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Switching the strap-on!!

Saturday night was once again pretty remarkable, though I didn’t go to a party that night.  Instead I spent the night with My beautiful girlfriend named Jennifer.  She is a breathtaking brunette that I love to play with.  I have a special red strap on that I use just for her.  My men are . . . → Read More: Switching the strap-on!!

Take My Strap-on

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of pushing a man to go beyond that which he even thinks possible within himself.  The excitement I feel almost gives me chills when I watch a man open up his lips and take even more cock then he deemed possible.  I love when you choke on it  . . . → Read More: Take My Strap-on

Rope bondage and Licking

Your femdom went to a rope demo Wednesday night that was pretty awesome.  Rope was passed around and we learned how to make square and granny knots, along with some basic rope tying techniques.   It was really awesome!!!  We played a couple rope games as well which were pretty kinky.  You should know that . . . → Read More: Rope bondage and Licking

Great kinky party

Well I went to a great kinky party Saturday night and, needless to say was exhausted when I got home.  I ended up flogging three guys that night and used a strapon on one of them in front of a crowd of about 20 guests.  I also had the pleasure of watching . . . → Read More: Great kinky party

Sexual Satisfaction is in groups!

Yesterday your femdom went to a munch followed by Saturday night 12/9, I’ll be going to a kinky party.   A munch is an informal get together in a kinky group where new people are screened.  Basically it’s sort of a meet and greet.   I’m telling you about it because I know I’ll be logging . . . → Read More: Sexual Satisfaction is in groups!