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Dick sucking Jizz lover?

I hope you enjoy your fairy tale, Sissy Brook!

Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest, lived a little Sissy girl named Brook.  She always wore her pretty frilly pink panties underneath her elaborate lacy dresses.   She skipped through . . . → Read More: Dick sucking Sissy Brook loves Jizz

Emily the helpful housewife

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Hear Me Read it Now! Chapter 6

Emily rolled over in bed and stared at the empty space where Jason normally slept.  Her beautifully manicured red fingernails ran over the cold sheets.   Sometimes, Jason went to the computer room to sleep.    He told her . . . → Read More: Emily the helpful housewife

Merry Go Round Surprise

I hope you had an exhilarating and awakening experience with Ms. Harper.  

“You are looking a little spent,” I say to you while smiling.  ” I sort of like that in a man.”   I continue to speak and you continue to stare at My beautiful breasts in a tight little black dress. . . . → Read More: Merry Go Round Surprise

Suck all the cocks for Me

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I went to a smoking party tonight.  Well, it was an e-vapor party.  My husband quit smoking so now he uses an electronic vape.   It smells a LOT better and I don’t mind kissing him now.  It is the present of quitting that he gave . . . → Read More: Suck all the cocks for Me