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Bitchy humiliation for your man in bed

Yes, I  love bold and bitchy humiliation in bed!

I don’t see this as a bad thing at all.  First of all, I love to humiliate men while I am having sex with them.  You can pretty much say whatever you want to a man while his cock is inside of you.  This is the first step to getting a man adjusted to the bold and bitchy side of you in bed.

Bitchy Humiliation is perfect while you are sucking his cock

Don’t be afraid to get your man rock hard with your mouth.  Every man is a pure sucker (pun intended) for a blow job.  No man can resist a soft wet tongue on their cock.  However, at some point, you will pull your mouth off of their cock and let them know it is quite inferior while you stroke it!

“You know, my last boyfriend was so big I couldn’t even suck his cock.”

“This is really refreshing, that I can suck on yours, honey.  My last boyfriend was so thick, that I could not fit the whole thing in my mouth.”   After you say these things, go back to sucking and smile at him.  He will not think anything of it on a rational level.

“I’m so happy; you can slip it inside of me without lube, or stretching me.”

Bitchy Humiliation is having fun by telling your man how he does not need lube while entering you.  It sounds like a compliment, but when you also add the word stretching, it adds another humiliation aspect.    Mentioning that just entering you used to make you scream out is something that he is sure to take as another insult to his little cock.

Finally, don’t forget to smile at him patiently while he thrusts inside of you.

After he is finished, get up and get something to drink and ask if he had fun.  Then pull out your computer or phone and entertain yourself with something else.  Perhaps, looking at larger cock porn.  Bonus points to you if you pull out a larger dildo and begin to masturbate right after he is finished.   This always drives the point home to him that he is just not good enough to please you.

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis...

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis…

This is a great place for a man to live.


Because women are better.

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil…)

P.S)If you want “Bitchy Simone”, you have to beg or ask for it nicely!

9 comments to Bitchy humiliation for your man in bed

  • mike

    I have never seen this written about before and it is totally something I have experienced in a manner not unlike what you describe. It occurred in a manner that I was not even aware of at the time. Precisely as you describe there was a lot of calm delivery and calm smiling. It was delivered a lot like it was complimentary but it totally was not. Some of it was very matter of fact. The thing I will never (never ever) forget is her saying in a light hearted way – “Oh my I have never had one where I could get the entire thing totally in my mouth”. There were also plenty of “casual” other, bigger, better former boyfriend references. Maybe that is not so unusual overall but when she does it right there when you are in bed with her it gives you a feeling of incredible weakness and helplessness. It is like there is nothing at all you can do. You can only sort of pretend you did not hear it. You go ahead and try your best to be manly but she has made it quite clear she thinks you are a tidbit. It left me totally speechless and set the dynamic for our relationship while we had it.

  • Thank you mike 🙂

  • Who can argue? The best kind of humiliation is bitchy humiliation. If you’re going to humiliate a guy, I say go ALL THE WAY. Let your inner bitch shine and your outer bitch drive the getaway car. When he is left a blubbering mess, then you know you’re doing it right.

  • Ashley

    You’re so mean >:)

  • Mike

    Now you have me wondering if my girlfriends comments were less innocent than
    I had thought – making it seem like a compliment but getting you worried.

  • Alexis, you are awesome! Ashley hugs and kisses and Mike… well, it’s most likely true, you’re tiny…

  • Padded Bra

    Empress Simone-

    You are so right and correct. How pathetic is it that the mere thought of You humiliating me and telling me how inferior i am gets me hard? And though all men are suckers for a blow job, losers like me are suckers for a lot less. When Wifey just says the word blow job i am instantly hard and usually even leak a little. At that point I am already putty in Her hands. There’s no need for Her to degrade Herself by putting Her warm, soft, perfect mouth on my nasty “cock!”

  • Thank you padded Bra!

  • kevin

    Goodness Mistress Simone, you are pure genius. Loved this blog. I am yours after reading this. Although full disclosure: I’m drunk and I struck out at the bars tonight. So, the bar is rather low. In fact, I congratulate myself for knowing to come here for the final humiliation of the night. Speaking of “congratulating myself” and coming here, if you’ll excuse me Mistress. I’ll be right back. (This shouldn’t take long.) Thank you for being a bitch. Sincerely, Kevin

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