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Cuckold part 2

Love and Obey Mistress Simone

This is how I look waking up after a great night.

There is nothing like being with a new man, except waking up in the morning slightly dazed.   I love when a man is down between My legs licking Me.  It doesn’t hurt of course if My . . . → Read More: Cuckold part 2

Cuckold Audio Part 1

I need lots of guys to be happy!

Want to hear My newest audio?  Check it HERE My little cuckold lover! Love, Simone

My Favorite Forms of Cuckolding

What type of cuckold are you Babydoll?

Want Me to take it off?

Are you the type of cuckold that enjoys participating?   You want to kneel on the floor obediently and wait for the bull to tell you it’s O.k. to get up on to the bed.  You know, deep down in . . . → Read More: My Favorite Forms of Cuckolding

My indifference is your turn on

The Demon Simone is here to play with you…

I’m sorry, were you talking?   I was spending too much time ignoring you!

I know you think you are a very important person but for some reason I can’t get the Game of Thrones out of My head when you speak.   Of . . . → Read More: My indifference is your turn on

Simone the Succubus haunts you

Listen to Me talk about being the evil little succubus that I am…. Click Here for Succubus Simone Love, Demon Mistress Simone