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Twitchy gets pegged

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I noticed Jessica wiggling in her chair while I pegged My sissy, twitchy.   She looked at Me with lust and devotion.  I enjoy a cute girl that looks at Me in that manner.    The way she wiggled in her chair, I could tell that she was both . . . → Read More: Twitchy gets pegged

Suck My strap on

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I stood up in front of the crowd and commanded sissy twitchy to sit.   She obeyed, of course, then I pulled the strap on over my leather pants.   I was about to demonstrate to the room of mainly ladies, . . . → Read More: Suck My strap on

Sissy twitchy serves

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Sissy Twitchy could barely walk in her pastel purple high heels.   Her favorite color was lavender, so I put her in that color from head to toe.  Her pretty little nails were lavender, even down to her cute sissy toes.   I even had her wear a purple . . . → Read More: Sissy twitchy serves

Reasons for phone sex roleplay

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Jessica turned the tape recorder off.  She loved listening to old recordings of her little podcast.    She recalled the time she had Joe on the show, and how he hadn’t wanted to think of himself as gay, and yet went on . . . → Read More: Reasons for phone sex roleplay

Gay Question

I need lots of guys to be happy!

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Hi, My name is Joe and I love to go jogging in the park. I love the thrill of feeling my muscles stretched out and going beyond even what I deem possible.  I am not a young guy.  I’m almost 60 . . . → Read More: Gay Question