Sissy Hunting in a warehouse

You will learn to LOVE IT!

You will learn to LOVE IT!

Sissy hunting in a warehouse is one of my favorite hobbies.  First, you have to rent out a warehouse and then have it cleaned.  A big house also works for sissy hunting.    Then, you have to have at least a dozen sissies and four or five Mistresses wearing strap ons.    There should always be more sissies available then Mistresses.   A Mistress such as myself should always have a nice variety.

I also tend to get bored with just one sissy all night.

I prefer having many.   After all, with sissies, it can always be entertaining to watch them suck each other’s cocks.    The game is basically hide and go seek.   Except a Mistress has only to touch the sissy, either with her whip or hand, and the sissy is hers for the night.

I enjoy having at least four sissies in a night when I play.

I line them up after catching them.  They have to curtsy to me, and then I have two of them kneel while I tell the other two sissies to suck each others cocks.

It’s irrelevant to me what their sexual orientation is in regular life.

All that matters is that they Obey Me when I command it then and there!

Next, I chain one of the remaining sissies to a St. Andrew’s cross while the last sissy is my fetch boy.   His job is to fetch me the next whip, rope, chain,cane, paddle,  dildo, or flogger that I will need next to play with the sissy on the cross. :)

Remember, it’s not Mean, It’s just FUN!!

Would you like to be one of these sissies in this scene?

Let’s Play!


Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil)


Kevin cocksucker meets AAA Mike in Simone’s Dungeon

Kneel at My feet.

Kneel at My feet.

Kevin the cocksucker walked into the gloomy dungeon with his boyfriend, George.   Kevin loved George and wanted to show him off to all the Mistresses, so he volunteered them to be a cocksucking couple at my dungeon.    It was sort of a win win for both of them.  Kevin loved the idea of being part of the dungeon scenery because, let’s face it, Kevin the cocksucker is a slutty guy.

He loved the idea of sucking cock in public.

Kevin and his boyfriend looked up at me, and both smiled.

I love the fact that both Kevin and his boyfriend were such short guys.  It always excites me when guys have to look up at me in my while I am in my high heels or boots.  There is something rather gratifying about a male not having a choice but to raise their submissive eyes to a Fem Dom such as myself.

Kevin pulled down his boyfriend’s jeans and wrapped his lips around George’s cock.

George moaned in bliss as the first customer of the night walked in.   He felt me put a blindfold over his eyes so he could not see the client walking through the dungeon.  Kevin, on the other hand, looked up and smiled at the short olive complected man.

He heard another Mistress say:

“Right this way, AAA Mike, look how much fun you could be having on your knees right now….!”

Kevin felt a red wig being pushed down on his petite head.  I told him to keep his head down as the new Mistress and AAA Mike walked  by Kevin sucking George’s cock.

“I like redheads, AAA Mike said to the new Mistress,” and Kevin’s cock twitched.   Perhaps, he would suck two cocks  before the night was over.  Perhaps, he would get lucky!  Maybe, both of them would!

To Be continued.

Would you like to be AAA Mike or cocksucker Kevin?

Hugs and Kisses!




Throwback Weekend is HERE

Copy of Simone (85)

 Happy Anniversary LDW!

It’s a Rewind Weekend! Continuing our month-long LDW Anniversary Celebration, we will be rewinding prices on all sessions this weekend and offering a discounted rate on all calls.

Call on Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th, give the dispatcher the Promo Code “Rewind” and your call will be billed at the rate of 2.50 per minute (minimum 10 minutes), or $125 for the one hour block rate. These Rewind rates apply to all of the calls you do from 12:01AM EST on Saturday November 7th through Sunday November 8th at 11:59PM EST.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us or visit us at Live Help

There’s a whole list of stuff we can talk about with any of us!

I love anything fantasy, and the supernatural.  OF course, I never get tired of laughing at your itsy, bitsy tiny, little penis.   Laughing in general beings me a tons of joy in laugh.   Also, let us not forget the joys of cocksucking.    I love to hear all about your experiences sucking your first cock.

Or, if you have never sucked one, then I can create a fantasy roleplay Just for you!

In any case, now is the weekend to give a new girl a try during our wonderful Anniversary Month.

Hugs and Kisses,



AAA Mike’s floppy dick humiliation

Mr. floppy dick, otherwise known as AAA Mike, loves humiliation.   This is his confession.  

One day AAA mike, named after his cock being the size of a battery, found a dungeon online.  His little small floppy dick twitched twice, so he knew this was definitely the place for him to have some fun.    He picked up the phone and called the dungeon to be greeted by a male voice on the other line.  It startled AAA mike, but his floppy dick wiggled a little bit ,so he did not put down the phone.

“We only have transgender Mistresses here!” bellowed the male sounding voice.

AAA stuttered a little bit, but managed to say that it was quite fine, and he wanted an Asian looking Mistress with an ample sized cock.

The man laughed and said he was the bouncer and answered the phones for the ladies when they were busy.

AAA mike let out a long sigh, relieved that his Mistress did not have the voice of a late night R&B DJ.

The man continued to ask AAA several questions about his ideal woman.  He admitted that:

She should be Asian, clean shaven except for her armpits.”

 He heard a snort on the other end as an answer. 

“So…., what you’re saying is you want your Mistress to have hairy armpits?”

There was a long pause and AAA almost asked if he was still there when he heard his voice again.

“One moment please,” he said in a rough voice.  “I need to confirm with Mistress on duty.  I normally don’t do speciality appointments.  I’m going to put you on mute, OK.”   The bouncer put the phone down rather hard without putting the phone on mute.  The noise hurt his fragile little ear.   AAA Mike gasped for breath again when he heard their responses, but his tiny penis twitched again.

“Hey Julie, I’ve got this loser on the phone that wants a Mistress with armpit hair.  Do we have any women in the house that hasn’t worked in a while and maybe let themselves go while off from work?”

Laughter exploded from the other side of the phone from what sounded like several ladies.

“No, but I’m going on vacation for two weeks, I can grow mine out if the loser doesn’t mind waiting.   Did you get his dimensions by chance?   Oh, and charge him double if his cock is less then 7 inches.  I really don’t want to come off vacation for less then that.”   Laughter was once again filling the room.

The man once again picked up the phone and rudely coughed in AAA Mike’s ear.   

“The head Mistress wants to know how big your cock is.  Oh, and she will measure you when you get here, so don’t lie or she will charge you more and punish you severely.    AAA whispered, “About an inch or so, but it tends to stay floppy all the time.”

“Repeat that again, I couldn’t hear you,” the man said.

He had put the phone on speaker and the room exploded in laughter once again.   AAA mike was crying softly while his little floppy cock twitched.

To be continued because Humiliation is FUN!

See how much fun it can be the star in one of MY fantasy novels!


Demon Mistress Simone


AAA Mike Humiliation Confessional

Copy of Simone (83)The confessional of AAA mike and his tiny little cock.

AAA Mike was feeling a bit horny a few weeks ago, he confessed to me last night.   His humiliating confession started once again with the fact that he was so damn small.  His cock was the size of a AAA battery.  Now, I know my dearest readers are curious how anyone can truly be that small.   But, honestly, I met him by skype and watching his tiny little cocklet.

Luckily, as you probably guessed, little Mike does not get a lot of action.  He has to give money to girls just to have sex.   Well, I suppose a correction is in order.  He cannot get a Real woman, paid or not, to “help him out.”  Therefore, he has resorted to very attractive transsexual women.  Against my better judgement, he found one online.   He showed me a picture of her, and she was Way out of his league.

I told him I was surprised she went out with him at all.

I heard him squeak a little as if turning red with humiliating embarrassment. She started out by putting this loser on all fours on the bed.   He then told me that he had to pay her for their time together    WOW!   You can’t even get a girl you met online to date you?  I guess he is just not the type of guy women Want to date.    I then laughed at him and he sounded so sad.

The next confession was that he can only get a handjob or prostate stimulation.

Well, duh,” I thought. “Your tiny dick is the size of a AAA battery.”

Little mike is not from the United States, and happy endings are quite popular when getting a massage there.  He goes to a massage therapist that stimulates his prostate for him.   His cock is quite confused when it gets soft whenever a beautiful woman penetrates him.   Well, you will just have to stop thinking of yourself as having a penis.

“You know, you really don’t need your penis at all. ” I told him while laughing.  

“What good is a penis that is that small?”

He of course admitted that I was in fact correct.  Though, I could feel the tears welling up in his eyes as we spoke.  This also brought Me a great deal of pleasure.    We discussed ruined orgasms, prostate stimulation, and his need to suck a cock.   These are All some of my favorite things.   We also discussed some other things and he finally admitted to me that he loved licking armpits.

I think I am going to have tons of fun writing stories about you AAA Mike.    I already have an armpit story in mind for my next act of humiliating your sorry little head (and your big head too….. :)

Talk to you soon little mike!  GOOD Bitch Boy!

Hugs and kisses (just not for YOU!)

Demon Mistress Simone