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Beautiful Black Men

Beautiful black men live across the street.

Beautiful black men bulls

Beautiful black men!

So, I just moved into a new house and what can I say: I have a very nice round ass to match my breasts, and I noticed that all the men came a running when I walked outside.  Apparently, there are some very friendly black men in the neighborhood that noticed me.   These big black men did not even care that I had a big white husband.

Most likely, they just figured he was a cuckold.

It’s almost as if the black men in the neighborhood felt I needed a large black man to protect my ass.  Well, I am pretty certain they didn’t want to protect it, as much as screw it.    Funny thing is that several of them were quite attractive.  It makes me wonder which one of these black bulls I’m actually going to be entertaining while my two guys are at work.  I’m sure they would be more than happy to provide sexual entertainment for Me while my husbands are gone.

Black men were just created to be beautiful bulls.

It’s natural for a white male to be a cuckold.  Even larger sized white men, like my husband, typically are not as big as the average black man.  In my fantasy world, these big black men pass me around.  All of them would get a chance to slide inside of me, like any good slut.

Yes, I have these fantasies as well.  It is just a bit crazy that they may just come to life.    There’s nothing quite like mixing real life and fantasy life.  But, then, as I tell all my guys, why just live the fantasy when you can have the dream made reality…..

What can I say?  I’m a greedy bitch and want the guys, the life, and the house!

Can you blame Me?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Simone’s body worship

I love body worship from my pretty slaves.

Simone’s body worship

There is nothing better, I dare say, than a man that truly knows how to please and pleasure me.   You can start with my toes, and gently lick and suck them.   I adore feeling your teeth caress and nibble on my toes.  It quite literally sends shivers down my body to feel the adoration of your mouth upon my body.

Next, move your tongue to my calves, and rub!

Move you fingers into the muscles of my calves, and worship my body by kneading your fingers hard into my muscles.  I love a man that is not afraid to do deep tissue massage.   There is something really sexy about taking my other leg and placing it on top of your head while you move your fingers up to my inner thighs.

Worship my inner thigh, not just with your fingers, but your tongue.

I want you to not just touch but kiss all over my legs.  I don’t want you to miss one single spot as you lick and kiss my body.  I never will grow tired of being touched, licked, and caressed.   I also enjoy when you tell me how, exactly, you are going to rub and lick me.  I love when a man is inventive and draws on my body with his tongue.

Write your name on my thigh with your tongue.

Announce to my body with your tongue that you are going to give me the best sex of my life.  Then, make me wait for it.  You know the millions of times that I’ve teased and edged you, ’til you could not stand it anymore?

Well, now it’s your turn to Edge ME and worship me as a Goddess!

Warning, it takes at least an hour for me to cum!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Humiliation Little Kirk 2

Humiliation of Little Kirk just does not end.

Little Kirk Humiliation! 

First off, little Kirk saw the blog post and insisted that he had a massive seven inch cock.  He was not little Kirk, but Big Kirk.  I smirked at him, and told him that I had seen a picture of him and he was not, in fact, fat, though.  If he insisted on being a BIG man, I could definitely call him big, or even fat, Kirk, since I was referring to his dick.    As a body builder, little Kirk was offended to be called fat.   He had, after all, a really great body.

We agreed on not calling him little dicked man when I held up a pair of pretty panties.

I just let it dangle from my finger tips while smiling at him seductively.  Big Kirk stared at it, and began to smile as well.
“Those would look beautiful on you Ms. Simone” He said, beaming.    I returned the smile as I told him that I would be pantying him tonight.   His eyebrow went up, and so did his little, I mean, excuse me,  big cock. 🙂

“Put these on, we are having guests tonight and you will be serving the food.”

He protested as a little man would do, but I finally got him into the panties.    They were a mint green with ruffles and he said he felt really stupid  wearing them.

“These are way too humiliating Ms. Simone…   Plus, if I leak pre-cum, it will show a wet spot, and all the ladies will know.”

I smiled while I got dressed for the party.  Poor pantied Kirk looked like he was about to cry when I turned to him and told him to suck it up.   It was then that I held up a cute little mint green butt plug in my hand and this straight man knew that the humiliation for the night had just begun.

“This is going to hold your butt hole open for me…”

To Be continued.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Humiliation of Little Kirk

Humiliating Little Kirk is fun for Me!

Humiliation of little kirk

Little Kirk has a problem with his tiny, mini sized cock.   He gets a wet spot of pre cum on his underwear when he is near a hot woman.  Poor little Kirk does try hard to please women.  He loves getting close to women, and enjoys their company.   It’s just too bad that he has the premature ejaculation in his pants problem.

It’s just too bad that his cock is inadequate.

He is such a good looking guy.  He has a nice body and a beautiful physique.  My girl friend and I looked at his cock together, and just frowned deeply.  How could such a hot guy be so unimpressive in the cock department?    It’s pretty sad, really.  But, then when I explained to my friend about his wet spot problem, the humiliation really began.

We could not stop laughing,  humiliating Little Kirk.

Little Kirk drips and oozes all into his underwear.  Sometimes, there is so much pre cum that it shows through his pants.   How embarrassing that would be in public I thought!   If we weren’t so busy laughing at Little Kirk, we would feel sorry for him.    I tried to explain to little Kirk that with a cock that tiny, he would never be with a woman like myself.  The best he could hope for would be to be my pussy licking slave.

It was then that Little Kirk explained he wanted to sniff my toes.

OH MY, Little Kirk!!  You are a kinky man!   Not only did Little Kirk desire to lick my sweaty toes, he wanted to lick the sweaty toes of my hot friends.   I can’t wait to use my Little Kirk and get him to do all sorts of things he normally wouldn’t consider doing….

To Be Continued…

Hugs and Kisses!

Are you a humiliation Junkie?

Mistress Simone

CBT for entertainment

CBT is great for entertainment.



There is nothing better than cock and ball torture for a great night.   I absolutely love the sound of a man screaming in my ear from the intense pain of CBT.   For example, with clothes pins, it’s not about how many of them you put on your balls, as much as how long you keep them on.

Step one is to put a couple on those bouncy big balls.

Step two is to forget about them.  The second step of CBT for a mean mistress like myself is fun, because I can focus on role play or edging your cock.  My specialties include edging and role play.  I do just about everything with those two things.   I love the second step, because it enables me to play with you and distract your mind from the fact that you have clothes pins on your balls.

It’s fun to use a cock ring to maintain your edging and rock hard erection.

Even if you don’t have a cock ring, you can use a shoe string in a pinch.    Speaking of pinching, there will be a lot of nipple and cock pinching in my distraction methods.  The recipe may also call for some cock hitting and ball weights, swinging and bouncing.

You are all hot, sweaty and turned on by all the sensations.

Then, when it’s all over, I allow you to cum after about an hour or so.  The fun however, is not over till the clothes pins come off.   When I hear you take the last one off, you scream in my ear as another wave of orgasmic pain rushes through your body to your toes.

OH, what a rush!

 Do you love CBT as much as I do?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone