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Floppy Pancake Pussy

I thought that name would get your attention.  So what is the humiliation of a “floppy pancake pussy”?

This name is based upon a client that I watched on cam.  It was really awesome and I loved every second of humiliating this little sissy man.  I enjoyed watching him playing with his slutty little . . . → Read More: Floppy Pancake Pussy

October Cuckold Sex Ritual

Blindfold Me and put Me into the velvet under the bed Restraints sweetheart….

You see I love sex and manipulating cock control.  Wow, that’s a big surprise!   Sometimes I enjoy being tied down and taken hard and rough by multiply guys.  I do have some rules to this sort of sexual behavior.   First of . . . → Read More: October Cuckold Sex Ritual