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Being Mean is fun!

Being Mean is fun!

Have you ever been tickled while having an orgasm?

It can be quite intense to say the least.   I enjoy pushing a man’s buttons and getting him to new and greater places.   There is no doubt about the fact that tickling is definitely torture.   Only a beautiful strict Mistress such as Myself would do something that mean to a poor willing subject.    Imagine, if you will, being tied up nice and tight.  I’m enjoying Myself on your cock.  After all, pleasing your Mistress should always be important.

My needs always come first.

I personally don’t believe in denial of Myself.  I am multi orgasmic and planning on using your mouth, and your cock to fulfill all My needs.   As for you, well that’s another story completely.  You don’t have the right to cum until I allow that release.  I love the concept of you cumming but only when I say it’s time.  Speaking of time, where were we?  Oh, yes, I had you tied up and I was using your cock to please Me.   Let’s say after I enjoy myself thoroughly, I  begin to tickle you.

I Know all the places where you are Most ticklish.

I’ve studied you much like My beautiful prey that you are.  I know all the places on your body to tickle and what effect each place will cause.  So, just when you are about to pop, I tickle you till I hear you screaming.

Now, that is what I deem to be fun!

Let’s tickle the submissive!