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Sissy Make Over

It’s Sissy Make-Over day!

Sissy Make Over!Okay, sissy gurl, do you dream of getting your hair frosted, then going out for a manicure and pedicure?  It can be one of the most incredible experiences for a woman.   It’s relaxing just to sit there while sipping on a strawberry lemonade and soaking your toes in warm wax.   I personally love dipping my toes in hot wax and feeling it penetrate my little tootsies.  It makes my skin so incredibly soft – but, let’s not start with the wax.

I prefer when they start with the coffee exfoliation scrub on my feet.

On sissy make-over day, which can be Any day of the week, you are the one that gets pampered.  You wear your cutest little pink dress, and Mary Jane’s that you can just kick off.   You sit next to me and feel the therapist massage and rub all the stress out of your feet with the exfoliation scrub.  You have a choice of the raspberry, coconut or the coffee scrub.   I prefer the coffee because the idea of my feet having coffee titillates me immensely.

After our toes our sparking painted and super soft, it’s time for nails!

Where would you be, without glamorous long nails to go with your toes?   We sit side by side while you get french tips and I get the latest color trend.   Tonight, I am getting purple passion on my nails.   It’s a super pretty eggplant or dark purple.   Then, she puts a little bit of purple glitter on my pointing fingers.   You know how important it is for a man to see it when I point at him!!

If this type of sissy role play excites you as much as it does me, then we need to talk!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Sissy dominates the world

This post is dedicated to   My live in sissy, Anthony.

sissy dominates the world

Sissy dominates the world!

Sissies can dominate the world.  Most sissies have higher paying jobs.  The willingness to suck a cock or get a nice screwing is not the only reason why sissies rule the world.  Think about it.  You have to use another part of your brain to dress up as the opposite gender.  The creativity needed to fix your hair and put on makeup takes a LOT of skill and patience.

Sissies have both patience and creativity.

Both are essential in the modern world to succeed.  Those that have the nontraditional minds are those that can come up with ideas that are innovative and new.  One has to get out of the normal mindset to accomplish this.   So, why not be a sissy to achieve this.   Use a new part of your brain by slipping on a pair of panties and experiencing a new type of fabric against your balls.

Live like a sissy and buy a pair of silicone breasts!

In addition, run your fingers over the silicone nipples and close your eyes and imagine the sensation of having a pair of DD cup breasts attached to your skin for real!!   Imagine the sensation of getting wet on the inside.  You are like an open pocket needing to be filled.   You want to desperately feel something slick slide inside of you repeatedly.

See, you just expanded your mind a little bit by thinking of something NEW!

So, live on the edge of normalcy and try something new and edgy.   Furthermore, put on some makeup and a pretty bra and feel the sensation of being someone that you are not.  Then, use that experience in your workplace by trying new ideas and finding new solutions.   Watch out; you too will be dominating the world!

P.S.) Click the audio below to actually  hear Gordon and Anthony!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Coerced Bisexuality

Coerced bisexuality is more fun when you are tied up!

I love to see you with your hands behind your back.  You whimper as I tie your hands behind your back and giggle.  You see the crowd of men and women as they show up and take a seat around you.   It’s quite intense as I shove a ball gag in your mouth.   You see a topless lady sit down drinking something delicious, and you want to both drink something and to suck her pretty nipples.   She smiles at you, and so does her big boyfriend that sits beside her.

“Is My submissive thirsty” I ask, grinning widely.

coerced bisexuality is fun

Coerced Bisexuality is FUN!

You swallow hard, because you are terrified of answering.    I run my fingers over your head and I hear you whine a little bit in response.  This, of course, pleases me greatly.   I love hearing you when you are uncomfortable or in pain.

“Who would like their cock licked tonight?

A few guys raise their hands and you whimper again.   The crowd laughs in response and you feel your cock twitch a little inside of your cock cage.   I explain to the crowd that the cage is a little roomy, so you can almost get fully hard in it.   It feels like a hand holding it really hard and is almost uncomfortable.  The blond topless lady with ringlets in her hair laughs, and you can see her dimples.    Her boyfriend gets up and walks towards you.

You watch as the large, muscular man unzips his pants.

He pulls out his cock and rubs it against your face.   You watch as his girlfriend claps in response.   Your cock is fully hard now inside of your cock cage.  I pull back your hair so it hurts, as I remove the ball gag from your mouth.

“Time to suck your first cock I say. and the crowd goes wild in response!

Is this your fantasy too?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Demon Pegging

Sometimes you just need a good demon pegging!

Time for Demon Pegging!

It’s very late at night, and you notice a slight chill in the room.  Your cock twitches and stands up, as a soft fragrance of cinnamon and honey envelopes your senses. You breathe in deeply and close your eyes.  Perhaps you have already fallen asleep? It is then that I appear in front of you. “Did you know that not all demons are evil?” I ask, while wearing a huge bright red strap-on between my tan legs. I am also wearing a red top that says, “You should try some pegging with your breakfast.”

“Move over sweetie, I want to cuddle with you.”

I say, still smiling seductively.

I’m such a beautiful demon.  You stare at me, partly wanting to run, but also not able to leave.  It is almost as if you cannot move at all. I then run my red nails down your body and tell you to turn around.   You feel my soft body move against you.  Your cock stands straight up, even when you feel my cock slowly rubbing up against your fragile body.

“Don’t be afraid to accept my cock,” I say, while rubbing your shoulders.

I run my tongue along your ear, and you feel an electrical pulse move through your body in anticipation.   You are actually craving my strap-on at this point.    It would feel so good, you think, to be entered, and be made to feel so vulnerable.  It’s strange, but there is so much excitement in being that open and fragile in my arms.  You feel yourself rub up against my strap-on.

I then slip it inside of you!

Do you need me to slip it inside of You?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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Strap-on Lesbian

So, your man wants to be a lesbian and get the strap-on?

strap-on lesbian

Take the Strap-on

Or maybe that’s YOU!!   OH, sweetheart,  you are not into men!  You tell me this over and over, anyway. But, you know that I write constantly about taking a cock and being gay. You tell me with enthusiasm that you are definitely not into any of that gay stuff.  I laugh at you, of course, because I’m pulling out my strap-on while we speak.   I tell you that you can be My lesbian.  You don’t have to be gay to take a strap-on!

Look into my eyes as I insert my strap-on inside of you!

I want to see that look of awe and astonishment as I take your prostate virginity.  There is nothing quite like the first time you do it and you see a guy realize that he has never felt such a climax before. It feels absolutely amazing to feel me move inside of you, nice and slow. I take my time just like I was moving inside of a real lesbian.

You close your eyes in bliss as you feel me enter you.

I ask you if you want me to move faster.  You, of course, moan in response.  Speaking is not your best activity right now.    I smile as I lean forward to lick your ear and whisper,

“I’m screwing you like a lesbian girl…”

This causes you to gasp for breath.   I laugh in response and grab your cock and jerk it in a rough manner.   The pre-cum dribbles out, down the shaft of your cock.  The best part, however, is when you squirt for me and I direct your head so it points towards your face.   It misses, and you get your own cum all over your tummy and neck.

Does this sound like a fun time to you?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone