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Romantic Gay interlude

Are you ready for a romantic gay interlude?

Some of you guys out there are not just gay, but all the way out of the closet gay.  It’s not just about the rough sex, or even the cock sucking, for you guys.    Sure, you love a good thick cock in your mouth.   You also love being face down, butt up, as any good girl would.   But, no, you, my loving girlfriend, want the whole female experience.  You want to date a man, just as a super sweet woman would.  This is what I think of as a romantic gay interlude.

You want to be taken out on a date in public.

He shows up dressed up in his best shirt and slacks and opens doors for you.   He even smiles nervously at you when you order.  This hot guy notices when you bite your lower lip slightly.   You bend over to pick up your napkin in your favorite cock tease dress.   When you pop back up, you notice him staring at your firm ass.    You of course, want him to stare at your ass, because you love the concept of him wanting to slip his cock inside of you.

He watches you eat only because he is noticing your cock sucking skills.

You do this on purpose, and by design, because you are not only a champ at sucking cock, but skilled at teasing a man’s cock.   Just like any diva, you know exactly how to get what you want out of a man.  After dinner, the two of you go dancing, and he holds you close.  You can feel his hard cock rubbing against you, even through his slacks.   It is because of this that you know exactly what is going to happen tonight!!

Do you need this type of slow romantic gay sex?

Let’s do it together!!!   I LOVE all types of role plays.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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