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Embrace your inner demon

At heart I’m a Succubus

Give into your Darkness!

The wind moves over My large, beautiful breasts when I enter your bedroom.   I prefer being topless when I enter your room.  I stand in the doorway watching you sleep peacefully.   I breathe in the air and taste your scent on My . . . → Read More: Embrace your inner demon

The best sexual instrument

The Mind and all it’s glories

Confess all your secrets to Me!

What is better then any other sexual instrument in the world?  Here’s a guess, it’s not My Hitachi.  Though in all honestly, I am quite fond of that as well.   I love going to other worlds, dimensions and alternate . . . → Read More: The best sexual instrument

Darkness calls you to suck cock

Are you a good cock sucking slave?

Blame sucking cock on the evil of the night

You don’t want to suck a cock.  You know in your heart that it’s bad.  You hate the stereotypes affiliated with it.  You are NOT gay.  You are absolutely not gay in any way shape or form.  Yet, . . . → Read More: Darkness calls you to suck cock