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Teasing You in the Snow

Beg for Simone Sweetheart…

It’s cold outside and this always excites Me. I enjoy the sensation of a cold dark wind against My skin. I push My blond locks from my face while I stare at your shivering body. A smile crosses My face as I observe your cock shivering and twitching from the . . . → Read More: Teasing You in the Snow

sissy Michelle begs for My strap on

I absolutely Love My little cocksucking pet named Michelle.  I love watching her mouth dart all around that pretty cock for Me.  She entices it with her little pouty face when looking at her male suitors.   Then she draws them in by delicately licking their balls.   Michelle absolutely Loves making big balls wet for . . . → Read More: sissy Michelle begs for My strap on

Humiliate the sissy Cynthia…

Poor Little Cynthia How Sweet My Little Cocksucker Really is….

Once upon a time in a world of Ms. Simone, there lived a not so manly man named “John”.  John was an ordinary man indeed.  He was not extraordinary in any way shape or form.  Little John worked from a cubicle and typed and . . . → Read More: Humiliate the sissy Cynthia…