Incubus of My dreams

Worship Me!

Worship Me!

I knew He would be there in the morning when I slept.  Unlike most people, I slept during the day.  I would be dreaming at the same time as the demons, which was convienent for them to reach Me.   I thought I was still awake when I felt soft smooth hands wrap around My body.   I realized, when I tried to move and couldn’t, however, that I was in fact sleeping.  His slow breaths against My neck were teasing the hell out of Me.

“Feel like going some where dark with me?” His voice was like a warm husky silk.

I moaned in response as I felt his fingers begin to slowly worship My pussy.  I felt my legs spread open a little bit to allow him better access to My body.   It was then that I opened my eyes to see My landscape had changed.  I was once again in the underworld.  I was in a room of hard rock and darkness.   It was not however, hot and humid.  It was cool, just like you would expect a dark cave to be.  I felt him run his claws over My breasts.   It amazed Me how, when he worshiped My pussy, he never hurt Me.  However, when he worshiped My breasts, it always made me nervous, seeing the long demonic claws.

He squeezed My breasts and I opened My mouth in response.

“When I cum into you Simone, you will become one with My demon clan.”

I felt the fear swell up inside of My body.  It only made me want the creature more when he plunged inside of Me.  Never once did he turn around, nor did I see his face this time.   It would be the second time this week that I would wake up in a puddle of My own cum.

But was the sticky substance My cum or his I pondered…?

To Be continued.

I love role plays.  What’s yours?


Tortured by the incubus

See something you like?

See something you like?

I was minding my own business in My bed with my pink pillow between My legs.   I admit it, I’m a pillow humper.  I have been from an early age.   I allowed my breasts to rub against the pillow to properly stimulate Me.  I must have been of interest, as well, to the spirits of the underworld, as an incubus of the nether regions was watching Me.   I felt a nice warm glow run over My body before I fell asleep.

My body tingled all over from the orgasm just as I fell into the world of dreams!

I was chained to the wall.  (You would think this was a nightmare…)   This, of course, was not the typical position for a Mistress, but, then again, I was asleep.   I felt the monster behind Me.   I felt his purplish red claws run down My body.   I felt the heat of his breath as he purred in My ear that he was going to make Me into a full Demon this week.

“You have teased and denied Me long enough.,” I heard him say within My mind.

I begged for him to make Me into a succubus.  I wanted the incubus to use and worship My body.    I heard My voice use those words, even though My mind was in awe to hear Myself beg to Anyone.   The heat of the lust was absolutely mind blowing.   I felt him pull My body backwards and stretch his body against the rock underneath Me.  He stretched out his tongue so he could worship My breast.    I fearfully looked down to see the undeniably huge demon form licking Me. I saw his sadistic smile, and I cried out.

It was then that I woke up, hearing deep, dark laughter, in a puddle of My own cum.

“I will be worshiping your body all this week Simone, ” the voice said.

To Be continued..


Free Calls May 14th and 15th

Take the strap on!

Take the strap on!

It’s the happy merry month of masturbation May.  May 14th and 15th, if you have called before in the past, you can get 25 dollar discount off your call on those two days!!  You can even get it on each day which is pretty damn awesome!

Now, let’s discuss My interests….

I LOVE cuckold, body worship,sph, mean mistress, strap on,  blasphemy, strict humiliation,  cbt, confessions, cum eating,  and hearing about your favorite role play!

I Can do vanilla and submissive but you need to specifically ask for it or you will get my husband’s bitchy cock up your butt!!  :)

(While I laugh at your pathetic bratty ass…)

The best way to get a hold of me is by emailing   I will not be on yahoo those two days unless you are able to contact me before hand.   Also , since this is a promotion, I will most likely be a busy Mistress.    I do Not check emails while on another call.   I feel like a teacher right now and can’t believe I actually have had to say this out loud.

So, essentially, the best way to play is to just call and play.

Also, you do not need permission from Me to call.  This is your formal permission notice.  You may call when I am available.   If I am not available then obviously, you can play with another Mistress at LDW.

Above everything else, I hope you have a great two days and have lots of fun!

I will be available those two days.  1am-9am Eastern


Vegas Vegas Vegas

Simone I want to thank all My sissy men and Alpha guys that have helped contribute with cum shots to My Vegas vacation!

 It took a lot of cum to get a trip to Vegas but here I am with My husband and My sissy.   I just spent My after noon with My hands against the glass on the floor to ceiling window looking out on the strip.   My husband was behind Me and My sissy on her knees catering to Me.

It’s good being the Goddess!!

I will be back Sunday morning 5/10 around midnight to tell you all about My kinky adventures!!




Cock and Ball torture is FUN

See something you like?

See something you like?

Poor Jonathan was dangling from My St. Andrew’s Cross looking beaten.   (Pun intended….)   His eyes were downcast and he was weeping quietly.

“I’m so sorry Mistress, for not making your breakfast correctly.  I didn’t mean to burn your omelet!”

“It’s not the fact that you burned My omelet,” I said, with the red leather flogger in My hand.

“The punishment is for serving Me substandard food.  You could have as easily eaten that yourself, or even thrown it away.   You dare to feed the Goddess of your heart and mind bad food and pretend it’s good, when there is an obvious layer of black crust on the top?”

I let the leather whip fly and it landed on two nice soft spots.   The torture of his cock and balls always, of course, excited Me.   I love CBT, otherwise known as cock and ball torture.   I especially love the joy of taking a man that is used to pain, like a body builder, and watching his excitement rise from it.

“Cum with a high pain tolerance….”

I continued to flog him and started to see the pre-cum dripping from his aching cock.  He was sweating and panting, so I took his water bottle and put it to his thirsty lips.     I then poured the ice water down his chest.  He screamed when it ran down his chest to his throbbing cock.    It still did not wither his erection.   He was building up quite the endurance, it seemed.  Normally cold water worked to ruin that stubborn erection on a man, but this was a man that worked out regularly.  He had a nice physique that would put any beta male to shame.

I pulled out the ice cubes and ran them over his nipples.

He screamed like a submissive girl!

His cock shrank a little bit, but his strong will kept it hard.

He panted and said.  “Mistress Simone, you can beat me, humiliate my cock, and degrade me.  It doesn’t matter, I’m going to stay hard for you.   I’m your humiliation pain slut, Ms. Simone.  Do with me what you want.”

I smiled and picked up an ice cube.   “I love sucking on ice cubes.” I tell him.  Then he heard the crunching noise of My chewing on the ice and I grinned.

His cock started to shrink and I was pleased.

“How can I ruin your erection sweetie?”

Don’t forget to ask for CBT or ruined orgasm when you call so I can know what to do with you!


Demon Mistress Simone.