Big Black Cock phone sex

Do you want big black cockMost of the guys that know Me are aware that I live with two guys.  One is My husband, but both guys are submissive to Me.  One is a manly man, and the other is a submissive, a sissy or beta male.    I need both in My life to be happy.   Lately, though, I’ve been aching for something else.  When I was not married, I tended to date a lot of black men.   Black men all seem to have a beautiful big black cock.

I spoke to a man last night that showed me a 14 inch Big Black cock!

Oh yes, and this was not a porn star.  He had an immaculate muscular body much like my husband.  However, what was different about his body was that he had a monster black cock.   He explained to me that he had been looking for a woman that could take something that big.   I told him maybe he needed to start out just putting the tip inside of a woman.  However, in his case, putting the tip inside of her would end up being about six inches.

Can you imagine six inches being considered the tip of a cock?

When a man is slightly over 14 inches, six inches is not even half way in.  My god, that would be some intense sex,  I started getting a little nervous when he was telling me he wanted me to take all of that big black cock.   Then, he laughed at me and said he would just put what I could take inside of My pussy.   I am creaming just thinking about it.   I imagine starting out with ten inches and loving it.  Then working my way up as I am able to handle it.    I know I could never take a cock that big in my mouth.

But, I know many sissies that could suck a big black cock.   (Don’t tell him though, as he’s not gay.)

Maybe, I should get my blindfold next time and dress up a sissy as a girl.  ROFL!!


Panty and Thigh high stockings Fetish Auction

Lick My thigh high stockings

Lick My thigh highs!

Hear Me say it Now!

I know exactly which thigh high stockings I’m going to sell to some lucky individual.   They have a nice black seam running down the back of the leg.   I feel they are soft to the touch and cradle the delicate arch of my foot.  You will have to be really careful as to not run these, as they are delicate.   I absolutely love the part that’s soft under My sexy foot.  It will remind you of being under My feet as you rub them over your body.

I imagine rubbing my thigh high stockings over your tiny cock.

Your little cock gets rock hard as you slide your toes inside of my thigh highs.   You know this is extremely intimate, and you can’t wait to cum all over them.   Or, Perhaps, you won’t cum all over them and instead you will sniff them.  You will smell the essence of my perfume.    I LOVE teasing you, so I always put perfume on the top of my thigh highs.  I also add my perfume to the back of my knees.     I love the fact that you have a tiny cock and will enjoy My thigh high stockings pressed against your body.

What about the lacy surprise?

Just like the last auction, I will be including a surprise for you to devour.  They are red boyshorts!   I love boyshorts, and my red ones are my absolute favorite.  I remember buying them at Macy’s department store and feeling the soft material slide between My fingers.   I feel lingerie shopping is such an intimate experience.     Can you imagine anything more intimate then worshiping a pair of My panties in your hand?

The auction will begin June 23rd and go till June 30th 11:59pm

It is OPEN NOW!!!

Bidding will be in the comments section of this post.

Bidding must be at least 5 dollars above the previous bid to count.

Bidding for My thigh highs and Panty combo will start at $100.00

I will also include a personalized hand written letter thanking you and spritzing it with my perfume.

Packaging will be discreet and be mailed out after payment is arranged with a dispatcher.

This event for My panties and thigh highs will not take place again this year.

  So, if you want them, may the best man or sissy win!


Thigh highs you can get mine in the fetish auction

Lick My thigh highs!

Lick My thigh highs!

Hear Me Read it NOW!

Have you ever dreamed of sniffing My thigh highs ?  You know that’s something that I LOVE to wear.   It feels good to take some of My perfume and spray it right behind My knees.   I’m not going to even tell you what perfume I wear.  Though, I might let you guess.  It is both dark and romantic much like myself.   Can you imagine being the one that is close enough to smell something that has touched My beautiful skin?

Bidding for my thigh highs

The bidding on My thigh highs will begin June 23rd and end June 30th

The bidding will be done in the comments field of my blog.

The winner of my special goodies will also receive a handwritten thank you note, and a special lacy surprise!

It’s dark outside, the wind is blowing, and I open the door to my back yard and stare at the pretty moon.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a full or new moon. All that matters is that I am standing there, in My pretty pair of panties and my black thigh highs.    You know you need to sniff My thigh highs.  You can’t wait to wrap them around your cock and edge yourself till you explode.   Perhaps, then you will slowly pull my thigh highs up your legs, very carefully, so as to not make a tear.

You then turn on some music and dance as I dance, while wearing what I’ve worn.   Who will win my thigh highs when the clock strikes midnight on the last day of June?   Who will get a personalized letter from myself and a secret surprise?   I can’t wait to find out!!

The bidding will be open June 23rd in the comments section!

Let the best sissy or man win!


Mistress Simone


Sexy Stockings Auction from Mistress Marlena

Worship My stockings!

Worship My stockings!

Stockings are wonderful against the skin.  I personally LOVE thigh highs.  I love the feeling of slipping My beautiful toes inside of the stocking.  I love the feeling of it rubbing against another person as well.   Can you imagine how fantastic it would feel to buy My stockings?   Well, LDW is doing a trial auction of stockings for sale by a Mistress.  If it goes well, then we will be able to sell other fantastic things.

Imagine something as intimate as stockings that had been worn all day…

I have a secret confession.  Sometimes, I enjoy running a pair of stockings from my head to my toes.  I love they way they feel when they rub against My sensitive nipples,  teasing them.  It feels incredible to feel the soft stocking material teasing the outer lips of My vagina.  It makes Me hungry for a real man when I do this.  It makes me want something more plump and thick inside of Me.

I enjoy a nice hard cock when I wear My stockings.

Sometimes, they get a little bit wet with excitement from the pleasure of the material.  I love stockings and those that have a stocking fetish.   How would you feel to have that same material pressed against your cock?   Do you have a stocking fetish too?   You could be the only person in the world with an original pair of a LDW Mistress’s  stockings.

Are you worthy to have an authentic pair of stockings worn by a LDW Mistress?

I say, may the best man win.  LDW is very proud to announce our very first stocking auction.   There will only be one pair of stockings.   The first one open for bidding will be from our very own Mistress Marlena. Do you have a stocking fetish for something original and all your own?   Bidding will be on her blog.  In order to participate, you must bid in the comments section.    For details, visit her blog about the stockings auction.

Remember, this is a trial run.  If it goes well, then other Mistresses will sell their items.    I, Myself, would get a giddy rush knowing a man out there was sniffing My actual stockings.   Will that person be YOU?


Love you boys!


Body worship at the gym

1 800 601 7259 Mistress Simone loves body worship

Body worship at the gym

I broke down and joined a gym.   I figured it was for the best, given that the Texas heat is really getting to be overwhelmingly hot for a person that rarely goes out in the sun.     I was there last night and was pleasantly surprised to pick a time when the body builders were pumping weights.    I found a machine right next to them and worked on my beautiful legs.   As I pushed on the forty pounds of weights, I felt my entire body tingle with excitement.   I watched a large black man working on building even more muscle in his arms and I could imagine exploring body worship with him.

It wasn’t just his arms that I was staring at…

His huge cock was really obvious through the black spandex.   He looked at Me and smiled.   I, of course, returned the favor.   He was a really good looking guy.   I imagined that large cock of his worshiping My body.   He would start by licking my legs.  He would pay special detail to the arch of My foot before he worked his way up by body.   I continued working on my legs for the next half hour, watching him at the same time and thinking about body worship and how hot he would be at it.

I felt wet with pleasure thinking  about how he could be worshiping me like a Goddess.

I then got off that machine and walked by him.  I made sure that I dropped my towel so he could get a good long look at my pretty ass that I would love for him to worship.   Then, I picked it up casually and walked away grinning.    Most serious body builders work out out on a schedule.    Apparently, Friday at 7pm, I will tell My husband that I need to go out for my intense  leg work out.

Do you know what YOUR wife is doing right now?


Mistress Simone