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Tease and Denial Romantic Dinner

It’s fun to have a romantic night of tease and denial.

Tease and Denial is FUN!

Tease and Denial is FUN!

My favorite food would be steak, while my favorite color is blue.  So, obviously, we both know how good it can feel to have a nice, thick, juicy steak in your mouth.   But, have you actually seen me eat a steak?  Have you seen me take it into my mouth and savor the flavors?   Have you seen me close my eyes while I savor my mouth full of bliss?

Both the place settings and the plates are electric blue.

“I love teasing you.” I say quietly, while I pat my lips with the soft blue napkin.   I love the color blue, as it is a cool color that reminds me of a cold breeze during the Winter.   But, what’s even better about the color blue is that it also reminds me of your balls by the time the night is over.  I specialize in the beautiful color of blue.   I smile while I say this, and then slide off my heels.

“I hate wearing heels,” I say as I slide my toes underneath your pants.

It hurts my poor toes, being squished and tortured.  My beautiful toes should be worshiped, sucked and adored, never squished.   I wiggle my toes against your leg while I speak.   “I love teasing you at dinner,” I say, with a sly little smirk on my face.  Can you imagine sucking the toes that are brushing against your leg?

Being teased and denied drives you mad with lust.

I love a nice big steak, I say again.  It reminds me of other thick things that I also love in my mouth.  Of course, I enjoy it other places as well.   I can’t wait to get home and pull out my largest dildo and use it on myself.  I’m a bit wet just thinking about what I’m going to do to myself after dinner.  I then close my eyes and smile as if imagining it.

“Why on earth would you need a dildo when I’m right here?” you say, as if in pain.

I finish my meal making comments such as these. You feel your erection growing with every word.  Afterwards, I grin happily as I put my heels back on my feet and stand up.  I walk over to you and lean into your ear and lick it patiently and then say.

“I am going to use my largest dildo on myself and wish you were just as BIG….”

Then you watch as I walk away.

You want to sob as you realize your cock could never please a woman such as myself.

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being Evil…)

Cock teasing you while it rains

Hard rain and extreme cock teasing seem to go hand in hand.

I love to cock tease You!

I love to cock tease You!

When it’s raining really hard, like it is right now in Texas, I just want to cuddle up next to my husband.   I want to rub my naked breasts against his muscular body and nibble on his ear.  There is nothing quite like the sensation of teasing a man’s cock.   It feels really good to drive a man crazy with lust, only to deny him.

When you give a man everything he wants, what is he to desire?

I say it’s better to tease him, and therefore tease his cock and really build up his desire, until he has grown crazy with wanton lust.   There is nothing quite like the sound of rain to make me want to have really good sex.   Part of me thinks about what it would be like to live somewhere in the world where I could just go outside while it’s raining.

I would want to be naked in this fantasy while having sex with the rain pouring over me.

The rain would hit my body and pound me, as I would feel that beautiful cock doing the same exact thing.  I would whisper these things in my husbands ear while I cuddled him.  I would remind him how beautiful I thought his body was, and how great it would look wet or oiled down.

Just saying these simple things always causes him to get rock hard for me!

Can you imagine being my husband?  I cuddle you gently while telling you all about my most intimate desires and needs.  The only problem is that you know that all I really want to do is cuddle.   But, you can’t seem to stop listening.

Cock teasing a man is so much fun while he edges!

Wanna try it with me tonight?


Demon Mistress Simone

(cause being evil feels soooo good)

Two bit sissy whore

Are you a two bit sissy whore?

You are My sissy whore!

You are My sissy whore!

You know that you are a two bit sissy whore when you crave cock all the time. You go to the grocery store, and instead of looking at the produce, you look at the men shopping the produce. You dream of wearing short shorts that have rips and tears in them and a tight little t shirt to show off your firm breasts.

You know how to twerk if you are a sissy whore!

It does not matter what size you are, either. I’ve known two bit sissy whores that could twerk better than any girl. They can drop it down low and bounce a quarter off their cute butt.   It brings you a great deal of pleasure, as well, to demonstrate your dancing skills to others.  You love being the center of attention in any situation.

Your second sense is in the fashion world.

Any sissy whore knows the ins and outs of fashion better then any girl. They are up to date on the latest trends and designs. Hobbies of the sissy whore might include art, dance, sewing, cooking, or modelling. Their taste, both in what goes ON and IN their body, is first class. This does not mean that they need to go first class. Any sissy whore will tell you that sometimes you just need something a bit dirty and low class to fulfill that nighttime craving.

You could get ANY guy off, gay or straight, doesn’t matter!

You know, without a doubt, that your skills in cock sucking are something that a gold medalist would strive to acquire. You are extremely talented in whatever creative art from you put your mind to. You excel in your given field and others look at you as eclectic, but a genius in your given trade.

We need more sissy whores in this world, girls. It’s Diversity that makes the world evolve, not stagnation. If you are not a sissy whore, I would LOVE to help you achieve that status. Dream and Live in terms of bringing pleasure to others, and there will not be anything you can not achieve.

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone
(Because LUST makes life worth living….)

Pegging magickal spell

Don’t worry, you are not under my pegging magical spell.

Pegging is FUN!

Pegging is FUN!

Don’t worry, I will also return you to your normal state, as soon as you need to go to work.   If you don’t work, well, then you might be in a bit of trouble.  You feel really good listening to the waves in the background.   If you turn on the audio, you will hear a sample of the waves.   The two of us are walking along the beach and it’s late at night.

You feel really tingly holding my soft hand.

You feel this sensation running down your spine as I pull you close to me.   We kiss, softly, and you now feel your erection.   “I’m going to put my strap on in your cute bottom,” I whisper in your ear.   You don’t know how it’s going to feel, but you are really excited by the prospect.   I walk you to my boat, and you follow obediently.  You are so turned on right now.

You don’t know what pegging is, but you know you want it.

I put a blindfold over your eyes, and tell you to lay down your tummy after I strip you.   You feel my naked breasts slide down your back, as my finger begins to explore your bottom.

“Is this pegging,” you say nervously.

“No, my strap-on is going to peg your ass.”

You then feel my leather harness moving up against your ass cheeks.  I penetrate you, and you feel an incredible orgasm building like you have never experienced before.  You don’t think you will ever be able to go back to a regular orgasm now.

“By pegging you sweetheart, I’m claiming you as MINE”

Do you need to be pegged?

Hugs and Kisses.


Mistress Simone

BBC Lovers can cuddle too

 I Love to cuddle with my BBC lovers.

Cuckold with BBC!

Cuckold with BBC!

You would think when you cuckold your husband that you would never feel the need to cuddle with your BBC lover.   However, it seems the opposite is true.   I spent last night in my king size bed, with my husband and my lover named John.

John is a black man that has a nice fat cock for me.

He always satisfies me and never lets me down.  What I like the most, however, about my BBC lover is that he cuddles with me.   Gordon was in bed near the wall with his cell phone, thumbing through porn, when John and I entered the room.  The reason Gordon sleeps near the wall is so I don’t have to climb over him to get into the bed when I bring home a sex toy.

It’s so much fun cuckolding your husband, once he submits to the idea.

He even scoots closer to the wall when John comes into the room because, honestly, he knows his place.  John is the Alpha when he enters the room.  Gordon is no longer the alpha, John is.   I find this quite titilating, since Gordon is also an Alpha male but still manages to submit when a man with an even larger cock walks into the room.

So last night, John and I were kissing on the bed while Gordon was leaning up against the wall.  I wrapped my legs around him and instead of going straight to the sex, John actually cuddled me.   He nibbled on my neck and told me how much he loved me.

I could hear Gordon make a low growl when John spoke.

I honestly thought it was cute, so I encouraged it and told John I loved him back.    This made Johns cock get extremely hard.  Needless to say, he could hardly contain his excitement.   He pushed into me while I felt Gordon’s back up against mine.   Obviously, John was pushing Gordon against the wall with every thrust.

Are you more of a Gordon or a John?

How is your wife cuckolding YOU?

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil)