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I ordered a big black cock

Surprise Update 🙂  Out of town until May 29 visiting New Orleans for My upcoming birthday June 4th!!!!

Gordon and I will have an incredible time taking in the sights of the Big easy.   I can’t wait to tell you about some of the details when I get back.  Don’t worry, I’ll try . . . → Read More: I ordered a big black cock

Demon Mistress laughs at the little cocks

I had the pleasure of playing with a little tiny penis last night.  I think her sissy cocksucking name was Marcia.  Or perhaps it was Veronica.   Who knows as this little penis was quite unremarkable.  It was smaller then her small hands.  We actually played a game.

It was called Hide the cock.

All . . . → Read More: Demon Mistress laughs at the little cocks

Cuckold Demon Controls you

Why do you need a Cuckold Demon Mistress?

Well I’m glad you asked!!  Even if you didn’t ask, you will now, won’t you?  I am a cuckold Demon Mistress.  What this means is that I enjoy what I do.  I enjoy cheating on you and feel absolutely no remorse.    You know men ask . . . → Read More: Cuckold Demon Controls you