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Cock sucking Dancing Queen

Are you a Cock sucking Dancing Queen?

Cock sucking Dancing Queen

One thing I absolutely love doing is going out dancing.  I love feeling the beat and swinging my hips to the bass.   It feels really good to pop my butt out and watch men lose control as I wiggle my ass down.   It really works my abs and thighs when I sway from side to side.  Can you imagine being my dancing partner out there on the floor?  You can dance with me, sweetheart, as long as you are my cock sucking Dancing Queen!

We came to this club to tease all those cocks!

Don’t get me wrong. I love to tease a cock till I give it a crazy release. But today, I want to watch YOU go down and give some men some good holiday stress relief.   I’m going to teach you how to be a cock sucking whore, without even saying a word.   It all starts with a nice bubble butt that you can move from side to side.  You want to put those guys under your spell.  I know when I sway my hips from side to side,  the guys go into a deep trance.

After that, it’s anything goes, and I want to see your lips moving to the beat.

In my mind, this is not just a club where we can go to dance.  It’s the type of kinky club where anything goes.   No one cares if you get down on your knees and take a cock into your mouth.  I almost imagine a cock sucking part of the club, where the guys can compete to see who is the best cock sucking dancing queen.

I wonder if you would win?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Robin sucks BBC

Robin sucks BBC and LOVES it!

Robin sucks BBC

BBC Cock Sucking Party!

Yes, Robin is a sweet little transgendered girl that loves nothing better than a nice, hot, big black cock in her eager little mouth.   She loves it other places as well, but always tells me how she craves the creamy goodness of those chocolate cocks.   Robin goes to hip-hop clubs and wears the cutest little outfits.  She enjoys prancing around the club giving all the men a free lap dance.

What man does not LOVE a lap dance?

I love the way Robin works a room, going from man to man, whispering in their ears how much she wants to suck their cocks.   Then, she gives them the key code for the room downstairs.    It’s a special room that I rented out just for my little cock loving slut.  You see, sometimes a girl needs a place to go to relax and just be a slut.

Robin is a cock sucking BBC slut!

She only wants the best, and I make sure she does not ever get anything less than that.    I wait for Robin in the room downstairs getting the condoms, music, and drinks ready so that everyone can have a great time.   I do pride myself on being a great hostess.    This room has a couple of king size beds, a few couches, and recliners, with a TV showing porn.  It’s every guy’s dream cave.

I hear the key code being punched in, and Robin walks in smiling.

She is going to have a great time with the crowd of at least 20 men following behind her!   It both shocked and thrilled me to think that My little Robin has set her goal as high as satisfying 20 black men in one night.   Then, when I see these men also smiling at me, I realize that we are going to be enjoying them together!!

Do you want a BBC cock sucking party too?

I LOVE role plays!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Sneak attack Strap On Cock

My sneak attack Strap On cock is better than any movie!

Attack of the Strap On Cock

Attack of the Strap On Cock

Who loves a strap on cock, but you sweetie?  It’s a moonless night, so it is quite dark in your bedroom.  You wake up suddenly because you feel like someone is in the room with you.  Who could it be in the corner of the room, watching you with wicked intent, but My evil persona!   I watch you as you curl up in your bed.   I walk towards you and smile.  When I speak, you realize that you can no longer move.

It is then that you see what is sticking out between My legs.

A ten-inch strap on pokes out of a leather harness.   You try to say my name when you realize you once again cannot speak. You watch as I slide my fingers over my big strap-on cock.   I say your name, and it sends shivers down your spine.  It’s not every day that a demon Mistress such as myself visits you in the middle of the night.  I walk towards you, and my cock is sticky and wet.  You are not sure if you should be aroused or scared.

Perhaps My strap on should make you feel both!

I wiggle my fingers, and you flip over on your tummy without touching your body.   You open your mouth to speak and realize I have silenced you.   All you can say is one word.  It does not matter what you try to say.  Your mouth can only utter one word.  That word is Please….

Do you want My strap on cock inside of you?

I smile hearing you utter your one word and take you until the sun rises.

Do you need this type of role play?

Hugs and Kisses!


Mistress Simone

Thanksgiving Strap-on

Thanksgiving Strap- on Play  for the Holidays

Strap-on Mistress Simone

Strap-on Mistress Simone

Imagine yourself if you will all nuzzled up in bed with a strap- on Mistress like myself.  We are snuggling and your back is facing away from me.  My arm is draped over your shoulder running my nails down your bicep.  I enjoy doing this to my husband.  I would also enjoy doing this to YOU!   I love running my fingers over a man’s body and cuddling up to him rubbing my breasts close to his body.

Imagine me kissing you all over your back!

You are so relaxed and comfortable with me that you feel it’s just fine to feel me massaging your ass.  I rake my nails over your butt while you groan.  You are so happy that you wiggle that cute little ass closer to my pussy only to find something new there.  It’s pokey and slippery, and lots of fun.  Yep, it’s My strap-on, and she’s ready to play with you.

Men are not the only ones that enjoy doing a bit of poking and pushing!

I LOVE the power that comes from sticking my strap on cock inside of you.  The mental power of having sex with you the same way you have sex with me is pretty powerful.   Now, when I use my double ended dildo or use a little bullet inside of my strap on, then it’s not just mental stimulation.   I’m aroused and ready to penetrate you physically and mentally.

Are you ready for a strap on fem dom like Me?

Get your toys and call me.  Scared?  Maybe you should try the role play version first.

Hugs and Kisses.


Mistress Simone

Available Wednesday 2 to 7 pm Eastern and then back Monday morning around 1 am.  Everyone stay safe, have fun, and try to make the best out of the Holidays.  Love you!

Fifteen Year Anniversary

Fifteen Year LDW Anniversary Promotion November 15th ONLY!

Fifteen Year AnniversaryI will now be available from Noon to 7 pm not just on the fifteen year anniversary, but all Wednesdays!!

Lately, I’ve been playing around with the concept of having a day when I log in since so many of you say you wish I was on during the day.  Well, great news, I am making Wednesday My daylight day!   This will also be just in time for the Fifteen Year Anniversary Promotion.

If you have called LDW 15 times or spoken for 150 min you get a FREE 15 minute call!

This is with ANY Mistress at LDW.  It’s truly Ally’s way of saying THANK YOU for your loyalty and years of support!

Now, if you’ve never spoken to Me before, I love a bit of everything.   I specialize in role plays, and adore them completely but I also absolutely love coerced cock sucking, cuckold body worship, hearing your confessionals. sissy and strap on play, and even vanilla romantic sex.   If your favorite is not on the list, feel free to Email me at, and we can see if we fit.  I can do anything from submissive to strict and bitchy.  I just need a few hints as to what is your cup of tea.

Or, you can just call and use your free call credit on Wednesday!

I look forward to playing with you, and having a wonderful day in the daylight on Wednesdays!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone