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Kinky party

Last night was awesome.  I went to yet another kinky party full of Fem Doms with their slaves.  I love touring Texas going to different parties and enjoying taking my collared slave with Me.   I parade him around on his pretty pink leash.  I love using my little cock sucking whore as a foot . . . → Read More: Kinky party

Before you sucked a cock

I remember before you loved cock sucking, you were a regular vanilla man. You didn’t have a femdom such as Myself to rule you, and Own your balls. “God your such a fucking pussy.” I would say to you over and over again as I looked down at your pretty little balls.

. . . → Read More: Before you sucked a cock

It's time to Masturbate ;)

Last weekend, I went to the Texas Renaissance festival and it was absolutely incredible.  It was barbarian weekend and I had the pleasure of watching men walking around wearing nothing but a nude colored bikini or thong covered by fur.   I was creaming in my panties all day long.  One of the barbarians must . . . → Read More: It’s time to Masturbate 😉

Training a man to suck cock.

I love your pouty little lips as they slide along My boyfriends beautiful cock.  You have your slut red lipstick on so you can make  nice long marks against his cock.  I smile affectionately at you as I run my fingers through your hair. You are such an incredibly adorable cock sucking whore for . . . → Read More: Training a man to suck cock.

Poor little cuck

I love seeing the pain in your eyes as I tell you that you are just to small to please Me.  You seem to be so upset by My words.  They are not, I assure you meant to hurt or break you My dear.  They are meant to show you the truth of things.  . . . → Read More: Poor little cuck