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Demon Pegging

Sometimes you just need a good demon pegging!

Time for Demon Pegging!

It’s very  late at night, and you notice a slight chill in the room.  Your cock twitches and stands up, as a soft fragrance of cinnamon and honey envelopes your senses.   You breath in deeply, and close your eyes.  Perhaps you have already fallen asleep?   It is then that I appear in front of you.   “Did you know that not all demons are evil?” I ask, while wearing a huge bright red strap-on between my tan legs.   I am also wearing a red top that says, “You should try some pegging with your breakfast.”

“Move over sweetie, I want to cuddle with you.”

I say, still smiling seductively.

I’m such a beautiful demon.  You stare at me, partly wanting to run, but also not able to leave.  It is almost as if you cannot move at all.   I then run my red nails down your body, and tell you to turn around.   You feel my soft body move against you.  Your cock stands straight up, even when you feel my cock slowly rubbing up against your fragile body.

“Don’t be afraid to accept my cock.” I say, while rubbing your shoulders.

I run my tongue along your ear, and you feel an electrical pulse move through your body in anticipation.   You are actually craving my strap-on at this point.    It would feel so good, you think, to be entered, and be made to feel so vulnerable.  It’s strange, but there is so much excitement in being that open and fragile in my arms.  You feel yourself rub up against my strap-on.

I then slip it inside of you!

Do you need me to slip it inside of You?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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Strap-on Lesbian

So, your man wants to be a lesbian and get the strap-on?

strap-on lesbian

Take the Strap-on

Or maybe that’s YOU!!   OH, sweetheart,  you are not into men!  You tell me this over and over, anyway. But, you know that I write constantly about taking a cock and being gay. You tell me with enthusiasm that you are definitely not into any of that gay stuff.  I laugh at you, of course, because I’m pulling out my strap-on while we speak.   I tell you that you can be My lesbian.  You don’t have to be gay to take a strap-on!

Look into my eyes as I insert my strap-on inside of you!

I want to see that look of awe and astonishment as I take your prostate virginity.  There is nothing quite like the first time you do it and you see a guy realize that he has never felt such a climax before. It feels absolutely amazing to feel me move inside of you, nice and slow. I take my time just like I was moving inside of a real lesbian.

You close your eyes in bliss as you feel me enter you.

I ask you if you want me to move faster.  You, of course, moan in response.  Speaking is not your best activity right now.    I smile as I lean forward to lick your ear and whisper,

“I’m screwing you like a lesbian girl…”

This causes you to gasp for breath.   I laugh in response and grab your cock and jerk it in a rough manner.   The pre-cum dribbles out, down the shaft of your cock.  The best part, however, is when you squirt for me and I direct your head so it points towards your face.   It misses, and you get your own cum all over your tummy and neck.

Does this sound like a fun time to you?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Petting the Penis

Petting the penis is more fun when you have a Mistress to direct you.

So, let’s play a game that’s calling petting the penis.  First, find a willing penis.  Oh, look down, what do you know, there’s a penis!  Now, ask if it’s a willing participant in being pet. We don’t want to have any coerced stroking here.   Now, take your hand and put it nuzzled right up next to your balls.   It’s okay, it’s your balls so you don’t have to ask for permission.

You do, however, need permission to stroke it.

Petting the Penis

Now, we are going to ignore your penis and talk about things that turn you on.  It might be my beautiful silky long legs that drive you mad.  Perhaps, you dream of my toes fondling your balls as I smile at you seductively.   Who knows?  What I do know for sure is, I want to hear all about your dirty fantasies,    I want to hear about the most profound orgasm you have ever had.   I want to know what was happening and how it happened.

I will recreate something even more profound.

Now that I know all your hot little buttons, I’m going to use them against you.  I’m going to tiptoe around each one of those buttons.  Then, I’m going to give each button a nice long lap dance.  All this time, you are only allowed to, maybe, stroke very very slowly.  I say stroking and petting the penis at a nice rhythmic slow rate if you are lucky.  Let’s face it, you are not ready to even touch that penis yet.

There will be no premature ejaculation in this story.

Rather, you will learn to edge and stroke for me.  You will become completely involved and immersed in my fantasy that we’ve created together.   Then, finally, I will allow you to not just pet the penis, but have the most profound orgasm of your life.  This is what edging is, in my world.

Wanna Play?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Male Strap-on

Male Strap on play is fun!

Male Strap-on

Men wear a strap on!

Lesbians have always enjoyed strap-on play, but did you know that you can use a strap-on harness as well, my dearest little cock losers? A male strap-on is perfect for men with the tiniest of cocks. Yes, even you can please a woman with the right equipment.  Just buy a strap-on harness with lube just like you are the dominant female in the relationship!  Isn’t that great, tiny dick losers?  Finally, you will get to be a man by pretending to be a dominant woman!

Imagine the joy of hearing a woman gasp when you enter her with your male strap-on!

I know a large cock is something that you are not used to having.  But, just think how fantastic it will be to be able to make your wife or girlfriend make noises you are not accustomed to hearing.  It will be an amazing experience for both of you. I don’t know why more men don’t experiment with a male strap-on.

Surprise her by having sex in the dark.

She will be expecting your little cock and get a surprise cock instead.   Then, just smile and let her know that you got a penis extension surgery.   Of course, that sort of thing does not exist yet.  Gods, can you imagine, if it did, how many guys would sign up for it.   Talk about a doctor making some serious money.   Even guys with an average cock would be wanting to add another inch.

What girl does not want an extra inch inside of her?

I recommend this, not just for any small cocked man, but every Man.   You might think you have a large cock, but if it’s not 9 inches, you could be larger.   I recommend, also, when you use your new cock to use a LOT of lube.  You want it to feel as realistic as possible.  The silicone cocks tend to feel more like a real one then the other kinds.   Leave comments below about your experience with your new strap-on cock!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Beginner Gay Sex

Strap-On Cock is great for beginner gay sex!

Strap on Fem Dom

It’s understandable that you are a straight man, afraid to give into those bisexual fantasies.   You look at those bodybuilders at the gym and you sometimes wonder what it would be like to hold a cock in your mouth, or, perhaps, you want desperately to bend over for a man, but the idea of approaching one is terrifying.

This is where a strap on Fem Dom comes into play!

You can have your cock and your pussy too!  First, you have to find a super kinky woman.  Well, that is easy enough, as you found my blog.  Then, you need to find yourself a small dildo or vibrator.  I give bonus points if you get both.  There is nothing better than the sensation of being pegged, feeling the excitement of a nice cock entering you.

I want to hear your voice when that cock enters you.

Hearing you gasp for breath and calling out my name would do more than just titillate my mind, it would drive my pussy crazy.   I want to hear the vibrator when you turn it on, and your moans of pleasure when you explode from a prostate orgasm.  There is nothing else like it in the world.

It is quite literally the closest thing to a female orgasm.

Beginner gay sex can be fun if it’s with a woman.  Also, let’s go over the actual definition of the word gay.  It means joyful.  Shouldn’t all sex be gay or joyful?  I know I don’t like to have sex unless I’m having at least four or five orgasms of fun.

Maybe you should treat yourself to some gay sex, too!

Hugs and Kisses

Mistress Simone