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Romantic sissies needs love

 Romantic sissies  need love and adoration!

Be My romantic sissy!

Intimacy and cuddling are absolutely essential to romantic sissies.   It’s not about how big a cock is, as much as the quality of the man.  Sissies want a man that is nurturing and truly loving.  Furthermore, a strong man man that holds and  cuddles her is not just important, but essential.  He keeps her safe from the storms of the world and makes her  feel special.  This is the idealism of a romantic sissy.

Romantic sissies love to wear pretty, frilly dresses.

Of course, pink is a great color, but she also enjoy the rainbow of colors touching her  soft skin. She keeps her skin supple and smooth as a daisy, in preparation for her dreamy man. Romantic sissies are very much akin to a 1950’s housewife. She wants to cook and clean for her man as a way to show her love and devotion. In return, she expects to be treasured and bedazzled by her man.


The perfect man brings her flowers without a reason.

Well, I should say, the reason would be to express his love for her. Little tokens of affection and touches of endearment through out the day would be wonderful ways to tell her how much she is loved. Romantic sissies crave that love from her man of choice. She wants to be held in the arms of that wonderful man and whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

 It is not about the sex at all!

It’s about the intimacy, the long walks, and the sweet kisses. Just like any romantic girl, this type of sissy just wants to be told she is beautiful and loved unconditionally.

I wish that romantic sissies find their true pairing in life.
Are you a romantic sissy?

Hugs and Kisses

Mistress Simone

Humiliating JizzLoser

Humiliating JizzLoser was a really enjoyable treat last night!

Humiliating JizzLoser!

First, I gave this loser an assignment to make a sock puppet of his wife, since she was gone for the weekend.   I have to say, this SPH enthusiast was all about the sock wifey.  He gave it googly eyes and a blow job mouth.   I could not stop laughing at it when I saw it.

Well, I was also laughing at Jizzlosers tiny pecker!

Humiliating losers, like Jizz, is not hard when they give you sooooo much ammo to use against them.   As I watched this pathetic loser, I watched him slip his wife sock over his tiny penis.  Completely hard, it only filled up about a quarter of the sock.  The rest of it just flopped down, flaccid and pathetic.

It must have really been humiliating to wear a bag on his head…

That alone would have been horrible, but he drew a really well done face on it with a smirk.   I could not stop laughing at the stupid smirk on this losers bag.  I told him that the bag was most likely a huge improvement over his real face.  I mean, who would actually want to look at a jizzloser in real life?   I know I wouldn’t.

As a matter a fact, I turned on some music and filed my nails while I watched him play with himself.

He begged for me to speak to him because, well, I’m a Goddess.  He, on the other hand, has a small worthless penis and a bag over his head.   I think we both know how this all ends.

Thank you, Jizz, for an incredible call.

 I look forward to humiliating you and laughing at your face in the future!!


Mistress Simone

Cock sucker Kimmybaby sucks BBC

Cock sucker Kimmybaby sucks her first cock!

cocks sucker

.Cocksucker Kimmybaby gets it!

Cock sucker Kimmybaby has been calling for a while now.  She loves role plays where she gets to suck on several black cocks.  She usually likes the guys to be lined up on a couch.  She enjoys looking up at these guys and smiling at them to show how much she appreciates them.   There is nothing better than a happy, appreciative cock sucker, to a real man.

It make Kimmybaby very happy to show a real black man her skills.

She had been practicing for years, but now she was able to put her cock sucking skills to the test.  She was not, however, expecting to get it in her little back pussy.  I told her that she should have expected it.  Let’s face it, what black man does not love a nice tight pussy to stick his big dick into?

Kimmybaby had the tightest hole of all, given that she was a virgin!

Well, okay, she was technically a virgin.  I think we all know that she had practiced enough with all of her huge black dildos to not be tight as a virgin.  Still, technically, she fit the niche of “virgin”, since she never had a real one.  I guess we are not able to say that anymore.  Nope, I guess the new name for Kimmybaby is cock slut.

Kimmybaby is a cock SLUT!

I always knew she was a cock whore in her mind.  She has the dildo collection to prove it.  But, now, I can officially call her that to her face and it will be true.  Kimmybaby you are officially a cock whore and have permission from me to go get more black cocks!

*I just want to hear all the cock sucking details!!

Are YOU a cock whore?

Hugs and Kisses

Mistress Simone

Sissy cock sucking

Ann plans on doing some sissy cock sucking tonight!

Sissy Cock Sucking!

You see,  a couple of my friends, Shellie and AJ, are coming over for dinner tonight.  AJ is a well hung black man who just loves blow jobs.   I plan on surprising AJ with my crossing dressing, live in sissy named Anthony, or Ann when dressed up.   Ann loves to wear pretty dresses, wigs, and my make up.

Sissy Ann also loves to suck on a BBC.

Well, honestly, she is a sissy slut and loves to suck on any cock.   The fact that she will be able to suck on a nice big thick cock will be an extra special treat tonight.   So, I plan on dressing her in her favorite pale green dress and blond wig.   She is not very good at wearing heels, so I don’t make her.  I do, however, insist that she paints her toe nails.   Going though my nail polishes and picking out her favorite color is one of her favorite things.

 Sissy Ann has to wear her cock sucking red lipstick.  

She only does this when she deep throats a cock!

She also loves wearing red lip stains that are harder to rub off.  Giving a sloppy wet blow job is Sissy Ann’s specialty.  I plan on making sure that she will be looking prettier than a daisy when AJ and Shellie show up.   I already convinced AJ that a blow job from a guy that looks like a girl is okay, if he’s blind folded.   Well, this coerced cock sucking is okay in theory, but we have not actually tested this hypothesis yet.  AJ is, after all, extremely straight, but also addicted to having his cock sucked.

I can be pretty convincing when it comes to sucking a cock.

Shellie is already in on the bet.  She is betting that I can’t get AJ to accept a blow job from my sissy.  I am, however, betting that I can.  Ann is pretty damn cute when she’s all dressed up.  She also just loves nothing better than a cock sucking challenge!

Who do you think will win?

What would YOU do to ensure My success?

 I guess you will have to wait to find out…..

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

AJ has a beautiful Big black cock

AJ has a beautiful Big Black Cock, BBC  for short.  

 I saw it last night and OH MY GODS!

BBC cuckolding!

It was absolutely magnificent.  My best friend, Shellie, has a boyfriend, who has a magnificent BBC.  His cock stands at over 9 thick inches of pure meat.   I watched both of them have sex in front of Gordon and I last night.  It was live porn, and it was fantastic.   I absolutely love watching my friends have sex in front of me.

Shellie was barely able to take his BBC.

Shellie is a cute little Italian submissive that craves larger sized cocks.  I also enjoy the big ones, but as you guys all know, I am definitely NOT submissive.   I do, however, enjoy watching a couple of kinky freaks going at it.   We went over to their tiny one bedroom apartment, and sat down in their bedroom.   It’s a cramped little bedroom.  This of course, only makes his cock seem bigger.

We were practically in the bed with them.

No, in this particular case, the fantasy does not go there.  We were just voyeurs in this case.  I watched and listened to Shellie squeal and cry out as his larger than life cock was pushed hard and unrelentingly inside of her.   She complained that it was too big for her to take, yet he still managed to get it inside of her.

Spanking her fat ass helped with getting that BBC inside of her.

I love the sound of AJ smacking that big Italian butt.  It made such a wonderful sound, and she cried out so wonderfully.   I love hearing a submissive squeak and whine that it hurts.  It doesn’t matter if it’s male or female.  All submissives are fun to watch and listen to.  The more a submissive complains and begs, the wetter I become.  Needless to say, I was soaking wet last night.   Gordon, of course, rubbed my breasts while we watched.  This also did not hurt my feelings.  I would say that Shellie and AJ watched us, but they were a bit too busy having sex to notice anything we were doing.    I can only tell you that we hurried back home afterwards.

I guess you will have to call to find out what happened next when we got home.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone