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SPH Sissies

SPH and sissies  are  my favorite things, so let’s combine them!

First and foremost, most men have unfortunate cocks.   SPH is good for every man to recognize.  I mean, unless you

SPH and Sissies!

have over eight inches, and thick, to boot, you could have a larger cock.   Now that I’ve said that, . . . → Read More: SPH Sissies

Sissy Make Over

It’s Sissy Make-Over day!

Okay, sissy gurl, do you dream of getting your hair frosted, then going out for a manicure and pedicure?  It can be one of the most incredible experiences for a woman.   It’s relaxing just to sit there while sipping on a strawberry lemonade and soaking your toes in warm wax.  . . . → Read More: Sissy Make Over

Sissy dominates the world

This post is dedicated to   My live in sissy, Anthony.

Sissy dominates the world!

Sissies can dominate the world.  Most sissies have higher paying jobs.  The willingness to suck a cock or get a nice screwing is not the only reason why sissies rule the world.  Think about it.  You have to use . . . → Read More: Sissy dominates the world

Coerced into Cock Sucking Pt 2

Alice knew she would be coerced into sucking cock.

Coerced Cock Sucking

She shivered as she stripped out of her clothing.  Alice hated being watched while she stripped.  It always made her feel like she was being judged and analyzed.  I smiled at Alice while she changed, analyzing every inch of her fragile . . . → Read More: Coerced into Cock Sucking Pt 2

Alice the Cock Sucking Wonder

Did you know that Alice the cock sucking wonder was TRICKED into sucking her first cock?

Alice sucks cock!

Everyone knows that Alice LOVES to suck a nice thick cock, but did you know how she became a cock sucking whore?   I caught little Alice when I worked for the FBI.  I knew the . . . → Read More: Alice the Cock Sucking Wonder