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SPH Pride

Is it possible for a little cock man to have SPH Pride? Why YES IT IS!

SPH Pride!

Anthony is my little-dicked man that I enjoy showing off to my personal friends.  I love when I have friends over to the house, and I have him whip out his little cock.   Every . . . → Read More: SPH Pride

Humiliation of Little Kirk

Humiliating Little Kirk is fun for Me!

Humiliation of little kirk

Little Kirk has a problem with his tiny, mini sized cock.   He gets a wet spot of pre cum on his underwear when he is near a hot woman.  Poor little Kirk does try hard to please women.  He loves getting . . . → Read More: Humiliation of Little Kirk

Humiliation through Queening

Humiliation through Queening  is wonderful when I sit on your face and make fun of your little cock!

Humiliation through Queening

Humiliation through queening is more than just sitting on your face for the sake of my pleasure. Oh, no, it is far better than that, my humiliation addicts. First off, let it . . . → Read More: Humiliation through Queening

Humiliating JizzLoser

Humiliating JizzLoser was a really enjoyable treat last night!

Humiliating JizzLoser!

First, I gave this loser an assignment to make a sock puppet of his wife, since she was gone for the weekend.   I have to say, this SPH enthusiast was all about the sock wifey.  He gave it googly eyes and . . . → Read More: Humiliating JizzLoser

SPH Elbow Sex

SPH and Elbow sex seem to  go hand and hand.


Nothing seems to be more fun than small penis humiliation to me.   Everyone loves to make fun of and giggle at a tiny mini pecker.    Last night my husband was spooning me, when he took his finger and . . . → Read More: SPH Elbow Sex