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Jason gets his cock sucked

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Chapter 5 Hear it Now!

I showed my new friend, Jason, around the store, explaining to him that I really don’t get a chance to talk much to customers, as I’m usually behind the desk in the back room.     We talked about sports a little bit while I . . . → Read More: Jason gets his cock sucked

Meet cock slut Lawrence

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Chapter 4 Hear it NOW!

I looked at the tall, muscular man as he walked in.   I, of course, noticed the wedding ring first, and was a bit disappointed.  My name is Lawrence, and I own an adult store.  I know, you’re thinking it’s not the best career . . . → Read More: Meet cock slut Lawrence

Jason’s first adult store visit

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Chapter 3 Hear it Now!

The adult store was dimly lit and huge.  There was a girl at the front desk with a nose ring  pink hair and purple lipstick.   She wore torn up jeans and a tee shirt but you could still tell . . . → Read More: Jason’s first adult store visit

Jason wants the cock

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Chapter Two Hear it Now!

Jason laid in bed with his wife riding him.  She had large breasts that jiggled a little bit when she rode him, and it felt really good.  However, He just couldn’t help but think what it would be like to suck . . . → Read More: Jason wants the cock

Jason’s cocksucking secret

I need lots of guys to be happy!

Hear it NOW!

Jason was a manly man.  He drove an American brand of pick up truck and lived in Dallas, Texas.  He went to a Texas state college and graduated with a good enough average to get a decent job when he graduated.  Jason . . . → Read More: Jason’s cocksucking secret