time will get a great prize. The caller who does the longest call in one unbroken call will also win a prize. Runners up will receive smaller prizes.

Here are the simple rules: 

  1. The contest starts Saturday, Dec. 3 at 12:01 AM and ends Sunday, Dec. 11 at 11:59 PM. All times are East Coast time.Calls may be done with any ETE of your choice, subject to her availability.
  2. You must register to participate in the contest by telling the dispatcher and giving her your name and email address. Your email will be kept confidential and used ONLY for communications relating to this contest.
  3. Callers may pre-register at any time prior to the start of the contest, or may register during the contest period.
  4. Only paid minutes will count toward contest minutes.
  5. Each caller’s total call time for the entire time of the contest will be aggregated after the end of the contest. You do not have to talk with the same ETE each time in order for your time to be counted. There will also be a contest for the longest individual call during the game. The longest individual call must be done with one mistress without any interruption.
  6. Winners will be advised of their win and prize via email during the week following the contest.
  7. Where applicable, prizes will be shipped to you once you provide a shipping address.
  8. All decisions as to prizes are final.
  9. A list of total times, excluding any caller identifying information, will be available if you wish to review it after prizewinners have been notified.
  10. Have loads of fun! Happy Holidays!

Holiday Cuckolding

What’s better after turkey than holiday cuckolding?

Holiday Cuckolding!

Holiday Cuckolding!

You just had a huge amount of turkey and are feeling really full.  It’s definitely time to work off some of those extra calories.  It is time to go to the gym and start searching for the new man that will be your wild sex toy.  Why pay for a new dildo when you can just pick up a guy?  

No, don’t use your husband, you know his cock is old and worn out.

It’s time to go to the gym and find yourself a brand spanking new cock to ride.   Spend your time scoping out all the men there that are wearing spandex.   There should be a ton of guys that fit that requirement.  Once you find the guy you like, see if he is wearing a wedding ring.  If not, he’s fair game.   Go to your new sex toy and introduce yourself.

Make sure you wear something gym ready but very hot and revealing.

I tend to enjoy wearing short shorts with Pink on the butt, and a hot pink tank top.  When I start sweating, my nipples poke out and it becomes extremely revealing.  It is great for treadmill running.   I tend to get at least three numbers on the days I wear this outfit.  

The rest is easy, men love to have sex, so cuckolding your husband is not hard at all.

I usually move my diamond ring to my right hand when I work out.  It’s a 2 carat  black diamond so most men don’t think it’s real anyway.  I once went home with a guy just by telling him that my water was out at my place and asked if I could use his shower.

He told me I could use his shower if he could join me.

See, now wasn’t that easy?  Cuckolding your husband is so simple, any woman can do it successfully!!

Get out there ladies, find your new man just in time for Christmas!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil.)

Cuckold Reasons

Why would you cuckold your husband?

Be My cuckie!

Cuckold your husband!

Reason #1 to have multiple lovers.

You have a huge sex drive and your husband cannot satisfy you to the extent that is needed.  I personally fit into this category.  Obviously, I have a huge sex drive or I wouldn’t get off guys for a living.  I love hearing a man squeak and moan when he pops.  It is highly gratifying and amusing to me.  I quite literally get tingles when I hear a man jerking off and finally exploding for me.

Reason #2 spread your legs for more men.

The man you are with cannot perform as you would wish sexually.  Let’s face it, there are tons of guys out there with small penises.  It’s not your fault that you were born that way.  There is still something about you, though, whether it’s your romantic ways or easy personality, that keeps me around.  Still, sex is a drive, and just like food, it’s needed for women such as myself.  Therefore, cucking your husband is a requirement to get the sex that is required.

Reason #3 to cuckold your hubby.

Your husband is busy with work.  It’s not uncommon for a hard working man to work many more hours then he is home.  Then, when he is home, he’s exhausted from working those long hours.  So, it basically comes down to the bodies requirements of needing sleep.   A woman that has a part time job or stays at home, is going to have more time on her hands.  Why should she spend all her time watching tv, or just being bored?    There are tons of artist types, fast food workers, and delivery drivers that would love nothing more than some great sex in the middle of the day.

I will think of more reasons in further posts, but I love discussing and doing role plays for the above three reasons.  Maybe, you too should come to the realization that your wife needs more men in her life.  I know it’s made my life absolutely worlds more satisfying!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil….)

SPH Elbow Sex

SPH and Elbow sex seem to  go hand and hand.



Nothing seems to be more fun than small penis humiliation to me.   Everyone loves to make fun of and giggle at a tiny mini pecker.    Last night my husband was spooning me, when he took his finger and ran it inside of the crease of my elbow.

“What on earth are you doing?” I asked, feeling a bit tickled by this.

“I was just thinking how your tiny dicked men would just fall over themselves to get inside of this perfect elbow.”

I died laughing at that point.  I almost started crying, I was laughing so hard at the thought of a tiny little dicklet trying to fuck my elbow.  I mean really, you have to be much less than a man to only get to have sex with the inside of a woman’s elbow.

It made me think of the beloved “Rocky Horror Picture Show” screamer line where the crowd screams

“Elbow Sex, elbow sex…..”

Can you imagine being so tiny that you are just humping the inside of my elbow as hard as you can, trying to get your nut?   I know, I mean, truly, how pathetic do you have to be as a male to get excited by this?   I suppose, though, that, when I close my arm, the excitement of something crushing your  itsy bitsy teeny weenie cocklet would feel amazing.   After all, it’s not like feeling anything tight is a usual thing for a male that is far below average. Well, let’s face it, even an average cock is pretty sad by my measurements…..

Ever told a women that you have never had any complaints?

Then guess what?


Itsy bitsy SPH humiliation brings me so much joy during the holiday season!

What the world needs is more laughter and I am more than willing to help you with that stress relief!

Call me, I want to laugh at you!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


Thanksgiving Humiliation

Sissy Humiliation during the month of Thanksgiving can be so much fun!

Panty Humiliation!

Panty Humiliation!

First off, during the month of November, you should give thanks everyday to your Mistress.   It’s important that she feels loved and that you are respectful of her.   No one likes a disrespectful male.   Next, let us not forget how much fun it can be to wear your panties during the Thanksgiving meal.

Nothing says humiliation like the threat  getting caught while nonkinky people are present.

Wearing those thong panties can be tricky if you wear the wrong pair.  If you wear something too lacy, it might just show through those slacks of yours and then you would be caught.  Or, maybe you want secretly to be caught?  If you bend over to pick something up, and your shirt hikes up the wrong way, someone might see those female panties.

Everyone would then know you are a panty wearing sissy!

Oh no, the sissy humiliation of everyone knowing your dirty little secret.  Can you imagine the embarrassment of everyone at your dinner party knowing?   Everyone you know would then know that you are a secret panty wearing sissy.   What would you ever do?  Would you come out to your family and friends at that point?   Or, would you slink back into the darkness and deny it?

You could always say it was a bet with an imaginary friend to wear them!

Having ready made excuses is always a great idea if you know you are going to do something possibly humiliating, just in case you are caught red handed.   Of course, be careful what you say, as, if it is a work friend, and it’s a work party, everyone will know of your lie.

Let’s face it, though, most will form their own opinions when they catch you in panties!

Are you ready to be caught in a humiliation role play?



Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil…)