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Are you a sissy Julie cocksucker?

Are you a sissy Julie cocksucker?

In the third part of the Sissy Julie cocksucker story, she has to decide if she wants to keep her new vagina by allowing me to penetrate her with my strap on, or if she would rather return to being a male, but be turned permanently gay.   It was a hard choice for Sissy Julie cocksucker, as she loved to dress up and play as a girl, but she also enjoyed being a man.   On the other hand, she also enjoyed women, and the idea of giving up wanting them completely and being gay was scary as well.

“Close your eyes Sissy Julie cocksucker, and  your truest wish will come to pass”

I knew she would not be able to make the decision by herself and she would need her subconscious to do it.   I was actually a little surprised by the choice that she picked.   

A beautiful large black man appeared before the two of us.  He had a chiseled muscular body, and I was quite pleased to see he was completely naked.   He smiled, looking at me.  But then his big black cock rose, seeing Sissy Julie cocksucker laying on the bed with her eyes closed. He walked to the edge of the bed and with each step his cock got a bit harder, thicker, and longer.

Sissy Julie cocksucker opened her eyes to see a huge black man hovering over her.

She screamed when she looked down to see she was once again a male.   Julie’s cock twitched when it saw the large black cock dripping pre-cum over his body.   James wanted desperately to have this cock inside of him.   The unknown black man dragged his cock to James cocksucker’s lips.   He obeyed, sucking it to completion, enjoying it as it burst into his mouth.  As he swallowed the cum, smiling gleefully, he opened his eyes to see both of us had vanished from the room.

The next day at work, James had a memo on his desk.  It said for him to report immediately to floor 22, suite 118 for a meeting.   He walked into the room shaking a little bit as, from what he knew, only people being fired were invited up to the top floor.

On the other side of the desk sat a familiar black man.  His name plate on his desk said:

“Doctor Jacob Smith”

“I have fantastic news for you James.” he said putting his hand on his shoulder.

 I am in need of a new personal travelling assistant, so YOU are being promoted.”

There was a coy grin on his new bosses face.

James accepted the promotion, shaking a bit while he signed the new paperwork.  Dr. Smith watched James and smiled, knowing what fun he would have with his new sex toy.

Would you like to be Sissy Julie cocksucker OR James?

I know I would LOVE that!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil…)