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Sissy Tricked into Cock Sucking Pt 3

Sissy Alice tiptoed into the room, while Jonathan aggressively pushed his cock inside of me.

Coerced Cock Sucking!

We both told Alice to come to us, and she was a bit nervous following that order.  She would not be there at all, except that I had secret information on her.  Now, she was . . . → Read More: Sissy Tricked into Cock Sucking Pt 3

Princess Buttercup is Gay

Gay for life, Princess Buttercup was a candy sweet sissy. 

I love making you gay!

Princess, or, Sissy Buttercup, as she was known to her close friends, was tall and dirty blonde, just like in the famous movie, “The Princess Bride.” She had a strong will and loved her friends passionately. One day, Buttercup . . . → Read More: Princess Buttercup is Gay

Sissy cock sucking

Nobody gives a blow job better than a sissy cock sucking!

Sissy cock sucking!

Sissy Susan loves to suck cock.  She lives in her little fairy house and has a bunch of sissy friends.  It’s fun to give sissy cock sucking lessons to her sissy fairy friends.   You see,  Susan is an . . . → Read More: Sissy cock sucking

Attack of the strap on dildo

Attack of the strap-on dildo is a great way to spend a fun night!

Attack of the strap-on!!

Yes, there is always consent beforehand when you attack a sissy with a strap on.  No sissy wants to be be taken by surprise.  Well, that is not always the case, but this is a . . . → Read More: Attack of the strap on dildo

Sissy Cum tasting

Sissy cum tasting season is here, gurls!

Sissy Cum tasting!

It’s almost May, which means it’s Summer time and now is the time to get out those pretty, short little floral sun dresses.  Bathing in the sun is, of course, a great sissy treat.  But you know what is even better than getting . . . → Read More: Sissy Cum tasting