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Roleplaying Vampire Sex

I thought tonight I would discuss one of My favorite roleplays that I haven’t had in a while…..

I LOVE vampires and werewolves.  Yes I love sparkly vampires too.  Anything involving sucking  is pretty damn hot.  I love their abilities and mind manipulating control.  It is a quality that I feel I have . . . → Read More: Roleplaying Vampire Sex

I Love to Masterbate!! ;)

I have so much to talk about tonight.  First of all, I want to thank four of My wonderful clients:

I always have love for My whipping boy and you know who you are.   I have My first of Many owned contract slaves.  He actually signed one of My contracts so he is emotionally . . . → Read More: I Love to Masterbate!! 😉

Erotic night Sinning Sunday

Well sissies.  I will not be logging in till a little after 1am eastern time tonight.   I will be going to an adult demonstration party at the local adult toy store.   It sounds like it is going to be fun.  There will be wine for us and LIVE demonstrations of all the types of . . . → Read More: Erotic night Sinning Sunday

Orgasm Denial and Torture

This is a new category to My blog but one dedicated to My one and only whipping boy.  He goes through so Much torture for Me.   Every time a call comes in, and I leave a message that I am on a call.  He chants “Deny Him” across my im box.

Now, now, not . . . → Read More: Orgasm Denial and Torture

LDW Promise of Great Customer Service Phone Sex

Please click on the link to hear more about the LDW promise ;).

As we have built and grown our erotic telephone entertainment company over the past 7 years, one thing has become clearer to us each day: although we operate in the “Adult Industry”, and despite the fact . . . → Read More: LDW Promise of Great Customer Service Phone Sex