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Sissy Jane cocksucking fairy tale roleplay part 2

You will learn to LOVE IT!

I hope you enjoy this roleplay Sissy  Jane fairy tale 

Sissy Jane met a nice stranger in the woods one day while she was picking flowers.   She always wanted to meet a man whose cock she could suck.  She practiced all the time on her dildo. . . . → Read More: Sissy Jane cocksucking fairy tale roleplay part 2

Sissy cocksucking Fairy tale

I hope you enjoy this sissy cocksucking fairy tale of blissful abandon.

Sissy cocksucking is fun!

Once upon a time, there lived a sissy named Jane. She was a beautiful sissy girl that always wore her pink and white tutu. She pranced around the fairy land called Bliss so that all could see . . . → Read More: Sissy cocksucking Fairy tale

Succubus Pegging sleeping beauty

What’s better then a succubus like myself pegging sleeping beauty?

Well, I would say pegging the prince would be far better, and who doesn’t love a wake up surprise?  I tell all my lovers that I enjoy waking up to a nice firm cock inside of me.  There is nothing better then waking up . . . → Read More: Succubus Pegging sleeping beauty

Cockteasing pitiful Peters little cock

Cockteasing Pitiful Peter’s cock is a wonderful amount of fun.

Every Mistress loves to cocktease a man that is not allowed to stroke. Mrs. Peter would not be pleased at all to know that little Peter has a relationship with some Mistresses. Of course, being a succubus, I am prone to laugh at such . . . → Read More: Cockteasing pitiful Peters little cock