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Twitchy gets pegged

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Hear Me read it!

I noticed Jessica wiggling in her chair while I pegged My sissy, twitchy.   She looked at Me with lust and devotion.  I enjoy a cute girl that looks at Me in that manner.    The way she wiggled in her chair, I could tell that she was both uncomfortable and excited.   I thought about how I would mount her while I rammed My hard strap on inside of  little twitchy.    I named My sissy twitchy because of her nervous nature.   The only time she was not figitting was when he had a nice firm cock inside of her.   

When she was dressed as a woman, she was not less twitchy.

I figured she would be when dressed as a woman, as most sissy girls are more themselves being dressed.  She was nervous as a male and scared as a woman.   She just was not comfortable in anything, but she was loyal, and that was important.    I forgot about twitchy for a little while, as she was rather forgettable, and stared into Jessica’s eyes.   She was a little bit nervous too.

I enjoy making women nervous, especially beautiful ones.

I locked eyes with hers and then spanked twitchy’s little ass.  She moaned in response, and I bent My finger and pointed to the girl in the corner.   This was the girl that set up the chairs for My class.  This was the girl that worked at Lawrence’s adult store.  She twirled her pink hair around her fingers.   I pointed to her and commanded her to cum over to Me.  She stood up and walked over to Me obediently.   I took her delicate hand in mine while I plowed My strap on deep inside of twitchy.

To Be continued..

I LOVE kinky roleplays


Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being a Demon….)

8 comments to Twitchy gets pegged

  • Of all the sissy names I have ever heard, I think Twitchy is my new favorite. Such a hot description of how she earned the name as well. Any sissy in need of a firm hand and some stern guidance would do well to look your way, Simone. You truly care about your gurls and only want the best for them. It definitely shows.

  • Empress Simone,
    This was an enthralling blog! I love the way you describe twitchy and how uncomfortable she is, until the moment that cock slides inside her. I think she is like some of my sissies, who feel at home, when I dress them and pull them into the feminine world they desire. Sometimes, fantasies are where we feel most like ourselves.

  • Empress Simone

    So true Miss Lena!! XOXOXO

  • Empress Simone

    Thank you Ms. Alexis!! XOXOXO

  • Twitchy nervous nellies absolutely Ms Simone. It brings to mind an old cartoon of a girl jumping on a chair terrified as she declares “eek a mouse!” . Awesome blog post about the temperament of sissies and the exaggerations (or are they exaggerations). Now the big strap on would make her nervous of course as you plow it in !

  • LOL! I have to agree with Miss Alexis – twitchy has got to be the best sissy name- that evokes a very amusing visual. I think that being able to set a person off-balance so subtly is a wonderful character trait. For a Demon Mistress, it’s more of a gift – eh?
    Fun post Ms Simone.

  • Empress Simone

    Thank you so much Ms. Vivian!!

  • Empress Simone

    Yes, and thank you Ms. Cassandra!!

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