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I can't stop touching myself!!!

Today I am feeling a little aroused.  Your femdom has been a masturbation Mistress lately it seems.  I can’t seem to stop touching myself today.  I’m not quite sure why.  I started dating a new man a few weeks ago and that new spark has gotten me very aroused.  For all of you out . . . → Read More: I can’t stop touching myself!!!

Confessions of a Kinky woman

I love being in control.  I’ve always been very sexual in nature and the feeling of control over someone else highlights that sexuality.  Other people in my college class would talk about sucking cock and the missionary position being their favorite. They would talk about how much they love to please a man while . . . → Read More: Confessions of a Kinky woman

Introducing Collared slave Ann sucks cock

I loved dripping chocolate on my boyfriends cock while my sissy boy watched in awe. I see I now have your attention!! I love mixing food and sex.

You see I have three men in my life now.  Anthony is the one I call Ann, she is my sissy girl . . . → Read More: Introducing Collared slave Ann sucks cock

Down on your knees and

This has been a wonderful Christmas season for me.  I have enjoyed both my social life and the time I have spent with all of you.  I feel that we are all connected in some way and that you and I share a special bond.  Imagine if you will that I am peering down . . . → Read More: Down on your knees and Lick It!

Holiday Cock teasing

It’s the Holiday Season, and all through the house, A lowly little cock was up, poking about. Precum seemed dribbling, though not quite done, For this little cock was truly a restless one!

A cock, you see needs much love and care, Yours is now mine, so you really must prepare. Mine to do . . . → Read More: Holiday Cock teasing