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lucid sexual dream

Well your Mistress is getting over a stomach bug which definitely took the joy out of My weekend as far as actual sex.  I did however enjoy nice long foot rubs though and my body was definitely worshiped which I always enjoy!   While I slept, which was most of the weekend, I had the most . . . → Read More: Lucid Sexual Dream

Suck My breasts black boy

I Love the sensation of a big black cock sliding deep in My pussy.  I guess that’s why one of My boyfriends is black.  I had a dream last night that was Really enjoyable to Me. I woke up soaking wet.  

In My dream, I was on a bus and forgot to wear . . . → Read More: Suck My breasts black boy

Suck the Dickie Stacy

Anyone that has spoken to Me for more than two minutes knows that I LOVE to laugh.  I enjoy your humiliation whether you do or not I supposed.  Or perhaps, My joy and love of life gets Me off and pushes me over the edge.  Or maybe, it is Because I have such . . . → Read More: Suck the Dickie Stacy

Dedicated to the Sissies everywhere

It was an awesome 4th of July this weekend.  Your Mistress went to a gay club with  My cocksucking sissy and we danced the night away.   I love looking at attractive men pumping and grinding against each other in the dark.  I can feel and feed on their sexual energy and take it into . . . → Read More: Dedicated to the Sissies everywhere