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Demon Pegging

Sometimes you just need a good demon pegging!

Time for Demon Pegging!

It’s very late at night, and you notice a slight chill in the room.  Your cock twitches and stands up, as a soft fragrance of cinnamon and honey envelopes your senses. You breathe in deeply and close your eyes.  Perhaps you . . . → Read More: Demon Pegging

Strap-on Lesbian

So, your man wants to be a lesbian and get the strap-on?

Take the Strap-on

Or maybe that’s YOU!!   OH, sweetheart,  you are not into men!  You tell me this over and over, anyway. But, you know that I write constantly about taking a cock and being gay. You tell me with enthusiasm . . . → Read More: Strap-on Lesbian

Petting the Penis

Petting the penis is more fun when you have a Mistress to direct you.

So, let’s play a game that’s calling petting the penis.  First, find a willing penis.  Oh, look down, what do you know, there’s a penis!  Now, ask if it’s a willing participant in being pet. We don’t want to have . . . → Read More: Petting the Penis

Male Strap-on

Male Strap on play is fun!

Men wear a strap on!

Lesbians have always enjoyed strap-on play, but did you know that you can use a strap-on harness as well, my dearest little cock losers? A male strap-on is perfect for men with the tiniest of cocks. Yes, even you can please a woman . . . → Read More: Male Strap-on

Beginner Gay Sex

Strap-On Cock is great for beginner gay sex!

Strap on Fem Dom

It’s understandable that you are a straight man, afraid to give into those bisexual fantasies.   You look at those bodybuilders at the gym and you sometimes wonder what it would be like to hold a cock in your mouth, or, perhaps, . . . → Read More: Beginner Gay Sex