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Mistress Simone is Your Boss

I finished the last part of the Second phase of My fem dom Boss series.  The first series where you can click on the upper right hand side  where it says:  “Hear My voice”.  I discussed how I was going to have to fuck your Boss in order for you to keep . . . → Read More: Mistress Simone is Your Boss

Addicted to Mistress Simone

Greetings and Happiness to ALL MY beloved slaves, sissies and addicted followers.  You are loved and adored back by your busy Mistress.  I will be available tonight Midnight till 10am  Saturday Halloween.

I will not be available after that till Monday very late, possible Tuesday early.  I am going . . . → Read More: Addicted to Mistress Simone

Dreaming of your Hard Cock

I look outside the window to see the moonlight and snowflakes on the ground. The sun is just starting to rise outside, it’s the perfect time of morning I think.   It is cold outside but nice and warm inside My home.  No one is looking  I raise My black nightgown and . . . → Read More: Dreaming of your Hard Cock

What is a Mistress?

My Head Mistress, Ally, posed a question to Me…

Simone, she said, “What does it mean to you to be a Mistress?   What do you think LDW clients think a Mistress is to them??”

Well to Me….

I am a Fem dom, a strong independent woman, a siren, an . . . → Read More: What is a Mistress?

Joy of Spanking

All of you know of My joys of smothering your face and forced bi.

However in My real life, I have a true joy of spankings.  I absolutely adore taking you over My knee and spanking your bare little bottom.   I love being completely clothed while you are naked . . . → Read More: Joy of Spanking