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Sissy Cum tasting

Sissy cum tasting season is here, gurls!

Sissy Cum tasting!

It’s almost May, which means it’s Summer time and now is the time to get out those pretty, short little floral sun dresses.  Bathing in the sun is, of course, a great sissy treat.  But you know what is even better than getting . . . → Read More: Sissy Cum tasting

Sissy slut gets caught

Sissy slut gets caught! Special thanks to Gem for writing this story.  Hope you girls enjoy this sissy tease!

“Jack!   Can you come over and help me a minute?     I really appreciate this.  Nothing like good neighbors to help you out in a pinch, right? Can you help me get . . . → Read More: Sissy slut gets caught

Sissy cock sucking

Ann plans on doing some sissy cock sucking tonight!

Sissy Cock Sucking!

You see,  a couple of my friends, Shellie and AJ, are coming over for dinner tonight.  AJ is a well hung black man who just loves blow jobs.   I plan on surprising AJ with my crossing dressing, live in sissy . . . → Read More: Sissy cock sucking

Slutty sissy

Slutty sissy Slut loves to sit on a cock

Are you a Sissy?

Slutty slut is a sissy that loves to sit on a cock.  Oh yes, she’s a girl that knows how to get what she wants in life.  She wears the cutest dresses, and knows how to sway the guys to . . . → Read More: Slutty sissy

Sissy Ho Ho Ho

Sissy Ho Ho Ho Merry cock sucking Christmas!

Sissy Ho Ho Ho!

It’s sissy time every day of the week,  It’s time to be a Ho this week, this month, and the rest of this year.  Even if your year was not so fantastic, just slip on those panties, and make it terrific. . . . → Read More: Sissy Ho Ho Ho