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Michelle sucks cock

I am out of town right now but will be back Tuesday morning.

I am having a great time celebrating My Mom’s birthday.  Thanks to those that have send me presents.  I appreciate everything you do to show your loyalty and adoration more then words can convey.….

Don't you wish your tongue . . . → Read More: Michelle sucks cock

attack of the red strap-on

I am in the mood to tease you, use you, and force you to suck My big red strap-on.  I decided tonight that I would take a picture of it.   It’s funny actually because in real life I use the red strap-on as a punishment threat.  It is far to huge to use it . . . → Read More: attack of the red strap-on

sucking the strap-on

Collect My Heart and Win 10 free Minutes Love fest

I had such a fantastic night both socially and with My clients.  First of all, I went to a munch and enjoyed meeting a new sissy cocksucker. You know you would think that I collect Aaron’s so I renamed him Angel.   That is a . . . → Read More: sucking the strap-on

Morning Quickie

Well boys, its almost Valentines day and I hope My cocksucking boys , sissies, and Real Men have been thinking of beautiful poetry and prose to send your Mistress.  I know you think about Me when you are all snuggled up in bed at night.   I especially know that you think about Me in . . . → Read More: Morning Quickie

Teasing you silly

Being a cocktease and teasing you silly is a gift of mine. You see it doesn’t matter if I am putting clothes pins on your balls or riding your cock, I am going to tease you while I am doing it.  If you haven’t experienced me yet, then you don’t yet know how this . . . → Read More: Teasing you silly