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Cocksucker Jane gets a surprise

I hope you enjoy my fun little story about Jane cocksucker.

Jane cocksucker was the best little cocksucker ever created.  There was no cock that she could not suck.  Well, maybe only in Jane’s mind.  She was the queen of the suction cup dildo.  She could bend over on that dildo and wiggle that cute little ass down it ’til she squealed in happiness.

She also Loved to suck on another cock while she pegged herself.

“There is nothing like sucking a nice cock!” she would say while bending over backwards.

One night, her Mistress came to town and told little Jane to dress up in her very best cute dress.   She had quite the wardrobe, so it took some time to figure out which one was, in fact, her favorite.   When little Jane was done, she picked her red dress, with red Jimmy Choo shoes.  She wore red lipstick and had matching toes and nails.   Jane cocksucker looked red hot.

Little did Jane cocksucker know that I was taking her to her gay coming out party.

(Boy, was this going to be a surprise since she’s straight!)

Cocksucker Jane, Don’t you just LOVE SURPRISES??

Are you a cocksucking Sissy?

Are you a cocksucker Jane?

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil…)

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