Pretty sissy Chrissy was all dressed up in her purple party dress.  She was going to be the belle of the ball that night.  She had her black pumps and sheer black stockings to match her frilly purple dress.  She loved going to the dress shop.  There was a special shop in town for all the special sissy girls to go.  It was owned by a wonderful strict Mistress. She  would not only allow special sissy girls to get dressed up, but encourage them to walk the store fully dressed.

This is My dream sissy store.   This is what I think of when I go to bed.  I dream of a place  where men dress as women.   They would be Required to dress as a women to sell dresses, cosmetics and jewelry  in the shop.    Of course, naturally born women could shop in the store as well, as I would of course, have the best dresses in town.  I would also have a cosmetic counter full of only the best.   Only men dressed as women would run that counter as well.

“Honey, if you want to look your best, you need to be dressed by the best…”

I would have that motto over the door when you walked in.  It would also be a button that all My employees would wear.   Some people of course, would enter My sissy store purely out of curiosity.   But let Me tell you, My girls would know how to sell.    Once a month, I would host a ball in my back room.   It would be by invitation only, but of course would have some security.   Any naturally born women there would have to be a Mistress.   No submissives allowed unless you were a guy.   Sorry, that’s the rule!

It would look like a huge lesbian party to the untrained eye.   It would be safe and beautiful.  Most of all, pretty girls like Chrissy could play masquerade and no one would ever know her secret.   It would all be mutually erotic and safe for all involved.

I want to role play tonight about taking you to My shop.  I want you to be dressed up by men dressed as women.  Then I want you to dance the night away with others just like yourself!!


I’ve been away for a bit, but I’ve missed you girls. 🙂 Now I’m ready to play.