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Doctor Confessional pt 2

I’m glad you could make it sweetheart to the doctors office.  I know you had to take off work for this.  I really like the Doctor as he always seems to give great advise to Me.   I hope you don’t mind that I bought a new dress for our appointment honey?

The tall slender . . . → Read More: Doctor Confessional pt 2

cuckold confessional pt 1


Your hotwife slipped again into her little bitsy addiction….

I went to a bachelorette party last night and was quite surprised at how much of a good time I had with Tina and the girls.  You remember Tina don’t you honey?  She was the knock out blond that we had dinner with . . . → Read More: cuckold confessional pt 1

cocksucking sissy charlie

Right now as I type this blog post,  My wonderful little cocksucking sissy, charlie is sitting on the couch next to Me rubbing my beautiful toes.  I absolutely Love having My toes massaged and licked.

There is nothing quite like the sensation of someone slipping their tongue in between the crevices of your . . . → Read More: cocksucking sissy charlie

Walking the sissy pt 3

We reach the part in the woods that I really enjoy and turn around suddenly.   Anne almost bumps into Me and falls over.  I catch her smooth, silky hand and she squeaks in response.   I look deep into her eyes as I pull her fragile body to Me  and then I say.

Run!  I’m . . . → Read More: Walking the sissy pt 3

Walking the sissy pt 2


You know every sissy needs to have sissy slut training…

I have that exact big dildo that haunts your sissy mind tucked away along with My strap on so I can take full advantage of My sissy deep in the forest.  I know this forest like the back of My hand as it . . . → Read More: Walking the sissy pt 2