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Sissy Maid Betty

Sissy Betty was a cute powder puff sort of gurl.

Sissy Betty would wear her hair in a bun with the cutest hair sticks she could find.  She loved wearing her glossy silk pale blue dress and silver garters.   But, girl, let me tell you, the real fun began when I found Sissy Betty in a magic shop where she worked.   Yes, she would bend over for me and do her little twirls.  But, I knew she was really looking at my husband, Gordon.

It was then that I knew, I would soon have a free sissy maid.

Sissy Maid Betty!

Sissy Maid Betty!

You see, I’ve had friends come and go that would stay in my home.  The cost is always free with the exception of cleaning.  Everyone in my home dislikes it, so I’ve been shopping around for a good maid.   I prefer a female, or a crossdressing sissy would be even better.   Bingo!  It looks like I just hit the jack pot. I smiled gleefully at the unknowing girl while I spoke.

“I know it’s difficult to earn a wage know a days. Have you ever thought of a maid service?”

She blinked at me and awkwardly smiled. 

“No one in their right mind would want a girl like me to be doing their cleaning…”

“Oh, sweetie, I would.  How would you like to come over tomorrow and my guys will cook you something for dinner?”

Well, that was two months ago.  Now, I have a sissy maid that comes over weekly to sweep, mop, and vacuum.  She even does windows.   She stays for dinner, and then I watch as my guys give her dessert.  It is quite the happy time for all of us!!

Are you a Sissy maid too?

I would love to talk to you about your days working as a maid!

Hugs and Kisses!


Mistress Simone

Docking Masturbation

Docking Masturbation is a great way for straight men to experience a gay experience!


See yourself bumping your cock against his wet cock.

You can feel his slippery pre-cum while he can feel yours.  The sensation is quite intense as you masturbate together.  Now, most men now-a-days are circumcised, so they can’t actually do this ritual.  However, I have a work around for you, too!  You can feel the sensation of docking as well, without having the foreskin.

First, buy a fleshlight that is nice and long. 

Or, get a two sided silicone tube.  You want to get a water based lube and get it really slippery. Next, both you and your gay lover need to enter from opposite sides of the tube.  Both of you will work that tube together until you fill the tube and cum into the tube together.   The sensation of feeling your lover cum on your cock head will be one that you will not soon forget.

Imaging cumming on each other’s cock heads at the same time!

I believe I would call that true love.  Or, perhaps at least true lust!  Either way, it’s a new sensation to try after you are finished giving your lover a nice unfinished blow job.  Here’s your opportunity to do something special for him that he’s never felt before.  Only, careful, once he’s experienced this it will most likely be his favorite sex act for a while!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Sissy talk

Sissy talk is fun for the girl that just wants to feel pretty.

sissy talk!

I love feeling beautiful when I go out and wearing clothes that makes me feel hot.  Believe it or not, I typically don’t buy designer clothes.   I am just fine going to the Dillard’s outlet and picking up last seasons’ clothing dirt cheap.  I love the concept of the treasure hunt.  This is real sissy talk.  Where do you go to get awesome deals on clothing?

The outlet stores are such gemstones!

I once got a Neiman Marcus velvet coat for 20 dollars.  Some things just don’t go out of style.  If it looks good on you, then flaunt it!  This is sissy fashion 101.  Buy your hair at a beauty supply store in an ethnic part of town.  You will find that the quality is just as good or sometimes better than the upscale boutiques that charge four times the price.   It’s all about the fit and the fabric, so, if you aren’t a bargain shopper, go on you tube and learn to sew.

It’s okay if you start out slow. 

Sewing can be great for stress relief!

Imagine making breathtaking gowns that fit your frame perfectly.  Now, it might take some times to get to that point, but one of the starter patterns is one for a pull over dress.  You could make it in a knit, or something cute with a floral pattern. Take sissy pride in making something all by yourself.  Or, take a class with other ladies and make some new friends!

Want to talk more about your sissy needs?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Teased Bondage

There is nothing better than a big black man in teased bondage.


Teased in bondage!

Tyrone laid on my bed with simple little under-the-bed restraints tied to his ankles and wrists.   It pleased me when I  watched as his huge cock twitched.   I pulled out a feather and ran it up and down his beautiful, muscular, dark black skin.   He smiled when I pulled out the almond oil.  I poured the oil over his tight abs and ran my soft fingers over his muscles.  He moaned in response to the teased bondage.

I watched as Tyrone pulled against the restraints.

His teased cock was stretched to the hard limit of what he could bear, and I watched the pre-cum form on the large mushroom head.  I ran my fingers over his huge chocolate balls and rubbed the oil into his sensitive skin. He licked his lips in response to my touching his muscular frame.  I had to admit that I loved watching this dominant man getting exactly what he deserved.  I wasn’t going to have sex with him, but I would definitely make him wish that I would.

I pulled out a tape measure, and smiled while I measured him.

Tyrone was now dripping with pre-cum.  I scooped it up and put it on the bottom of his lip.   He tried to protest, but obviously I didn’t care.  All I cared about was teasing my handsome black god, and maybe riding his face afterwards.  I would leave all the actual sex for little Jamie to enjoy later.  I just wanted to teach my big stud that I was the freaking Dom, and always would be.

Do you need to be teased while in bondage?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Surprise Cock

Jamie was about to get a surprise Cock!

Surprise cock in your mouth!

She just knew a surprise cock was coming for her as she laid in bed face down.  She had already unlocked the door and was impatiently waiting for Tyrone to come over.  Part of Jamie hated that she was so damn submissive, but the other part of her absolutely loved being controlled.

The smell of sweet roses entered the room.

Tyrone entered the room quietly, carrying red roses.  He put the red rose massage spritzer down on the night stand.  Jamie swallowed as she felt his hands rubbing her shoulders.  It was the red rose massage oil, and it smelled wonderful.   She could not wait to suck his cock, she thought, impatiently.  Jamie felt like such a dirty slut for wanting it in her mouth this soon.

His hands massaged her ass cheeks, and she shivered with delight.

His hands were so big, and yet he was taking his time.  It felt so good feeling his hands running all over her ass cheeks, massaging all the tension out of them.  She allowed a prolonged moan to escape her mouth and he seemed to be pleased by her happy noises, slapping her ass in response.

Then Jamie felt his breath up against her ear asking if she was wanting sex.

Jamie began to stutter when she tried to answer.  She felt his cock running up and down her back.  The head felt so delightful.  His cock was much larger than she was used to having in either her pussy or her mouth.  She wanted to feel him in her mouth, she thought.  So, she flipped on to her back and gathered the large cock into her hands.  She looked at him intently as she put herself into a position to put her mouth on it.

Now, it was his turn to moan, as she began to suck on his cock.

Are you a little Jamie slut too?

Hugs and Kisses

Mistress Simone