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BBC Cuckolding to make your wife happy!

BBC cuckolding!

I was watching some hot erotic dancers on tv that just happened to have some bulging black cock. I love and appreciate all cocks that are nice and plump. So, naturally, the BBC ones really turn me on. There is nothing quite like the sensation of having something pushed inside of me that does not quite fit. Yes, a pussy stretches to please, but My gods, the feeling. It feels almost like you are being ripped apart. Then, the endorphins kick in, and paradise settles around me.

Black cocks are just euphoric to have inside of me.

I love how rhythmic black men are. The way they dance and move is out of this world. So, naturally, I enjoy the sensation of sharing this joy with my husband. Why should I experience this blissful experience alone? He may not have as nice of a cock as my black lover, but that does not mean he can’t watch while I indulge myself, right?

What woman would not enjoy a night of blissful release?

A cuckold is a woman that enjoys herself to the fullest. I’m not going to feel shamed just because I’m married. I live life to the fullest, and encourage other ladies to do the same. I also encourage men to get their ladies to go out there and find lovers that will please them. Men were made to have wives that are cuckolds. A man that is married is a benefit to society. A woman that enjoys herself to the fullest as a cuckold can better take care of her husband. It’s a WIN WIN situation that any Fem Dom can see clearly!

Give your wife the best, give her a BBC this year and be a good cuckie!

Hugs and Kisses
Mistress Simone