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CBT for entertainment

CBT is great for entertainment.


There is nothing better than cock and ball torture for a great night.   I absolutely love the sound of a man screaming in my ear from the intense pain of CBT.   For example, with clothes pins, it’s not about how many of them . . . → Read More: CBT for entertainment

Small Penis Humiliation Loser

Dearest Small Penis humiliation loser,

YES! I’m laughing at You!

This blog post is for made just for you.  First off, I want you to know how truly tiny your pecker is to me.  I think it’s super funny how it gets lost in your balls.   I would not have thought that . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Loser

Cock and Ball torture is FUN

See something you like?

Poor Jonathan was dangling from My St. Andrew’s Cross looking beaten.   (Pun intended….)   His eyes were downcast and he was weeping quietly.

“I’m so sorry Mistress, for not making your breakfast correctly.  I didn’t mean to burn your omelet!” “It’s not the fact that you burned My . . . → Read More: Cock and Ball torture is FUN

Demon Sex

Sometimes you just need Demon Phone sex….

This blond Princess is not so pure.  I am not the girl next door.  I am the darkness at your door and the nagging feeling of what you know you must have.

……and I will Most Gladly give it to you My sweet……..

lo,  . . . → Read More: Demon Phone Sex

Always Hungry for cock

Dearest Husband and love of My life,

I hope you don’t mind this note on the back of this photograph.  I had my big black lover and your newest boss, Aaron, take this picture before we had sex in our bed tonight….

It’s Really cold outside.  I mean it’s never this cold . . . → Read More: Always Hungry for cock