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SPH Pride

Is it possible for a little cock man to have SPH Pride?


SPH Pride!

Anthony is my little-dicked man that I enjoy showing off to my personal friends.  I love when I have friends over to the house, and I have him whip out his little cock.   Every cock loves being touched and fondled.  It does not have to be a nice big cock to desire that.   Little cocks need to be fondled too, even if it’s while people are laughing at it.

Laughing at a cock while fondling it can be great for the little cock.

SPH addicts love being laughed at.  It’s a big turn on to show off their little peckers.  Anthony is no different in this aspect.   I enjoy showing it off to my girlfriends.  To make it even better, he has large balls, so his tiny sausage typically hides in his balls when not erect.    It’s almost like he is a eunuch walking around naked.   Also, when my little sph partner pulls down his underwear and he is hard, well no one can tell.

Stand tall little dick Loser, and show off your tiny penis!

It’s time that little-dicked guys show off their tiny peckers and make people laugh.  You were born to make people happy.  So, pull it out and show off your pinky sized pecker!  Have pride in your tiny dick.   Stand tall, and say, “Yes, I have a small dick.  I know anything smaller than 8 inches is too tiny to please a woman.  So, look at it, ladies, and Laugh your asses off!”

Hugs and Kisses, little-dicked losers!

Mistress Simone

16 comments to SPH Pride

  • kris

    Empress Simone I am 2 inches fully erect and proud of it! I love to wear a Speedo to the pool and show off my tiny pecker.

  • I wouldn’t say I have pride that I’m slightly below average but I accept that I don’t have a real man’s Cock. Rather than fight it I embrace it making the most of it. Not much else you can do.

  • Petey cream puff

    I do have small one at 2-3′ and only way it can get hard/grow is if I’m wearing women’s clothes/bra/panty/lipstick/perfumes/
    lotions with women dong this to me. I admit I’m a cream puff that wants women to control/take charge of me in female lead relationship with me.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Even at church people there made fun of small cocks. Wow where does a guyfind a woman like you. I have a small cock and larde balls also. Do you have a sister Mistress? I tried to walk away from addictive porn life and follow Jesus. How humiliated was i to here small cock humor there? I don’t know the didn’t mention me but do they look at other men?

  • Be proud of your tiny pecker! XOXOXO

  • jacky

    thanks to be respect the tiny cock mistress….
    my cock is just 5 inch
    tiny cock is never hurt women, they please women as a goddess….

  • jacky

    i write your name in my cock, mistress….

  • Owen

    I first heard the term you used here “a little dicked man” from a female friend of mine. She was telling me about some guy she dated and was done with and at one point said “You know, he is one of those typical little dicked men”. I am a bit size challenged myself and I got quiet but tried to manage a weak smile like I knew what she was saying. (like oh yeah those guys). In reality I was scared she knew about me or something. To this day I don’t know if it was a casual comment or if she was trying to intimidate me and sensed something. I actually still know her but expect she has long since forgotten this.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I have a tiny cock and love tiny cock femmy sissys

  • That’s Awesome Sissy April. I love playing with tiny cocked sissies. XOXOXO

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Cum play with me on twitter AprilsissyNicole

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Simone how do you play?

  • I play by pretending I have a nice big cock, not just a fake one…

  • Sissy April Nicole

    How big are your cocks imaginary and strap-on? I have a double header we could share

  • Sharing sounds like fun!

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Lets do it let me count the ways
    #1 ass to ass in mine in yours backing into each other
    #2 in your ass in my mouth
    #3in your pussy in my mouth
    #4 in your pussy in my ass
    #5in your mouth in my ass
    #6in your mouth in my mouth
    Any more suggestions?

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