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Stroke it for MeStroke it for MePull out your cock and stroke it till it hurts, sweetheart.

Stroke it for MeI see you looking...Now, now, sweetie, I didn’t say anything about cumming. Masturbation May has nothing to do with cumming and everything to do with painful edging. What is painful edging you ask? It’s edging to the point that your cock is purple, blue and throbbing. if it hurts, I’m happy, just remember that. I enjoy when you stroke and pull back that orgasm.

Anyone can have an orgasm.

Do you really want to be your average, typical male that can cum in 4 minutes flat? Remember, average is only 5 inches and bad in bed…… I didn’t think so. It takes expertise and definitely class to extend your climaxing experience. Honestly, being able to edge is what makes the difference between a boy and a Man. I could of course go on. You don’t want to stroke like some horny thing that just got into college.

Stroke your Cock like the expert that you are…

I expect you are not as young as you used to be. It’s time you stroked it like the mastermind that you know you are. Patience comes with age and with time. When is the last time you really took the time your cock deserves and pampered it? When was the last time you pulled back only to start back up again?

If you know how to stroke to the edge, you also are automatically INCREDIBLE in bed. Yes, it’s about what feels good, but it is also about being incredible to your partner. I want a man that knows how to pull back while I cum over and over and over again.

I LOVE to cum. How about we make you into the type of Man I want to F*@K!
I’ll be torturing you soon, LOVE!