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Enthusiastic Black Cock Named Kasey

Well, it seems I found My new big city cock.  Ironically, it wasn’t the chiropractor I was telling you about or his friend.   I went to a little get together last night and met Kasey.   Most of the black men I play with are very muscular with a six pack of abs.  However, this . . . → Read More: Enthusiastic Black Cock Named Kasey

Sweet Sexy Male Lesbian

So, I picked you up at the lesbian bar.  You loved to swing those sweet little thighs My way.  I watched as our eyes locked on each other and I just knew I was taking you home that night.   I absolutely loved when you brushed your firm breasts against Me.   They were not huge, . . . → Read More: Sweet Sexy Male Lesbian

Cruel Simone humiliates foot stool

Cruel Simone has to be Requested…

I enjoy helping and healing others but sometimes if feels really good to purge the darkness from one’s soul by embracing it.  So if you need this dark cruel Demon to meet you in a dark ally through your phone, then Request Me and I will be there . . . → Read More: Cruel Simone humiliates foot stool

Black cock Audition

Auditioning big black cock can be quite exciting!

You see ever since I moved to the big city, I’ve been lacking My regular black lover.  I think My regulars will know that I am speaking of Aaron.    He’s now a few hours away so I haven’t been getting the extra large cock like . . . → Read More: Black cock Audition

Do You Want a Cock?

Kiss IT!!!

Does it make you gay to want a cock?

Guys ask me that question, one after another.  It really makes me start to laugh when they do because I know they are frustrated and want to be told it’s OK.  Well, it IS OK  to be gay.  Most people are on . . . → Read More: Do You Want a Cock?