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My Social Life

Many people ask Me what I enjoy doing for fun and more information about myself.  Well, I Love men that adore and worship Me. I currently am dating three men.  I allow them to pamper Me and in turn I flog, spank, face sit, and torture them.  I allow One to actually use is . . . → Read More: My Social Life

Obediant sissy

Tonight My main sissy boy took Me to see Inglorious Basterds.  I LOVE Brad Pitt and Anything he is in is a great movie to Me.  So obviously telling  My sissy boy how much I want to see the movie because I want to stay at Brad Pitt (A Real Man) brings Me such . . . → Read More: Obediant sissy

Naughty boy

I had another wonderful session with a naughty Canadian boy last night. I chained him up and teased the Hell out of him.  After I rubbed My blindfold All over My pussy, I stuck in on his face.  He used a tshirt to simulate the role play of the blindfold. I’m still turned on . . . → Read More: Naughty boy

My magical finger

I had another awesome call where I was on the beach and I could use My magical powers to move a man’s cock to do circles or Whatever I decided.  It was so exhilerating.  I love it when a man is creative during our sessions. 

So beware boys of My magical finger…, twirling . . . → Read More: My magical finger

First Blog

This is My first blog here and I am so very excited.  I am one of the newest Mistresses here so let Me introduce myself just in case we have not met.  My name is Empress Simone and I have a deep love for Domination.   I enjoy many aspects of the fetish world and . . . → Read More: First Blog