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Blasphemous Cock Sucking

Blasphemous cock sucking can be a great way to “Absolve your kinky sins…”

Blasphemous Cock Sucking

The first step to blasphemous cock sucking is to find a partner just as twisted as you are.  I know that I enjoy being a special snowflake, and the Devil only knows he created a bunch of . . . → Read More: Blasphemous Cock Sucking

SPH Body worship

SPH Body Worship for the tiny cocked man.

SPH Body Worship!

Small penis Humiliation, or SPH, is wonderful for the man packing the micro penis.  Men that are less than endowed learn to compensate in their life by doing other things to make up for their lack of abilities in the bedroom.  One . . . → Read More: SPH Body worship

Spanking Party

My housewarming spanking party is not just a hot role play!

Spanking Party!

I LOVE spanking both men and women.  It’s a hot passion of mine.  Most of my friends know this little fact about me.  So, when one of my friends visited me, he brought me a new leather flexible paddle with . . . → Read More: Spanking Party

Screwing Micro Penis

Screwing Micro Penis is also a Dom Fetish for Some Men!!

Screwing Micro Penis!

See, now, this is just another reason why it pays to not be straight.  There are gay men that actually look for a man with a micro penis to penetrate them.  Yes, a man with a micro penis can . . . → Read More: Screwing Micro Penis

Be My CBT Prey

CBT is such a great joy for Me when you are My prey!

CBT, Be My Prey!

There is nothing quite like the squeak of pain when I hear you hit your balls for me. Yes, I would rather be there hitting them myself, but hearing you scream on the phone is just . . . → Read More: Be My CBT Prey