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Obey and Please Me

Thank you to all My morning and late night boys that Always do such a great job of satisfying My every whim.  Also thank you to My little sissy Ronda that I had the pleasure of speaking to last night with Ms. Jasmine.

Also,  special thanks to My FAGGOT Wendy that NEVER . . . → Read More: Obey and Please Me

Vanilla Mistress speaks

What is a Vanilla Mistress?

You know as a Gemini, there are so many sides to My personality and what I enjoy doing is VERY diverse.  I’m naturally a switch, a tease, and a princess.  This is why I created the phrase for Myself of vanilla Mistress.  I enjoy cock control . . . → Read More: Vanilla Mistress speaks

Gordon's Ruined Orgasm

I was going to critique sex toys but I think I am going to wait a bit for that.  Instead I am going to tell you about My newest hobby which is ruining orgasms.

You see,  I speak a lot about sissies and My Anthony and how I love to dress him up up  . . . → Read More: Gordon’s Ruined Orgasm

Worship the Sadist Simone

Happy October everyone!   It’s the month of darkness, witches and playful wickedness.  So what wild things you may be wondering does your Mistress have planned for this month?  Well, first off, I plan on reinventing Myself and doing more writing and innovation.   Since I LOVE parties and somewhat of an expert on toys and . . . → Read More: Worship the Sadist Simone