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White cocks are sometimes Large too

I haven’t spoken about my third boyfriend in a while.  My main boyfriend, Gorden is a very tall white man with  a nice big dick.  I know, you are thinking that is somewhat of an oxymoron but it’s true. Some Caucasian men are large.   This one is very outdoorsy. He loves to go out . . . → Read More: White cocks are sometimes Large too

Strap on Hunting

The newest vampire series came out that I’ve been obsessively watching regarding Sookie.  I can’t believe with as much as I love Gothic, underworld,  twilight stuff that I missed this series.   So I am on disk one of season 2 and completely hooked.  It made me think when I see these primal hunters of . . . → Read More: Strap on Hunting

Masturbation Mistress

Well I went to the party and it was so incredibly hot. I got so turned on thinking about it that I had a REALLY great orgasm with My “Rachael” yesterday morning.  So I’ll just share a piece of it for you. It was a demo given by one of the members of the . . . → Read More: Masturbation Mistress

Pressure points Mistress

Tonight, which is Wednesday, I am going to a pressure point and handcuff demonstration.  As most of you boys know, I belong to a few different kinky groups where I live in Texas.   I am a lifestyle Mistress that enjoys playing with multiple men, sometimes at the SAME TIME.

Anyway, Wednesday, May 19th, I . . . → Read More: Pressure points Mistress

Adores the black cock

Well all blog thief games aside, your Mistress lost her voice for a while and had to tolerate being waited on hand and foot for a bit. As you know, I am VERY independent and dislike being sick for any reason whatsoever. But I do have to say that being massaged and fed . . . → Read More: Adores the black cock