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Strap- On Game

It’s great being a strap-on Fem Dom.

strap on

Strap-on Fem Dom

I love tricking a man into thinking he is going to have sex with me.  In reality what he is going to get is my strap-on cock up his tight ass.  I think turn about is a great way to play with a man.  You see, once a man is tied up or tied down, with a ball gag in his mouth, what is he really going to do to complain?  Does that make me evil to have these thoughts?   Hmmm, maybe that means I’m a Demon Mistress.   Perhaps, I get a bit too much joy out of switching one joy for another one.  Either way, it’s a great experience to have a strap on up that little tight pussy.

“Let’s flip a coin and see whether I screw you or you screw me.”

Let’s use my this quarter that I just found in my purse.  I kiss the quarter and wink at you.  I call heads since I always like to get my pussy licked.  You swallow hard when I say this, and smile at you.

What,” I say innocently.   “I like to get head from a guy, what’s wrong with that?”  

Nothing,” you blurt out watching the quarter fall to the floor.   I let you check the quarter and you see it’s heads up.

You are thinking that the definition of the coin toss was who is going to be on top, not How we have sex.  The devil is in the details.  I think we both know this, but you really learn this concept when I tied you down to the bed and teach you what it means to be a strap-on fem dom.  I make you scream, then I make you purr.  It’s an unforgettable night for both of us.

Do you love strap-on play?

Hugs and Kisses!


Mistress Simone

CBT Tommy

Tommy loves CBT (cock and ball torture…)

There is nothing better to Tommy than having his balls tied up nice and tight.  He always squeaks so adorably when I squeeze those full balls.  Then, I pull on his balls, and he grunts in pain.  CBT really excites Me and gets Me very wet.  Knowing that a man is taking pain to please Me makes Me want to give him more.  I love men that have a high threshold for it – as long as they are safe and sane!

CBT is fun!

“Role play is a great way to feel like you are doing more cock and ball torture,” I say to Tommy.

First, you put the clothes pins on your balls.  Then, you do something to distract yourself.  You want to quite literally forget that you are wearing this painful little accessory.  This is where I come in to play.  I can distract you from your pain, and help you forget that the clothes pins are even there.  I love the scream in my ear when you take the clothes pins off after, say, an hour!

The screams of pain and pleasure are even better if you are stroking when the clothes pins are removed!  Talk about a ruined orgasm….

Ahhh, yes, the orgasm that is mixed with intense pain is a whole new dimension of torture.  But, truly, it’s great for both of us!   I love telling you about how I am going to take you to a party and have you crawl on the floor for Me while My friends watch and laugh at your pain.  No one would ever want to actually have sex with you.  You are just not that type of man.

You are a whipping boy, Tommy!

This means that you were put here to please My sadistic side!

Are you into CBT as well?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone 

Dickbreath Sissy Jamie

 Dickbreath Sissy Jamie is such a little faggot!

Dickbreath Sissy Jamie

Dickbreath Sissy Jamie

What can I say? I think she is just the belle of the ball at any event!  Dickbreath Sissy Jamie went shopping this afternoon wearing her cutest little panties under her jeans.  She wore her cutest little red thong, while shopping for some matte cock sucking lipstick.  This is where I appeared.  I walked up to little Dickbreath and purred in her pretty pierced ears. . .

“I think the girls at work will know if you wear this one!”

Next, I ran my scarlet nails over the racks of Loreal Infallible lipstick tubes, ’til I reached the name, “Forbidden kiss.”  My eyes lit up with the same menacing color as the lipstick while I hummed under my breath.  “This is the color that you will use when you are on your knees pleasing a man for Halloween.  It’s important that your lips are plump and ready, just like his tasty cock.”

My smile terrified Sissy Jamie, as she grabbed the lipstick and pranced to the register.

It was not until she returned to her car that I appeared again in her back seat, smiling gleefully.  The scared little squeak that Dickbreath made was so gratifying to my wet pussy!  I watched as she smeared the lipstick, and then blotted it expertly.  She smiled nervously at me, as if afraid to speak.

“The girls at work will love those pouty juicy lips when you wear that lipstick.” I said.

“Do you think that if I wear this lipstick, they will be attracted to me?” she said in a nervous stutter.

I did not say a word, but, instead just observed her silently.  “Why, yes, Jamie, all the women will be attracted to you sexually if you wear that lipstick.  No one there will see you as a cock sucking little faggot any more.  I promise you, My sweet beautiful girl, that both men and women will see you for exactly what you are and it will be quite exciting!”

Sissy Jamie licked her lips in anticipation as I disappeared.

Are you a cock sucking Sissy too?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Cemetery Strap-On

 You just visited Ms. HarperHappy Cemetery Strap-on Halloween, Loser Boy! 

“Are you ready for your cemetery strap-on? ” You hear, as you walk down the dusty street.  Well, you hear these words, and then you feel yourself growing very sleepy.  It would be okay to just lay down for a second or two.  No one is around, and the ground looks so comfortable.   You close your eyes for just a moment. . .   When you open them again, you realize you are laying down next to a grave.  This causes you to bolt upright suddenly.  Panic runs through your veins now.

Then you see Me. You see a Goddess in a flowing short white dress.

Suddenly, everything is okay again.  Your cock is hard, and you become obsessed with wanting to be inside of me.  I smile at you and float over to your side.  It is then that you recognize that I am wearing a snow white strap-on under my dress.  You watch me intently as I  beckon you to suck it for me.  I tell you that you are going to be part of my Halloween ritual and it will feel absolutely unbelievable. You, of course, believe me, because you are under My strap-on spell.

I love when you suck my strap-on cock passionately.


Cemetary Strap-on

Cemetery Strap-On

It pleases me that you are so enthusiastic.  I get behind you, and you feel my fingers cuddling your body.  It feels absolutely amazing.  I then whisper in your ear that I’m going to mount you.  You feel me pulling down your jeans, and it seems completely normal to be doing this in a cemetery.

It feels good feeling me balls deep inside of you!

“You love my strap-on, my little pet.  However, now it’s time for me to cum deep inside of you.  You love that I have a wonderful strap-on cock that actually cums.  I want you to have my cum dripping out of you as you walk down this dark road.”  I pull out of you, and turn you around.  It  feels amazing to feel my tongue intertwine with yours as I kiss you deeply.  You then open your eyes and see you are no longer in the cemetery.  You are now back on the road, and I am gone, much like a dreamy nightmare.

Look, you see Ms. Willow smiling at you Here!

Happy Halloween!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Coerced Bi-sexuality is fun!

Coerced Bi-sexuality brings me a great deal of JOY!

Coerced Bi-sexuality is fun

Coerced Bi-sexuality

I love the sad, pathetic look on your frumpy face when I tell you that you are going to suck a cock for me.  Oh, you know I don’t care that you’re straight.  I actually prefer men that are virgins to sucking cock, or even homophobic.  You find the idea of sucking a cock to be rather gross. You most certainly don’t understand the concept behind coerced bi-sexuality.  But, you really want to be with me.  It’s almost an obsession how much you want me!

I love using the power of greed and lust against you!

It’s fun really knowing what morals and/or ethics you will break about yourself, just for the possibility to be with a Goddess such as myself.  First, I convince you to suck a cock – once.  Then, I decide you are really not very good at it, so you need to practice. You will need to practice A LOT!  Once you are good at sucking cock, I will allow you to put your penis inside of Me!

That’s the big reward for just  sucking cock! (and worth it..)

Here’s the problem.  Once you get to be really good at sucking cock, you like it.  I’ve quite literally turned you bi-sexual at this point.  You are now at the point that you no longer think about pussy, but about having a cock in your mouth.  I don’t even allow you to get erect without having a cock in your hand or in your mouth.  Doing this retrains your mind and your cock to need it in order to have an erection. I know, I know, I’m a sneaky witch!

Doesn’t this sound like fun?

It sounds like a great time to Me!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone