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Suck the cock

The Demon Simone is here to play with you…

Hear this blog now! The next day was even stranger then the day before.

I thought I was dreaming, but apparently I was not, as I appeared in a rather large bedroom.   A man with shoulder length blonde hair was laying on his . . . → Read More: Suck the cock

Simone soaked in Semen

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I woke the next morning feeling I had been busy all night.  I woke up drenched, and therefore decided it was a good thing to take a long shower.   My sense of smell seemed to be much more acute then I was accustomed to.  I could smell pancakes . . . → Read More: Simone soaked in Semen

Closeted Cocksucker Confession

Can you see where My fingers are…?

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We would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled night demon incubus soap opera to discuss my second favorite thing in the whole world…..

Confessions of a kinky cocksucker. Dear Ms. Simone,

I am a cocksucker, I have been since college. . . . → Read More: Closeted Cocksucker Confession

Incubus of My dreams

Worship Me!

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I knew He would be there in the morning when I slept.  Unlike most people, I slept during the day.  I would be dreaming at the same time as the demons, which was convienent for them to reach Me.   I thought I was still awake when . . . → Read More: Incubus of My dreams

Tortured by the incubus

See something you like?

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I was minding my own business in My bed with my pink pillow between My legs.   I admit it, I’m a pillow humper.  I have been from an early age.   I allowed my breasts to rub against the pillow to properly stimulate Me. . . . → Read More: Tortured by the incubus