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Cocksucker’s Fairytale

Once upon a time in the wonderful land of sissy, there lived a beautiful girl named Patty.  She was a Princess on the inside as she loved to steal her sister’s red lipstick and bubble gum flavored  lip gloss.

Little Patty lived for the day that she would grow beautiful breasts and have . . . → Read More: Cocksucker’s Fairytale

Simone LOVES blue balls

Hello tiny cocksuckers

You Know Little Alex that I LOVE to put you to shame

So wrote this as your walk of fame tiny sissy boys

This is for All the tiny dick boys out there and the one’s that are just freaks and I really . . . → Read More: Simone LOVES blue balls

Princess Simone says Suck It

Learn to Serve Me

Welcome to My itsy bitsy web sissy boys.  You won’t even notice the slight snares as you enter My dungeon pulling you closer to Me.  Yet you feel almost compelled to move closer against your good judgement.   You should always trust your judgement sweetie.  Why would I ever try . . . → Read More: Princess Simone says Suck It

Sucking the cock for Simone

You know My favorite all time movie comes out this coming week.  Go Team Slytherin! Well I have to cheer for the team that starts with My first name Right?

Hmmmm…. Oh yeah baby, I am on Team EVIL.  That would be any team that is for the concept of You Mr. Straight Man . . . → Read More: Sucking the cock for Simone

Princess Simone Loves Cuckold Men

Special thanks to All My loyal pets….

First of all, I feel very blessed that My white sissy cuck has bought Me all the extravagant presents off My amazon list.  Thank you for supplying My boyfriends with condoms, underwear and toys for Myself. Next I always want to thank Mr. A for your . . . → Read More: Princess Simone Loves Cuckold Men