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Same sex is a turn on

This is My Tumblr!!

I need lots of guys to be happy!

My tumblr is going to be all about My newest audios.  It’s is all about the hottest teases for your cock.   Quite a few Mistresses at LDW are making the switch to tumblr.  I have to admit that it is . . . → Read More: Same sex is a turn on

I LOVE being Bitchy and strict

Yes, I can be sweet and loving, but we all have a preference.

See something you like?

My preference is to laugh at your tiny little cock.   I prefer to be mean to you.   I think in My heart of hearts that men are beneath Me.  Perhaps, that is why I . . . → Read More: I LOVE being Bitchy and strict

Tickle the submissive

Being Mean is fun!

Have you ever been tickled while having an orgasm?

It can be quite intense to say the least.   I enjoy pushing a man’s buttons and getting him to new and greater places.   There is no doubt about the fact that tickling is definitely torture.   Only a . . . → Read More: Tickle the submissive

Desiring to suck cock

Do you sometimes wish you had a cock in your mouth?

You are standing in line at the grocery store and you notice a body builder.  Of course, you are straight.  You have a girlfriend or wife and have only been with women.   Though, you see this muscular guy in line buying protein . . . → Read More: Desiring to suck cock

1333 strokes till he came

1333 Strokes. Can YOU beat that record?

Can you stroke to 1,333?

Now, granted, with this edging contest, I eased him up to 1000 strokes.  It was fun hearing him get to 100.  He didn’t think he could go that far.   I love a man that really knows how to edge his . . . → Read More: 1333 strokes till he came