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Demon Sex

Sometimes you just need Demon Phone sex….

This blond Princess is not so pure.  I am not the girl next door.  I am the darkness at your door and the nagging feeling of what you know you must have.

……and I will Most Gladly give it to you My sweet……..

lo,  I am a Demon and one that delights bringing others to the joys of Love, blissful orgasm and the deepest realms of unconditional love.

I have to say that I enjoyed strapping your fragile body down on the table. You obeyed without question when I pulled out my humping pillow and pressed it to your face.   Moaning in blissful delight, you stripped naked and hopped up on the table.   I like My strap on I purr to you softly while restraining your hands in velcro wraps.   Now sweetheart don’t forget that I love you so it’s important that you look deep into My eyes when I penetrate you.  I feel you start to squirm and twitch under my hands.  Suddenly, you are so nervous now that you realize just how much control you have lost.  Look deep into My eyes and see the hunger, the dark need to dominate you and control your cock the way you control your own world.

Unfortunately, this is not your world, it’s Mine. My will be done on Earth as it is My heaven that I am about to bestow upon your body My love.   My nails run down your body to your sweet, smooth balls which I lovingly caress.   You cringe when I softly then firmly hit them.  You cry out and tears run down your face as I watch your reaction.  I’m observing you the way a preditor watches it’s prey.  I hold myself back breathing in your pain and delighting in it’s glory the way I would enjoy fine wine or dessert.

You are My dessert.

When I take My little pinky and stick it in My mouth sucking it, I can quite literally feel the intensity of your arousal before I even look at it.  I feel you so the question comes to mind….

Am I about to penetrate you, or myself on this table?

Oh goodness, now you’re addicted to this Darkness…..

But it’s Mutual……………

Come play on the dark side.  It wants you and so do I.

Want MORE controlling your little cock through deep penetrating Role play?

Enchantrix, Succubus, Mistress,Witch, Empress, Goddess, and All Woman

. For an erotic phone session with Empress Simone, call 800-601-6975

Must be 18+ Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum

Discreetly billed to your credit card

84 comments to Demon Phone Sex

  • Empress Simone

    Much better

  • Empress Simone

    Are people running away… Dance for them!

  • Empress Simone

    I am happy you are having fun

  • Empress Simone


  • Empress Simone

    No wants to see your tiny clit

  • Empress Simone

    You are not allowed to get hard. period!

  • Empress Simone

    good girl

  • Empress Simone

    yes I do!

  • Empress Simone

    Go to sleep aroused and frustrated! That is your assignment. Then get up and take a cold shower.

  • Am I required to go online now and webcast myself in drag holding the sign for an hour?


  • Empress Simone

    Yes and you are required to respond to My most recent blog post which is now called cuckold pussy stretching.

  • Miss just got your answer…since its so late is there anyway I could do two hours tomorrow?


  • Empress Simone

    please leave comments on My newest post before you go to bed. I’ll answer there

  • Succubus_Lover

    Succubus Simone –

    I wish you really were a succubi!

    I wish that repeated masturbation sessions would leave me dehydrated, deterioration of my health; and, death!

    I am listening to your seductive voice as I type this. I have removed my clothes so I can play with myself!

    My entire body is shaking like a leaf!

    I can’t stop listening to your voice!

    (moans softly) I wish you were a demon who would bring delights of love and blissful orgams in th deepest realms of unconditoinal love!!!

    I love your evil, seductive laugh!

    I love how you are wearing the yellow “caution” tape advising me to avoid you! I realize that I should avoid you at all costs but your voice hypnotizes me as I continue to replay your words! I should have paid better attention to the “caution” tape because now I am addicted!

    I wish you would purr at me as you restrain me!

    I wish you really did love me. It will remember how important it is important that I look deep into your eyes when you penetrate me. I would love to start to squirm and twitch under your hands.

    You are entirely right, I feel so nervous now that I realize how much control I have lost!

    I am looking deep into your eyes to see how hungry you must be for me!!! I am unable to stop looking in your eyes – your hunger looks SO intense! I love seeing the hunger in your eyes, the dark need to dominate me; and, control my cock the way I control my own world!

    I loved hearing your deep, seductive laugh as you told me this is your world, not mine! I wish your will be done on Earth as it is in your Heaven that you are about to bestow on me. I wish your nails would run down my body to my sweet, smooth balls which you lovingly caress.

    I wish you would watch me like I am your prey. I hope you can hold yourself back and breath in my pain….

    I wish you would delight in my glory!

    I wish you could feel the intensity of my arousal before you even look at it!

    Now, I am addicted to this Darkness.

    I am so glad it is mutual!

  • Adam

    Succubi Simone –

    I agree with WhippingBoy1957 (Feb 24, 2011). You do have an intellegence and mischeviousness that gives real meaning to be careful for what I wish for!!! I also agree that it is wonderfully creepy when you say “don’t worry, I am addicted to this too!”

    I should be very attentive of the yellow “caution” tape that you are wearing!

    I now realize that you love to prey on me; and, my need for your love!

    I feel physically sick that I need to look deep in your eyes to see your hunger as I listen to your voice!

    I am terriried by the amount of self-control I have lost!

    I love you telling me to look in your eyes to see your hunger!

    Please, contine to take advantage of me!

    Your eyes are soooooooo cold, like a shark’s! Cold and calculating….

  • Empress Simone

    They are and I love that you are scared of Me 🙂 Love Simone

  • Empress Simone

    and the darkness is also addicted to you My pet… Love, Simone

  • Adam

    Succubi Simone –

    I physically can’t stop coming back to your website! I try to avoid you; but, physically can’t! I keep telling myself to look at your “CAUTION” tape and take it seriously that you aren’t playing around!

    I wish you; and, your female friends would observe me like prey! I wish you would tell ALL your friends on your website – enchantrix?

    Please, control my cock!

    I appreciate the honesty in admitting that I should be scared of you!

    I find it IMPOSSIBLE to stop staring into your eyes to see how cold, calculating; and, deadly you are!

    I wish you would purr softly in my ear to say “Sweetheart, don’t forget that I love you. It is important to look deep in Your eyes as You penetrate me!”

    I am extremely nervous telling you this about how much self-control I have lost! I love looking in your eyes to see the hunger; and, dark need to dominate me! I wish you would control me!

    Do you love to make me feel physically sick?

    I totally agree with whippingboy that you are wonderfully “creepy” as you say you are addicted to this too!

    I realize that I am disregarding the “CAUTION” tape (against my better judgement)!

  • Adam

    I wish I had a personal picture of you in the “CAUTION” tape to keep with me at ALL times to remind myself to avoid you at all costs!

    I also loved your picture on “Sadist Simone” you looked so seductive in this outfit. I wonder what it would feel like to wear this outfit?!?

  • Adam

    Your hips looked so … (I don’t know the right way to say this) thick, strong, athletic, powerful in this picture! I can see you easily taking advantage of my need for a woman in my life; and, to hear your voice

  • Empress Simone

    you are under My spell Adam!

  • Empress Simone

    you can meditate on that concept with your hands behind your back for Me

  • Empress Simone

    Well I go jogging every day!!

  • Adam

    Succubui Simone –

    I am meditating on that concept now. My cock is getting so hard…….I am rocking back and forth in agony in my chair!!!

    I love that you go jogging every day! I can definately see the power in your thighs and ass!!!!

  • Empress Simone

    Yes I have Very strong thighs

  • Adam

    Succubi Simone –

    I wish you that you were really a demon that delights in bringing others to the joys of blissful love; and, unconditional love (as I know I could definately experience this for you, if this is how you are in reality)!

    I would LOVE for you to call me “Sweetheart”; and, remind me to look deeply into your eyes as you penetrate me! I LOVE looking deeply into your eyes to see YOUR hunger!

    I really wish that you would observe me as your prey!

    Unfortunately, I have no idea if I am the kind of person you would want to train.

  • Adam

    I also wish I could experience first-hand how strong your thighs are!

  • Kevin

    Thank you for transforming me today! Can’t wait for you to possess me further. Cheers to the start of something beautiful.

  • Kevin

    I also wanted to let you know that a few goodies from your wish list are on the way. Not much, but I hope you enjoy them.

  • Empress Simone

    Thank you so much Kevin! Love Simone

  • Empress Simone

    Thank you so much Kevin! You are a wonderful man! Love Simone

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  • Empress Simone

    Thank you pipes

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