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Suck it sweetie!

Listen to Me read it Here!

Michelle is a guy that dresses like a girl.  Nobody knows her sweet little secret except for ME!  (and now you, but you won’t tell anyone….)  She loves to wear her pretty wig, camisole, and heels.   She admitted to Me that no one knows her dirty little secret.  Michelle is a beginner cocksucking faggot.  She is proud of that title, she explains to Me.  She wants everyone to know about it, including her ex girlfriend and her ex-girlfriend’s husband.  She has never met D’s husband, but this does not stop Michelle from wanting to suck his cock.

Michelle needs to be Cuckolded!

She needs it in the worst way, she explains.  She dreams of having her ex watch on the bed as she takes her ex’s husband in her mouth.  Well, I tell Michelle, if you want to be a good little cocksucker, you need to start out with a dildo.   That is My assignment for little cocksucker Michelle and also for YOU, My dear readers.

Get a nice big cocksucking dildo!

Think of it as your favorite lollipop.  You can dip your favorite dildo in some marshmallow sauce.  Just be careful it is lukewarm and not hot at all.  You would not want to melt your new toy.   You can sit there and lick it while watching tv.   Imagine the fun you can have learning how to lick and satisfy a nice big cock.

Don’t forget the balls!

I’m a big fan of balls when sucking a cock, myself.   I spend a lot of time paying attention to them.  I love holding them and kissing them.  Then I alternate working the tip and down by the base.  It’s important for a cocksucker like Michelle to understand that sucking cock is all about the tease before the release.    Would you like to be My little cocksucker too?  I want to hear all about YOUR favorite techniques and how You love to suck a cock!!


Your Kinky little Demon!