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Blasphemous Cock Sucking

Blasphemous cock sucking can be a great way to “Absolve your kinky sins…”

Blasphemous Cock Sucking

The first step to blasphemous cock sucking is to find a partner just as twisted as you are.  I know that I enjoy being a special snowflake, and the Devil only knows he created a bunch of . . . → Read More: Blasphemous Cock Sucking

Tortured by the incubus

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I was minding my own business in My bed with my pink pillow between My legs.   I admit it, I’m a pillow humper.  I have been from an early age.   I allowed my breasts to rub against the pillow to properly stimulate Me. . . . → Read More: Tortured by the incubus

Simone Dominates Satan

If you click on the bottom of My blog, you will find a free teasing mp3 where I dominate Satan

. You see I love everything that goes bump in the night. I love the way the night holds Me tight like it is worshiping My body.

For one moment I want you . . . → Read More: Simone Dominates Satan