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Teasing the Mistress

You press your lips against mine and My body sways slightly.  I love the sweetness of a new romance.  I feel as if  it is a sunny day or there is a light breeze  beneath My dress.   All you need to do to also experience this joyful bliss is just

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slave Humiliation

Eros is a new client that I had the pleasure of meeting though Ms. Olivia this morning.  Special thanks to Ms. Olivia for the introduction. She and I had such a great time playing with him.  What I Love about this new client is his name.  Eros as most of you know is the . . . → Read More: Eros Loves My Strap -on.

Worship My body slave

I love a man that understands the concept of body worship.   It’s not Just about cock control so much as submission to Me.  You understand that I May be hard and strict but I am also soft and sensual.  I tease you only as My way of showing you how much I care and . . . → Read More: Worship My body slave

Female Supremacy

Men in My belief system should Always please and support the women in their life.   Women are the better gender.  We are the one’s that create and as intuitive creatures should be adored and worshiped. Men should approach a woman on their knees.  Even a submissive women should have higher value then a mere . . . → Read More: Female Supremacy

tiny cock Humiliation

What good is a tiny little pencil dick?  Why were they put here?  Were the teeny, tiny little penis peckers put on the Earth to torture us?  I mean really, I meet a guy, fall in love, get excited, and then Wham, it’s another tiny pecker.

I mean Really, what the fuck???

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