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I Love riding your face sweetheart

You Love to Obey Me

You Love to Obey Me

It’s a lazy Wednesday for Me today.   I woke up feeling My husband licking My pussy.  That worked for a little while until I got a little bored with his speed and decided to flip over on My tummy.  It’s MUCH better to be riding a man’s face versus just laying there being licked in My opinion.  I think it also sort of shows who is in charge.  A man, even though it is now My husband, might get silly ideas that he is the Dominant when licking Me.

I assure you, I am the Only Dominant in My house!

Sometimes, however a husband thinks he still has his balls.   (Obviously, I keep them in My purse.)  I take them out at times and give them back to him when he goes to work.  However, for the most part, I prefer My guys to know their place.    I think all of you reading this know where men should be in My world.

 Men should be naked and on their knees!

Notice I did not say men should be barefoot.   I do however enjoy a man face down and butt up.   I’m feeling all sorts of randy this afternoon it seems.   I guess like all women, I have My many moods.  Sometimes, I feel like good ol’ fashioned hard core sex.  However, for the most part, I’m really not submissive unless I’m role playing.   I’m much happier being the one doing the riding whether it’s your face or your pretty little ass.    Speaking of a cute ass, I have one in front of Me now so I must be going.

I will play with you soon!


Your kinky little demon


1 comment to I Love riding your face sweetheart

  • benny

    My wife give me a shock….. surprise……!!!
    She agree to keep me on cb2000,
    After 3 days, she naked infront of me with her high heels,
    Wife : strips ( she hold the key ), on y knee,

    I think this is my luck day, cause she unlock me, but….. she give me electric shock collar at my cock….. ( with her magnificen body ) sit infront of me? I start to erect, but she just turn her remote and i got shock at my cock and then i got again and again.. ( she smile )
    After that, she told me to lick her pussy till she got a huge orgasm…

    I told her to give me masturbate, she say if u want to eat y own,

    Me : yes mistress,

    After i hv finish it? She send me back to cb 2000

    I just told this for you just because i can’t share with others, is just with y i can mistress simone?

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