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I see you touching your tiny  pathetic penis...

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis…

Who ever thinks tickling is not sadistic has never been tortured by it…

Trust Me, there is nothing quite like restraining a man and getting him to beg for it.  I love first sitting on his face and having him worship ME in that manner.  I would handcuff him so he could not move.  He would be,  therefore, able to dedicate himself to the joys of playing with Me.   Queening is such an art form I think.  You have to be so careful as to be mindful of the person you are sitting on.   You want to make sure they have enough breath.   After sitting on them and enjoying myself till I cum, I always tell the victim, I mean, man, that he will get a reward.

A reward for you is fun for Me.

As you are already restrained, tickling you seems like an innocent enough reward.  I pull out My feather, and may start under your arms.  I’m gentle and very innocent.  You giggle playfully and you are still having fun.   I reach down and place a cock ring between your legs as I continue to tickle you gradually.  I’m taking My time as to not alarm your senses.  You are still in a dreamy bliss from having Me sit on your face that you don’t even realize that I am about to become very mean.

I Love being Mean to you!

You see the sweet sadistic smile cross over My lips and you want to lose your erection.  It just seems that I am somehow able to maintain your hardness even though you want to go limp.  This is when I start to tickle you without mercy.   I ruin your orgasm this way as I stroke and tickle you till you cum. 🙂

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