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Goddess Simone Body Worship

 Goddess Simone body worship cums in many forms.

Goddess Simone Body Worship

I love leg worship.  It is quite delightful to have a man start with my toes while I am wearing a cute little skirt and lick and caress them softly.  I adore running my soft toes over your face while you . . . → Read More: Goddess Simone Body Worship

Queening Masturbation May

Queening you during Masturbation May is FUN!

Your Face = My Chair! 

May, as you know by now, is the best time to masturbate.  I think everyone knows that I love to masturbate.  There is nothing better than touching myself during a call.  I love running my sweet fingers over my nipples and . . . → Read More: Queening Masturbation May

Masturbation May bondage cock tease

Masturbation May Bondage cock tease Role play.

I love cock tease role plays.   I also love bondage.  So, why not add the two together and make it a great kinky party?    There is nothing better than putting your lover in bondage.  I highly recommend the under the bed restraints.  You lover can . . . → Read More: Masturbation May bondage cock tease

Cuckold BBC dark fantasy

One of my favorite cuckold BBC dark fantasy stories. Enjoy.

I love Cuckold BBC

I love going to the nightclub with the girls. This private hip-hop nightclub, however, was a bit different. Only the rich and the famous could get into this very special, men’s only, black club. There was even a special . . . → Read More: Cuckold BBC dark fantasy