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Cock and Ball torture is FUN

See something you like?

Poor Jonathan was dangling from My St. Andrew’s Cross looking beaten.   (Pun intended….)   His eyes were downcast and he was weeping quietly.

“I’m so sorry Mistress, for not making your breakfast correctly.  I didn’t mean to burn your omelet!” “It’s not the fact that you burned My . . . → Read More: Cock and Ball torture is FUN

Wear panties for Simone

Being Mean is fun!

The night before….

I walked into the bar and met Mr. Wentworth, but I spent the night with Jonathan. I’m a busy little Demon, but I digress.   Jonathan was a nice muscular ex football player that still felt the need to be masculine.   I visited him while . . . → Read More: Wear panties for Simone

Dominating the male Dom

Kiss My pretty ass!

Christian was a bit of an arrogant man.  He was used to getting his way, and could have any woman he desired sexually.  Money was also not a problem for him, so he enjoyed dating women that were a 10 in his book.   He passed Me in the . . . → Read More: Dominating the male Dom

My little pinky

I need lots of guys to be happy!

My little Pinky gave Me an excellent idea.

I love great ideas.  My Pinky, which I LOVE to <<Hug>> and <<Pet>> and whisper in her ear what a wonderful girl she truly is, is absolutely adorable on all levels.    She is a cute little . . . → Read More: My little pinky

Strap on Orgy

Being behind Jessica was more than hot for Me.  I felt her wet little tongue as it swept across My neck.   She nibbled My neck while she pegged twitchy.   She was such a willing girl.   Both of them were willing and able submissives in My book.  Jessica raised up twitchy’s cute . . . → Read More: Strap on Orgy